Zhiqiang Cai's Math/CS 615 Class

MA 61500  TTh 1:30pm--2:45, SCHM 123

Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations

Professor Zhiqiang Cai
OFFICE: Math 412
OFFICE PHONE: (765)494-1921
OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday and Thursday 12-1pm
E-MAIL: caiz@purdue.edu
URL: http://www.math.purdue.edu/~caiz

GRADER: Junpyo Choi
Grader's OFFICE: MATH 707
Grader's office hour:
Grader's E-MAIL: choi508@purdue.edu



LECTURE NOTES (Spring 2023)


PDEs and their Equivalent Formulations

Classes of Approximating Functions

Numerical Methods

Homework Problems

Solution of Homework Problems 1

LECTURE NOTES (Sringe 2021)

Basic Comcepts (2021)

Sobolev Space (2021)

Variational Formulation (2021)

Finite Element Space (2021)

Approximation Theory (2021)

n-Dimensional Variational Problems

Talk Slides on AFEM

Matlab FEM Codes

50 Lines of Matlab for FEM

FEM Code with Matlab II

Long Chen's Matlab Code for Adaptive FEM