Invasion and Genocide of Ukraine

On 24.2.2022, at 5am local time Ukraine has been attacked from the sky by barbarian russia, whose final goal is to diminish the independence of Ukraine, reunite it back with Russia, thus reviving the hell of Soviet Union. Since the Ukrainian army did not let them take any single major city in the first three days (as planned), they started shooting hospitals, birthing centers, child cares, schools, ambulance teams, and homes of civilians.

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Daily Updates

Russian military attack residential buildings in Chuhuiv: One person killed
Russians target car in Kharkiv Oblast, killing married couple, 17-year-old teenager
Lake-sized crater, broken windows, shattered roofs: aftermath of missile strike in Kyiv Oblast

Civilians trapped under rubble, 12 flats destroyed after Russian forces hit high-rise building in Donetsk Oblast
3 people, including child, killed in Russian attack on Selydove
Russians strike residential buildings in Mykolaivka in Donetsk Oblast, killing two women
Russians strike apartment building in Velykyi Burluk: two residents dead, four people rescued from under rubble

Russia attacks agricultural company in Kharkiv Oblast: 2 people killed, another 2 injured
Russians strike Nikopol, killing one man
Russians strike two Kherson hospitals and the oblast, injuring 2 civilians

Russian drone attack: power facility ablaze in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
Russians launch 18 kamikaze drones at Nikopol district, wounding a woman
10,000 sq. m of land in Kharkiv polluted by strike on oil depot

Russians bombard village in Kharkiv Oblast, woman's body taken out from under rubble
Russians attack Kharkiv with missiles

Russian Shahed drones hit Kharkiv gas station, killing 7 and setting 14 buildings on fire
Russian attack on Kharkiv: family of five killed in their home
Mother was holding her children in her embrace: police says investigation underway into Kharkiv family tragedy

Russians attack Kharkiv Oblast with Shahed drones: houses, hotel, restaurant and cars catch fire
Russians create military camps for Ukrainian teenagers in temporarily occupied part of Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Russians attack 11 areas in Sumy Oblast, causing over 250 explosions in one day

Night attack: Mykolaiv struck, patrol officers injured in Odesa and fire broke out in Vinnytsia Oblast
Russian large-scale attack on Selydove in Donetsk Oblast: 1 killed and 7 injured, including 6-year-old child
72-year-old woman killed in Russian attack in Avdiivka
Russians attack Kherson Oblast, killing two people

Civilians injured in Mykolaiv, many buildings damaged
Attack damages power line and heating pipeline in Kyiv, high-rise building on fire and civilians killed and injured
Four dead in Kyiv due to Russian missile attack
"Russians knew who to target. I could not save everyone"

Civilian trapped under rubble as Russian attack destroys three-storey hotel in Kharkiv Oblast
Baby's body found under rubble of hotel in Kharkiv Oblast
Russians kill 7 civilians and injure 13 more over the course of one day

Russians attack 9 hromadas in Sumy Oblast with mortars, artillery and air-dropped mines
Russian nighttime attack on Kherson sets private houses on fire
Four dead and one wounded after Russians strike car in Kherson city centre

Russian forces attack 5 Sumy Oblast communities
Civilian killed and 2 injured in Russian attack on residential area in Toretsk

7 people injured in Kherson Oblast due to Russian attacks
Russians attack civilian infrastructure in Kupiansk
Russian army attacks full grain storage facility in Poltava Oblast

Russians strike central Kherson, injuring woman, 73, and boy, 17
Russia drops aerial bombs on Kamianska Sich heritage site

Russia strikes hospital in Velykyi Burluk, Kharkiv Oblast using aerial bombs, four injured
Russian forces kill 2 French volunteers in Kherson Oblast

Media show aftermath of Russia's evening strike on Kharkiv
Russians attack Nikopol district with artillery, injuring woman
Russians strike Toretsk and Tsukuryne: one woman killed, two others injured

Russian attack drone strikes Kryvyi Rih district, causing fire
Russian missile kills man in Donetsk Oblast riding bicycle home from work
Russians strike Avdiivka and Chasiv Yar, killing and injuring civilians
Russians bomb humanitarian facility in Kherson Oblast

Two young men wounded, one seriously, after Russians bombard Nikopol
Three people killed in Sumy Oblast due to Russian attack
Woman killed in Russian attack on Avdiivka

Russians attack Myrnohrad at night with missiles, injuring 2 adults and child
Russians strike industrial facility in Kremenchuk district

