Commutative Algebra Student Seminar

About The Seminar

This is a seminar on all topics in commutative algebra. All the speakers will be students. There is no standard reference, and the speakers can present any paper that looks interesting.

This seminar is a virtual seminar. The time for the seminar is 1:30-2:30pm every Friday.


If there is some change in the calendar, I will update it in one day.

Week and Date
Week 3, Jan 28
Cheng Meng
Discussions on the seminar and papers
Week 4, Feb 4
Cheng Meng
The Buchsbaum-Eisenbud-Horrocks conjecture
Week 5, Feb 11
Matthew Weaver
Projective Modules in Local Rings are Free
Week 6, Feb 18

No talk
Week 7, Feb 25
Vinh Nguyen
The Eisenbud-Evans generalized principal ideal theorem and determinantal ideals
Week 8, Mar 4

No talk
Week 9, Mar 11
Cheng Meng
The Hilbert-Kunz multiplicity
Spring Break

Week 11, Mar 25

No talk
Week 12, Apr 1
Jenna Tarasova
Residual Intersections of Determinantal Ideals of Matrices
Week 13, Apr 8
Yang Mo
Free resolution as dga algebra
Week 14, Apr 15
Qiurui Li
Existence of big test elements
Week 15, Apr 22
Sheng Tan
Invariants of group action
Week 16, Apr 29
Anna-Rose Wolff
Distractions and Generic Initial Ideals

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