I received my B.A. from Concordia College in 2012 with degrees
in Math and Computer Science. I am currently a math graduate student
at Purdue University working with David Gleich. My current research interests
include Randomized Algorithms, Network Analysis, and Iterative Methods.


  • Anthony Bonato, Nicole Eikmeier, David F. Gleich, and Rehen Malik. Dynamic Competition Networks: detecting alliances and leaders. Under review.
  • Nicole Eikmeier, Rachel Westerkamp, and Edmund Zelnio. Development of CNNs for feature extraction. Accepted at Algorithms for Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery XXV, SPIE Conference.
  • Arjun Ramani, Nicole Eikmeier, and David F. Gleich. Coin-flipping, Ball-dropping, and Grass-hopping for Generating Random Graphs from Matrices of Edge Probabilities. Under review.
  • Nicole Eikmeier and David F. Gleich. Revisitng Power-law Distributions in Spectra of Real World Networks. In Proceedings of the 23rd ACM SIGKDD International Congerence on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD '17). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 817-826. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1145/3097983.3098128
  • Tenzing Joshi et al. Measurement of the Energy-Dependent Angular Response of the ARES Detector System and Application to Aerial Imaging. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science. 2017. Link

Recent Talks

  • Purdue Math Department Student Colloquium
    Graph Modeling with Kronecker Products, November 8 2017
  • ATR Center Review
    Estimating Posteriors for Deep Learning Networks, August 9, 2017

Other Recent Activity

  • I am a WiDS ambassador! I'm organizing a conference on March 5, 2018: Women in Data Science at Purdue. Find out more here.
  • April 19, 2018: I'll be at the Algorithms for Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery XXV, SPIE Conference, presenting some of the work I did last summer.
  • August 13-17, 2017: I will be at KDD in Halifax Canada, presenting my paper on power-laws in real world networks.
  • Summer 2017: I am doing an internship at the Air Force Research Lab in Dayton, OH.
  • July 13-14, 2017: I will attend and present a poster at the SIAM Workshop on Network Science in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • May 29-June 9 2017: I will be at the G2S3 Siam Summer School on Data Sparse Approximations and Algorithms in Berlin, Germany.

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