MA 26500, Sec 174/175, Spring 2018


Instructor's Information

Instructor: Meng-Che ''Turbo'' Ho

Office: MATH 400

Office Hours: Tuesdays 8:40 - 11:40 am



Course Information

Lecture Room: REC 121

Please also visit the course website. You can download the ground rules, assignment sheet, and some necessary Matlab files there. This page, especially FAQ section, will be updated frequently.



First Midterm Exam: Thursday, February 22nd, 6:30 - 7:30 pm, in WTHR 200.

Second Midterm Exam: Thursday, April 5th, 6:30 - 7:30 pm, in WTHR 200.

Classes cancelled: Friday, March 23rd (hand-graded homework 7 is due on Monday, March 26th) and Wednesday, April 25th.

Final Exam: Wednesday, May 2nd, 1:00 - 3:00 pm, in ELLT 116.



l   The problems and due time for every assignment will be posted on WebAssign one week before it is due. The current information on WebAssign is not correct, and will be updated after the relevant material is covered.

l   In general, WebAssign problems will be due one week after the relevant material is covered in class, at 11:59 pm. Hand-graded problems (the * and Matlab problems in the assignment sheet) will be due on the Friday of the following week, at the beginning of class.

l   You can login to WebAssign at You will have a two week grace period before you have to enter a Webassign access code or buy access online.

l   For the hand-graded homework, please print your Matlab session(s) and write notes/answers on it when appropriate. It is also required to staple your printed Matlab session(s) with other written (*) problems. To print your Matlab session, you may:

1.      Right-click on the session (anywhere in the command window), and choose Print....

2.      Use the combination Ctrl+P when the session is selected.

3.      In the drop-down list on the top right of the session, choose Print....

l   For your printed Matlab homework, you should:

1.      Have the code and the results from matlab, as well as necessary comments.

2.      Answer the problems fully, don't miss any parts.

3.      Do the problems in order as best as you can. Write where to find the missing problems if you couldn't do them in order.

4.      Number your answers.

l   In hand-graded homework, you should always justify your answer. In particular, "show that ..." does not mean "to find an example that ...", but rather "explain that ... is true", which really is just another way of saying "prove that..." In this course, we will take examples together with an explanation why this examples shows the statement is true in full generality. An example by itself is not enough. You can, of course, choose to do a formal proof in place of the above, but that is not required.

l   Before you hand in your homework, make sure you:

1.      Stapled your homework.

2.      Wrote your name clearly.

l   Technical problems are not sufficient ground for homework extension. It is your responsibility to make sure your computer, internet, Matlab, browsers, etc. are in working condition to complete your homework on time. Browser incompatibility is the source of a lot of problems when doing WebAssign homework. You are strongly encouraged to use "well known" browsers (Chroe, Firefox, Explorer, Safari, etc.) to do your homework.


Some advises on how to do well in this class

l   Take notes during the classes, and review them after classes.

l   Raise your hand and ask questions immediately if something is unclear for you during the class.

l   Read the textbook and do the homework as well as practice another version on WebAssign if you are struggling with a problem.

l   Practice past exams. However, only finals are posted.

l   Come to office hours or e-mail me if you have any questions.

l   Try other online resources, for example Khan Academy.



l   Q: Where can I see the details for hand-graded homework on WebAssign?
A: Click on the My Assignment tab at the top of the page (not the other one below it, which is not a link.)

l   Q: What should I do if my Matlab shows "Undefined function ..." for some functions (e.g. project, matdat, invert, rowop, gschmidt, etc.)?

A: You should download the routines on the course webpage, unzip it, and save it to your current Matlab routine folder (the path shown in Matlab.)

l   Q: My Matlab book is missing Sec 10.3.
A: You can download the missing pages on the course webpage.