Math 425/525: Elements of Complex Analysis

Course Information

Professor: Kiril Datchev
Lectures: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 12:30 to 1:20, in SCHM 122.
Office hours: After class, Tuesdays 1-3, or by appointment, in MATH 602.

Textbook: Complex Variables, by Stephen D. Fisher

We will cover the following topics: Complex numbers and complex-valued functions of one complex variable; differentiation and contour integration; Cauchy’s theorem; Taylor and Laurent series; residues; conformal mapping; special topics.

Grading is based on
  • Almost weekly homework assignments, worth 20% of the total grade,
  • two in-class midterm exams, one on Monday 9/18 and one on Monday 10/30, each worth 20% of the total grade,
  • a final exam, as scheduled here, worth 40% of the total grade.

  • Homework

    Homework is due on paper at the beginning of class on Wednesdays. Here are the assignments:

    Homework 1, due August 30th.
    Homework 2, due September 6th.
    Review problems for Midterm 1.
    Homework 3, due September 27th.
    Homework 4, due October 4th.
    Homework 5, due October 18th.
    Review problems for Midterm 2.
    Homework 6, due November 8th.
    Homework 7, due November 15th.
    Homework 8, due November 29th.
    How airplanes fly.
    Review problems for the final.

    Additional Reading

    Some good books which go deeper into the subject than our textbook are the classic Complex Analysis by Lars Ahlfors and the more recent Introduction to Complex Analysis, by Michael E. Taylor.

    Finally, a list of general policies and procedures can be found here.