Cheng Meng

Ph.D. Graduate Student
Office: MATH 743
150 N. University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2067
Email: cheng319 at purdue dot edu

About Me

I am a PhD student in mathematics. My advisors are Giulio Caviglia and Linquan Ma. I am on the job market this fall.

My research interests are in commutative algebra and its interactions with algebraic geometry, homological algebra and combinatorics. I worked on problems regarding the graded-irreducibility of graded modules, generic initial ideals, Boij-Soderberg theory for local cohomology tables, Lech's conjecture on multiplicities of flat local extension of Noetherian local rings, and singularities in prime characteristic. I have proved a new case of Lech's conjecture, and have found a way to decompose the local cohomology table of almost Cohen-Macaulay modules.

Commutative Algebra Student Seminar

In Spring 2022 I organized a commutative algebra student seminar. For more information about the seminar, please see here.

ICTP Summer School

In Summer 2022 I was a tutor in the ICTP summer school "Graduate Course on Tight Closure of Ideals and its Applications"



  • I have been the recitation instructor for MA 165. There is a link on this course.
  • I have been the grader for:
  • MA 553 and MA 558, Spring 2021.
  • MA 553, MA 557 and MA 304, Fall 2020.
  • MA 553 and MA 558, Spring 2020.
  • MA 453 and MA 546, Spring 2019.
  • MA 450 and MA 553, Fall 2018.
  • MA 453, Spring 2018.
  • MA 527, Fall 2017.
  • MA 303, Spring 2017.
  • MA 304, Fall 2016.
  • Publications



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