Hengrong Du Name in Chinese

Ph.D. in Mathematics portrait

Department of Mathematics
Purdue University

Contact Information

Office: MATH 739
Email: du155 at purdue dot edu

About Me

I am interested in mathematical analysis of PDEs arising in complex fluid dynamics in general. I am working with Prof. Changyou Wang on the dynamics of liquid crystals.

Publications and Preprints

  1. Stability of self-similar solutions to geometric flows
    Hengrong Du and Nung Kwan Yip, in preparation.
  2. Weak solutions of non-isothermal nematic liquid crystal flow in dimension three
    Hengrong Du, Yimei Li and Changyou Wang, arXiv:2001.01176. Submitted
  3. Suitable weak solutions for the co-rotational Beris-Edwards system in dimension three
    Hengrong Du, Xianpeng Hu and Changyou Wang arXiv:1905.08440. Submitted.


Fall 2018 MA 16500 Recitation

Spring 2019 MA 16200 Recitation

Fall 2019 MA 26200 Recitation