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About me

I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University. I was previously a Golomb Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Purdue University and a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Lehigh University. I completed my PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Lehigh University in 2018 under the supervision of Professor Tamas Terlaky. 
My research is supported by NSF Grant CCF-2128702 and lies at the interface of optimization theory, computational complexity, real/complex algebraic geometry, and applied algebraic topology. I am particularly interested in investigating the complexity in semidefinite and polynomial optimization through the lens of algorithmic real algebraic geometry and topology. My PhD research was on the optimal partition and perturbation analysis of semidefinite and second-order conic optimization problems. You can find my CV here and get to know about my research here. Professor Basu and I were organizing the Optimization and Real Algebraic Geometry Seminar in the Math Department in Spring 2022.