Civilians killed and injured in Russian attacks on Donetsk and Kherson oblasts
Girl who was in coma after Russian attack on Kharkiv Oblast dies
Russian forces hit Sloviansk
Russians attack industrial facility in Poltava Oblast

Russians strike Kharkiv Oblast, damaging business premises and petrol station
Russian attack drones fly over Ukraine, explosions rock Kropyvnytskyi
Russians strike Myrnohrad and Kherson at night: seven people wounded

Russians bombard Odesa with drones, wounding 2 people
Kharkiv mourns for those killed in Russian missile attacks

Death toll in Kharkiv rises to 10: 2 more bodies found under rubble
Russian troops attack Rohan, Kharkiv Oblast: four injured
Aftermath of Russian evening attack on Kharkiv

Russians attack Kharkiv Oblast with 4 S300/400 anti-aircraft missiles
Destroyed apartments, burned cars, broken windows: Aftermath of Russian attack on Kyiv and oblast
Number of fatalities in Kharkiv attack rises to 8, including a 8-year old girl
One person killed in Russian missile attack on Pavlohrad
Russians hit Kharkiv for third time in one day, civilians injured

Russian UAV drops explosives on Beryslav resident, killing him
Russians take 17 children with disabilities from Donetsk Oblast to Moscow district
One civilian killed and two injured in Russian attack on Kramatorsk

Civilians killed and injured in Russian Grad MLRS strike on Kurakhove
Russians strike Krasnohorivka: one killed and one wounded
Attack kills people in Donetsk market

Russians shell Kupiansk

Russians hit house in Kherson Oblast, injuring civilian
Russia strikes Ukraine with 4-tonne anti-ship missile from 1960s

Russians strike Kupiansk: residential building hit, civilians killed and injured

Russia strikes Chuhuiv twice, killing woman
Russians strike Kherson again, killing man in his car and injuring woman
130 people evacuated and 3 injured in Odesa due to drone attack
Explosions ring out in Odesa: fires break out, residential buildings damaged

Russians strike Kharkiv with two missiles, injuring 17 people
Attack on thermal power plants in Donetsk Oblast, one of them ablaze

Russian artillery struck Marhanets again, damaging pharmacies, shop and homes
Russians target New-York in Donetsk Oblast: 3 people injured, 5 more trapped under rubble

Russians destroy grain warehouses in Vovchansk, Kharkiv Oblast, with aerial bombs
Russia injures six more civilians in Kherson Oblast

There are strikes in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast; over 20 houses damaged in Sumy Oblast
Explosions rock Dnipro

Russia attacks Kherson: one person burned to death in car, another killed in the street

Kharkiv missile strike: Turkish journalists among 11 casualties
Rescue workers share photos of effects of Russian missile strike on Kharkiv

Police identify 7 dead in Pokrovsk and Rivne
Russians attack Vilkhuvatka village with aerial bombs, killing woman
Russians strike coal mining facility in Myrnohrad, Donetsk Oblast, killing man

Russians attack Kharkiv
Russians drop air bomb near power engineers checking damaged power lines in Kharkiv Oblast

Russians hit Khmelnytskyi Oblast with missiles: 2 people killed
Russians hit industrial facilities in Kharkiv and private home in Zmiiv, causing casualties
Russians hit 4 oblasts with missiles: 4 people killed, 33 more injured

Body of child recovered from rubble in Pokrovsk district
Russia hits Kherson city centre: man dies in hospital
Russians hit Kharkiv and oblast with missiles
Poet Maksym Kryvtsov killed in action

Russians killed 11 people, including 5 children, in strikes in Pokrovsk district
Russians destroy village council building and modular houses for internally displaced persons in Kherson Oblast
Kherson Oblast: 1 killed and several wounded civilians over past day

Russians hit Kharkiv Oblast with foreign-made missiles

Civilian killed in Russian strike on Katerynivka, Donetsk Oblast
Number of casualties in 2 January attack on Kharkiv increases, elderly woman dies in hospital
Russian attack on Kyiv on 29 December: Death toll rises to 32

Russians hit school in Kharkiv with missile
Russians kill 2 people in Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Man killed in Russian missile strike on residential building in Avdiivka

Large-scale attack on Kharkiv: 1 killed, over 40 wounded, 4 in critical condition
Missile attack on Kyiv and oblast: 3 killed and 43 wounded in Kyiv's Solomiansky district
Three strikes by Iskander or Kinzhal missiles, gas explosion – Police on attack on Kharkiv

