Mathematical Physics Seminar 

Tuesdays, 1:30-2:30 pm,  BRNG 1255 (if applicable) and on Zoom

Zoom Meeting:

 Meeting ID: 987 1089 2098

  Passcode: 417827


Tues, Jan 23
Eric Samperton, Purdue
Computing the TVBW 3-manifold invariants from Tambara-Yamagami categories
Tues, Jan 30
Michael Gekhtman, U Notre Dame Poisson maps as a toll for constructing cluster structures
Tues, Feb 6
Steven Karp, Notre Dame Gradient flows on totally nonnegative flag varieties
Tues, Feb 13
9:30 am
Ryo Fujita, Kyoto University 9:30 am Zoom 
Isomorphisms among quantum Grothendieck rings and their cluster theoretical interpretation

Tues, Feb 20, Zoom
Ellizabeth Kelley,  UIUC Snake Graphs for Graph LP Algebras

Wed, Feb 28,
BRNG 1222
Taylor Hughes, Professor, UIUC Defeating the Chiral Doubling Theorem: Three paths to new phenomena
Tues, Mar 5
Corey Lunsford, Northwestern University in person

Tues, Mar 19
Amanda Young, UIUC
in person

Tues, Mar 26
Katrina Barron, Notre Dame   in person

Tues, Apr 2
Alexander Garballi,  U. Melbourne Zoom

Tues, Apr 9
Anthony Giaquinto,  Loyola University Chicago in person

Tues, Apr 16 Andrew Hardt, UIUC in person

Tues, Apr 23

Tues, Apr 30 Pedro Lopez, QUERA in person