Purdue Probability Seminar, Spring 2021

Time: Wednesdays from 1:30-2:30pm (EST), unless otherwise noted.

Some talks may be in-person, but the default will be Zoom talks. In-person talks will be in Recitation 121 and will be noted on the schedule.

Wednesday, August 25. Yun Li University of Wisconsin - Madison (Zoom talk)
Limits of the circular Jacobi beta-ensemble

Wednesday, September 8. Pierre-Yves Gaudreau Lamarre University of Chicago (In-person talk)
Number rigidity in the spectrum of random Schrödinger operators

Wednesday, September 15. Jim Fill The Johns Hopkins University, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (Zoom talk)
Breaking Multivariate Records

Wednesday, September 22. Yiran Liu Purdue University (In-person talk)
Diffusion Approximations for Cox/\(G_t\)/\(\infty\) in Random Environment

Wednesday, September 29. Otávio Menezes Purdue University (In-person talk)
Central limit theorem for non-equilibrium stationary states

Wednesday, October 6. Saraí Hernández-Torres Technion (Zoom talk)
Scaling limits of loop-erased random walks

Wednesday, October 20. Sean Groathouse University of Utah (Zoom talk)
Non-existence of non-trivial bi-infinite geodesics in Geometric Last Passage Percolation

Wednesday, October 27. Erin Beckman Concordia University (Zoom talk)
Cooperative motion random walks

Wednesday, November 3. Ilya Chevyrev University of Edinburgh (Zoom talk)
Feature Engineering with Regularity Structures

Wednesday, November 10. Xiaoqin Guo University of Cincinnati (Zoom talk)
Heat kernel estimates for random walks in an i.i.d. balanced random environment

Wednesday, November 17. Yang Guang Purdue University (In-person talk)
A version of Hörmander's theorem for Markovian rough paths.

Wednesday, December 1. Philip Thompson Purdue University (In-person talk)
On the least-squares problem with outliers and related concentration inequalities.

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