Shahed drone debris hit high-rise building in Odesa, killing one person
Museum in Lviv completely burned down due to Shahed drone attack
Russia attacks Kupiansk district, killing man
Shahed drone hits residential building in Sumy Oblast, killing woman and man

Russian forces strike Kharkiv: two bodies retrieved from rubble in Borova
Fires break out as Russians attack Kharkiv with Shahed drones, targeting civilian infrastructure
Russian forces hit Kherson Oblast, falling drone wreckage causes fire

In Zaporizhzhia, death toll from Russian attack rises to 9
Death toll in Kyiv rises to 13 after Russian large-scale missile attack
Night attack: Russia launches drones from Crimea, mainly targeting Kherson Oblast
Large-scale Russian attack on Kharkiv: 26 civilians injured, including teenagers

Russians bombard Kharkiv 10 times: 1 person killed, 8 more injured
Morning attack on Ukraine: at least 23 killed and over 100 injured
Death toll of Russian morning attack on Kyiv increases to 9 people
Missile attack: 5 people killed and 20 injured in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
Hit to residential building, 3 schools and a kindergarten damaged in Lviv
Russia launches massive attack: explosions ring out in Kyiv, Lviv and other cities, at least 9 people killed
Apartment building on fire in Odesa, shopping centre burning in Dnipro and maternity hospital damaged
Russians attack Konotop with missiles, damaging apartment building and service station

1 civilian killed, 1 injured in Russian attack on Vovchansk, Kharkiv Oblast
Two civilians killed in Russian attack on village in Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Woman killed in Russian attack on Donetsk Oblast

Russian overnight attacks damage shopping centre and homes in Kherson and high-rise in Odesa
Five civilians killed in Donetsk Oblast by Russian strikes
Russians executed Ukrainian prisoners of war near Zaporizhzhia

Russians attack Kharkiv Oblast, 1 man killed, another injured
1 civilian killed and 3 more injured by Russian attacks on Kherson Oblast

Ukrainian actor Bohdan Kolesnyk is killed in action

Russian troops fire 425 projectiles on Kherson Oblast, four people killed
Woman killed in Russian attack on Chornobaivka, Kherson Oblast
Russians attack Ocheretyne and New-York, Donetsk Oblast, injuring three civilians

Another 6 civilians wounded in Russian attacks on Kherson Oblast
Local resident killed in Russian UAV attack on Kherson Oblast
Attack on Kherson: 7 injured, including child

Russians kill child in front of his family in occupied part of Kherson Oblast
Russian invaders kill one person in Donetsk Oblast and injure five

Russians attack Nikopol, killing two women
12-year-old girl from Luhansk Oblast dies after "health trip" to Siberia

Multiple explosions rock Kharkiv
Russians strike near residential buildings in Kharkiv twice

Russians target left bank of Kherson, injure family with three children
Two people were injured in Russian attacks on Sumy Oblast

Security guard killed in Kherson by Russian artillery strike

Downed drone crashes into private house in Odesa Oblast and explodes, killing a man
Russian forces hit centre of Kherson, killing civilian

Russians launch 31 drones on Ukraine at night
Russians bombard Kherson at night, wounding civilians

Russia attacks Kherson again, injuring 2 people
Woman and her granddaughter injured in Russian bombardment of Nikopol

Russian attack on Odesa Oblast: people injured, fires broke out
Missile strike on Ukraine's south: woman killed in Kherson Oblast
Attack on Odesa: 11 people injured

Number of people injured in Kyiv rises to 53
Russians hide behind captured soldiers of Ukrainian Armed Forces
Aftermath of Russian attack on Odesa Oblast

Russians attack Kherson at dawn, injuring man
Two people injured in Shahed UAV attack on Odesa Oblast

Air defence responds in Kyiv, casualties caused
Ukrainian actor and soldier Andrii Pavlenko killed in action

Russia launches more concerted campaign to destroy Ukrainian energy infrastructure

2 women killed, 1 man injured in Russian attack on Kupiansk, Kharkiv Oblast

Russians attack Kharkiv with S-300 missiles: Destruction and victims observed
Russia launches cruise missiles from Tu-95MS bombers

Russians strike Danube port infrastructure, killing lorry driver
Russia shelled Ukrainian thermoelectric power plant near the front for several hours

Russia launches 48 Shahed drones on Ukraine
Night attack on Kherson: civilian wounded, windows broken in a medical facility

