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      • I agree and would like to add that teaching stays with you, like an old friend. One you'll visit when being an administrator loses its veneer. Take it from me.

          • Administrators can find the time to teach online.

              • My experiences have been similar, and I agree entirely with this article. There are other benefits to administrators teaching as well. For instance, administrators can model classroom behaviors and techniques for the faculty. When I have urged faculty to try new methods, I am much more persuasive when I can relate my own recent efforts and experiences. Furthermore, administrators can model good-citizen behaviors, such as teaching at unpopular times (8:00 am) or teaching in different modalities, such as online.

                  • I agree. I have served as a dean at two universities (one public and one large private, both high research institutions) and I teach at least one class per year. It influences me through keeping me connected to students and the work of faculty, and it influences the faculty who take notice that I see teaching as important enough to set time aside to participate. I also ask to visit several classes per year from among the various departments so I can keep my finger on the pulse of teaching. It is very helpful to sit among students and experience instruction from their point of view.

                      • Many people move into administration because they are terrible at teaching, so for the sake of the students, it is better they stay as far away from a classroom as possible.

                          • I agree 100%. I LOVE being in the classroom as it is why I went into higher education in the first place. I didn't teach for about 4 years as an administrator and now that I'm back in the classroom, it is refreshing and fun. Students are different today than they were when I started teaching 20 years ago, and this gives me a perspective that I wouldn't otherwise have.