GPOTS 2015,  May 26--30,  Department of Mathematics,  Purdue University

Fountain-Hovde-Hall      GPOTS at PURDUE 2015

  GPOTS future tentative hosts: UIUC 2016, TCU 2017, Miami Univ. Ohio 2018, UNM 2019 (?), Univ. Oregon 2020 (?)

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Documents needed if you are receiving a reimbursement

First Street Towers (click for details, address)
If travelling by shuttle ask the driver for the Follett's Purdue West stop which is about 200m from the dorm. Entrance to the dorm is on 1st Street.

The plenary talks and registration are scheduled in CL50. Campus Map  
and another  Map showing lecture rooms, dorms and coffee shops (within 5 minutes walk) 
The contributed talks are scheduled in BRNG B222, BRNG B232, BRNG B238 (both CL50 and BRNG are adjacent to Math Bldg)
All rooms have good blackboards, computer projectors and document cameras (their use is mutually exclusive as the screen covers the boards, unfortunately).
There are two independent document cameras in CL50. One can use a document camera and a computer projector simultaneously in CL50.

May 26--30, 2015 Purdue University West Lafayette Indiana,

supported by the National Science Foundation and the Purdue Mathematics Department

Organizers: Marius Dadarlat and Andrew Toms       Registered participants                         

Map showing lecture rooms, dorms and coffee shops (within 5 minutes walk)    Scroll down for parking information and maps

Inquiries concerning possible financial support should be addressed to Andrew Toms.

Registration is now closed. One can still register on the first day of the conference at Purdue  (no registration fee).  

There will be plenary talks of 50 minutes and 30 minutes as well as parallel sessions for 20 minutes contributed talks. Invited speakers:

Ken Davidson                                         Kelly Bickel

Soren Eilers                                           Caleb Eckhardt

Adrian Ioana                                           Ben Hayes

Henri Moscovici                                       Mike Jury

Emily Peters                                           Zhuang Niu

Sorin Popa                                             David Penneys

Mikael Rordam                                       Anna Skripka

Zhong-Jin Ruan                                      Thomas Sinclair

Yasuhiko Sato                                        Aaron Tikuisis

Stuart White

Inquiries concerning possible financial support should be addressed to Andrew Toms.

Please inform the organizers if you will you need child care while you are attending this conference.

Recommended hotels:

Union Club Hotel           Hilton Garden Inn                Holiday Inn Lafayette-City Centre

Regretably we can no longer take requests for accomodation in student dorm rooms in First Street Towers.

First Street Towers are newly built units with private bathrooms at $65+tax per night, 10 min. walking distance from the Math Dept.

Indianapolis International Airport (code: IND) is serviced by most major airlines and their partner airlines. Ground transportation to Purdue from the Indianapolis International Airport includes:

Shuttle Services

Chicago O’Hare International Airport (code: ORD) is located approximately 140 miles north of Greater Lafayette and is approximately a 3 hour drive from the airport to Purdue. Ground transportation direct from the airport to campus is available from the shuttle services listed below.

Shuttle Services

VISITOR PARKING (Participants who drive to Purdue are advised to buy parking permits at $5/day following the given link)
 One can buy parking permits  in advance online and it is advisable to do so. Note that those permits need to be printed immediately,  otherwise if one leaves the webpage before printing, the permit is lost. Parking on Monday May 25 is free due to the holiday and the parking office is closed on that day. For more information see the link above.
Map of Parking lots on Campus
(Use lots marked in yellow of blue with your $5/day permit)
PURDUE MAP (there is a parking garage marked PGU on the map, close to the Math Building)
talk 1

talk 2