Russian forces hit civilian infrastructure in three oblasts: casualties reported
Russians attack centre of Kherson: 2 people killed
Russian army kills woman in Kherson Oblast
Russian forces attack infrastructure facility in Lviv Oblast

Russians attack critical infrastructure in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

Russian forces hit apartment building and 2 hospitals in Kherson, killing and injuring civilians

Russian attacks kill people in Kherson and Donetsk oblasts
Shahed drone hits infrastructure facility in Odesa Oblast

Russians attack Kryvyi Rih with missile
Russians attack Ukraine's south and east with missiles

Russians launch 6 missiles on Pokrovsk District: Baby rescued, people trapped under rubble
Russians attack Darivka in Kherson Oblast: 4 people injured
Russians attack Kherson Oblast, killing three people

Russians attack Sumy Oblast, killing three people
Russia hits truck with humanitarian aid during distribution of aid in Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Russians strike outskirts of Kherson, killing man

Two women and 7-year-old girl killed in Russian shelling of Sumy Oblast
One dead and several injured in Russian strike on apartment building in Nikopol
Russians hit Kryvyi Rih with missile overnight
Russia hits business in Zaporizhzhia with missile

Russians hit frontline thermal power plant for 5th time during last month

Teacher from Kyiv kindergarten damaged in Russian drone attack

Russian attack Kyiv with drones, wounding people and destroying building
Woman injured in Russian mortar attack on Chernihiv Oblast

Russians attack children's library in Kherson

Russians bombard Chornobaivka with cluster munitions, killing 3 people
Russians shell Kherson, injuring children
World kickboxing champion Serhii Lysiuk killed in action

Russians attack Kherson, killing a man
Third body retrieved from under rubble in Selydove
Russian attacks kill 2 people and injure another 1 in Donetsk Oblast

Russians hit Selydove and surrounding area: 2 civilians killed, 8 injured
Russians attack village near Kherson, injure two people

Russians hit parking lot in Kherson in morning, killing two civilians

Russians attack Sumy Oblast, killing one man

Drone hits energy infrastructure facility in Odesa, injuring employee
2 rescue workers killed in Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Russians kill 6 civilians in Kherson Oblast
Explosions rock Khmelnytskyi Oblast, air defence responding

Russian projectile kills pensioner in Kherson

Russians attack two energy infrastructure facilities in one day
Two dead and several wounded in missile strike in Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Russian missile attack on Selydove, Donetsk Oblast: at least 2 killed

Russians kill 3 civilians and injure 15 in Kherson Oblast and leave 3 injured in Donetsk Oblast

Russian attacks kill man and injure woman in Kherson Oblast
Russians shell family's car near Kherson, killing grandfather: doctors fight to save mother and baby
Russians attack hospital in central Kherson, killing two civilians

Explosions rock Kharkiv, damage infrastructure
Russians hit Honchar library in Kherson
Russia attacks Mykolaiv Oblast with both ballistic and guided missiles

Russian forces strike Kherson: hit council official's house, one killed, more injured
Morning attack on Kyiv Oblast damages 18 houses and private business

48% of children fear loud noises due to war
Attack on Odesa Oblast, casualties reported

Russians strike Kherson, killing one and injuring three more civilians
Russians kill 2 residents in Donetsk Oblast and injure 2 in Kherson Oblast over past 24 hours

Russians target Liberian ship with missile in Odesa Oblast; casualties reported
Russians kill 3 residents of Donetsk Oblast and 1 resident of Kherson Oblast over past day

Russian forces hit Nikopol district, damaging church and 7 homes
Russians attack infrastructure facility near Kryvyi Rih
Stories of people executed by Russian soldiers in Chernihiv Oblast

Russian attack Kherson with record number of aerial bombs and damage 20 homes in Odesa overnight
Russians attack town in Sumy Oblast: injured woman dies in ambulance

Russians target Nikopol district, killing one civilian and injuring several more
Explosions rock Odesa
Russians attack 6 districts in Sumy Oblast, dropping 9 mortar bombs and VOG-25 round

Russia attacks Ukrainian soldiers who had gathered for awards ceremony: over 20 fighters killed
Russians attack infrastructure target near Dnipro, more explosions heard

Russians attack military facility in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, causing fire

Situation at front reaches stalemate, hopes for Russian exhaustion turns out to be mistake
5 civilians killed and 15 more injured due to Russian attacks over last 24 hours

