Daniel Shankman

I am a fifth year graduate student at Purdue University. My advisor is Freydoon Shahidi.

Mathematical Interests:
  • Representation theory of p-adic reductive groups
  • Local Langlands correspondence
  • Bruhat-Tits building theory

  • Publications:
  • Local Langlands correspondence for Asai L and epsilon factors (in preparation)

    I've been an instructor or taught recitation for the following:
  • Math 158 (Precalculus and trigonometry) instructor
  • Math 16010 (Applied Calculus I) instructor
  • Math 162 (Calculus II) recitation
  • Math 261 (Calculus III) recitation
  • Math 262 (Differential equations and linear algebra) recitation.

  • I've graded for the following:
  • Math 266 (Differential equations)
  • Math 351 (Linear algebra)
  • Math 546 (Functional analysis)

  • Support: Since Spring 2016, I have been supported by a research assistantship from Dr. Shahidi.

  • Class field theory: Notes typed by me and Dongming She based on Dr. Shahidi's Math 684 course.

  • Honors and awards:
  • 2015 Maclane Award.