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My main research interests in mathematics are Hodge Theory and cohomology vanishing. My advisor is Prof. Donu Arapura I graduated from Purdue University in May 2019

Outside theoretical mathematics, I also work on projects in AI algorithm development

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Research papers are always difficult to read. Apart from uncanny and obscure terminologies, sometimes you just don't know what does the author mean. This is one of unpleasant aspects of research life. To mitigate this pain, I made Interpolate It is a web platform where users can share annotations on pdf documents (i.e. research papers). The shared annotation then become the starting point of a discussion thread. In this way, a person can post a question in a research paper in the form of annotation so that the context and the background of the question is automatically included. Annotations made on Interpolate can be replied and searched.

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Professional Services

Purdue Machine Learning and AI Community

At SIAM Purdue Chapter, we have a student group MachineLearningAI@Purdue dedicated to machine learning. We are students (graduate and undergradutes) from various departments who want to learn more about machine learning techniques and apply them to our own researches.

Our group meet regularly every two weeks. During our meeting we either invite our members to give a research talks or we simply have a salon-styled discussion about everything related to machine learning. For the past semester (fall 2018), we have talked about i

Free food and plenty of blackboard space will be offered at our meetings. If you are at Purdue and interested in machine learning, check us out at MachineLearningAI@Purdue