1. Jeffrey Lang (co-directed with Piotr Blass)
The divisor classes of the surface zpn = G(x,y) over fields of characteristic p > 0 (1981)

2. Sam Huckaba
Reduction numbers and ideals of analytic spread one (1986)

3. Bernard Johnston
Local factorization of nonsingular birational morphisms in dimension greater than two (1986)

4. Jugal Verma
Unmixed local rings, symbolic topology of ideals and quasi-factorial domains (1987)

5. Sunsook Noh
Multiplicities and reductions of adjacent integrally closed ideals in 2-dimensional regular local rings (1989)

6. Mee-Kyoung Kim
Depth of Rees algebras and associated graded rings and integrally closed ideals in 2-dimensional regular local rings (1992)

7. Yinghwa Wu
Hilbert functions, reduction numbers and relation types (1992)

8. Vijay Kodiyalam
Syzygies, multiplicities and birational algebra (1993)

9. Radha Mohan
Cores, Rees valuations and indecomposable modules over a two-dimensional regular local ring (1995)

10. Jung-Chen Liu
Ratliff-Rush closures, coefficient modules, and Rees algebras of modules (1998)

11. Mark Rogers
The index of reducibility of parameter ideals (2004)

12. Brent Strunk
Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity, postulation numbers, and reduction numbers (2005)

13. Lucian Sega
Ideal class semigroups of integral domains (2005)

14. Lance Bryant
Filtered numerical semigroups and applications to one-dimensional rings (2009)

15. Melissa Lindsey (co-directed with Giulio Caviglia)
Betti numbers, Hilbert series and the strong Lefschetz property (2011)

16. Matthew Toeniskoetter
Ideal Theory of Local Quadratic Transforms of Regular Local Rings (2017)

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