Explosions heard in Khmelnytskyi, air defence deployed
Russians hit oil refinery in Kremenchuk, fire breaks out
Morning attack on Nikopol: one killed and six injured
Russia attacks centre of Kherson: City Military Administration employee killed, two wounded

Russians damaged thermal power plant in Donetsk Oblast last night
Russians attack library in Kherson, one storey completely destroye

Russians strike shipyard near Odesa with missiles, injuring people
Russian attack on shipyard in Odesa Oblast: injuries toll increases, photos of aftermath emerge
Russians attack route bus in Kherson, injuring seven people

9 bodies of adults and children found in occupied Volnovakha, Russian soldier suspected of murder
Russians drop 32 guided aerial bombs on Kherson Oblast overnight

Russians attack Kherson centre, causing fire and wounding civilian
First Deputy Chairman of Crimean Mejlis is sent to Siberia

Russians attack Nikopol, wounding woman and 5-year-old boy
Russia attacks village in Kharkiv Oblast, injuring civilian

Russians injure four and kill two civilians, including teenager, in Kherson Oblast

Two men killed under shelling in Podoly in Kharkiv Oblast
Russian projectile kills child in Beryslav
Russian strike on territory near Khmelnytskyi NPP results in broken windows in two of its buildings

Overnight attacks on Kherson, Donetsk, Kharkiv oblasts: 8 civilians injured
Two men killed in attack on Kupiansk district

Russia strikes two districts of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
Russians attack Khmelnytskyi, air defence network responds

Nova Poshta delivery company publishes names of employees killed in Kharkiv
Russians kill two and injure three civilians in Donetsk Oblast
No chance to run to shelter: Ukraine's Nova Poshta declares mourning for workers killed

UN Commission publishes report on rape and torture in Russian-occupied territories
Emergency workers find body under rubble in Beryslav two days after Russian attack

Russians strike Vovchansk in Kharkiv Oblast, wounding people

Explosions heard in Kryvyi Rih
Russian missile hits infrastructure facility in Pavlohrad
Russia strikes Kherson Oblast with aircraft: two women wounded

Russians launch 6 missile strikes on Zaporizhzhia, hitting multi-storey building, causing casualties
Russian missiles hit residential area in Dnipro, people dead and injured

Attack on student accommodation in centre of Sloviansk: 2 people trapped under rubble
Russian forces bombard Kherson: 5 civilians injured; residential area hit

Head of Poltava Oblast Military Administration reveals aftermath of attack on Myrhorod
Russians attacked Poltava Oblast, injuring 2 adults and child
Explosions heard in Dnipro, Myrhorod and Kropyvnytskyi

Russians strike residential building in Kharkiv Oblast overnight, two killed
Russian forces shell Kherson, damaging buildings and power lines

Russians kill two women in Kherson Oblast in a day

Russians target Pokrovsk, killing and wounding civilians
Man looking for Ukrainian children is tortured in Crimea
North Korea ships 1,000 containers of military equipment to Russia

Bodies identification finished: Russians killed 59 people in attack on Hroza
Russian drone strikes port zone in Odesa Oblast, damaging storages and residential houses
Russians kill 11-year-old boy in Donetsk Oblast: two civilians killed and seven more injured in past day

Rescue workers complete rubble removal of school in Nikopol: 4 people killed
Two men die after stepping on explosive device in field in Kharkiv Oblast
Death toll rises to 55 in Russian attack on Hroza on 5 October

Russian Shahed kamikaze UAV hits infrastructure in Odesa Oblast
Russians storming Avdiivka all day long: Heavy fighting continues
Russians attack Donetsk Oblast wounding 3 people, including 16-year-old girl

Russians have destroyed 315 agricultural businesses in Donetsk Oblast since start of war with Ukraine

Over 10 people injured after Russian night attack on Kherson
Russian forces hit Kostiantynivka with Iskander missile: 9-year-old child among injured
Russian forces injure young girl in Kherson Oblast, she is in a coma

Russians attack Odesa Oblast with Oniks missiles: there is hit, four wounded

Missile strike on Hroza kills son and widow of serviceman reburied that day
Attack on Kharkiv: 10-year-old boy pulled from under rubble
Russians attack residential houses in Kherson at dawn
Russians attack Vovchansk: house with people inside caught on fire

Russians strike café in Kharkiv Oblast, killing 51 people
Memorial dinner was being held in café when it was bombed by Russians, killing 50 people
Russians strike hospital in Beryslav

75-year old woman injured due to attack on Nikopol
Russians attack Kherson Oblast again, wounding elderly Ukrainian

Russian soldiers kill civilian woman resisting robbery in Kherson Oblast
Apartment buildings and civilian infrastructure damaged in missile attack on Dnipro
Russian forces attack Dnipropetrovsk Oblast with missiles and Shahed kamikaze UAVs

Russians bombard Sumy Oblast, drop 40 bombs and launch missiles of various types
Russians attack Kherson: 4 people wounded, 2 of them in critical condition

Russians target several areas with ballistic weapons, explosions heard in Zaporizhzhia
Russians carry out 99 airstrikes and launch 40 attack drones over past day
Russians hit Kharkiv with missiles three times

Russians target Nikopol with heavy artillery
Russian forces hit Kostiantynivka with bomb, injuring child

Russians hit infrastructure facility in Mykolaiv again
Russians hit agricultural facility in Kherson Oblast
Russians attack Kherson with missile, drop air bombs on two villages

Russians attack Kirovohrad Oblast at night
Russian troops strike Donetsk Oblast again: Two civilians killed, six injured

Russian forces hit Nikopol district: 2 people injured, business premises damaged
Russia hits businesses in Kherson when rescue workers were extinguishing fire

Russians hit business facility in Kryvyi Rih
Russian forces hit infrastructure facility in Cherkasy Oblast
Russian attack on Romania-Ukraine border crossing: bus with children on board was moved moments before

Odesa marine terminal and hotel almost destroyed in night attack on Odesa
Russian airstrike on Beryslav: Death toll rises
Three people killed in evening attack on Kherson, more injured

Russians attack Nikopol at night, 25-year-old man seriously wounded
Russians attack Kherson Oblast again, killing and injuring civilians
Missile attack on Kremenchuk: number of victims rises to 55

Russia attacks Odesa Oblast with Oniks missiles

Russians attack Kurakhove with Iskander, hitting house – 16 people injured
Russians attack residential buildings in Kherson this morning: 1 dead and 1 wounded
Russian missile hits civil facility in Kremenchuk, 1 killed, 15 injured

At least six strikes observed in Kharkiv
Missile pieces land in three districts of Kyiv
Missile wreckage falls on hotel and market in Cherkasy, causing injuries
Russians bombard Kherson Oblast all day long: 6 killed, 9 injured

Russians hit oil refinery in Kremenchuk at night
Russia kills 8 civilians and injures 11 more in one day
Father of three children killed by Russian drone in Lviv on his first working day

Death toll in attack on Kupiansk rises to six
Drone attack on Lviv: 300 tonnes of humanitarian aid destroyed, including from Vatican
Explosion heard in Kryvyi Rih

Russians drop explosives near Beryslav bus station, wounding 4 people
Russian attack on Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Russians target granary in Odesa Oblast
Russians strike Kharkiv
Russians bombard medical facility in Kherson Oblast

Occupying authorities deport 20 more children from occupied Kherson to Russia
Russians attack civilian targets
Russians attack Kharkiv with Iskander missiles, injuring 5 people

Russians hit transport facility in Nikopol district
Nowhere to plant a flag in Andriivka, it's destroyed

Russian attack kills child in Kherson Oblast, injures teenage and neighbours who tried to help

Russians damage grain warehouses and sunflower oil tanks during attacks on Reni and Izmail ports
Russian attack on Odesa Oblast overnight: port infrastructure damaged, 6 civilians injured

Russians shell Krasnohorivka and Avdiivka, 2 killed, 3 injured
Rescue workers attacked by Russians in Kharkiv Oblast
75-year-old man killed in Russian attack in Luhansk Oblast

Timothy Snyder: Why the West Hasn't Recognized Russian Aggression as Genocide against Ukrainians
Russians shoot at ambulatory clinic in Kherson Oblast, wounding paramedic and patient
Mass burial in Izium: Law enforcers could not identify 57 bodies

Night attack: school, kindergarten, infrastructure facility and 8 buildings damaged in Kyiv Oblast
Aftermath of Russian attack on Kyiv: apartment, cars and trolleybus lines damaged
Two foreign volunteers killed in Ukraine by Russian attack

Russians target Soniachne in Kherson Oblast, killing local resident
"I am boxing without leg and prosthesis": story of soldier who was injured by Russian mine

Number of injured in Kryvyi Rih rises to 72

Night attack on Odesa Oblast: Shahed drones damage port infrastructure and grain elevator
Russians attack Kherson and oblast on Thursday morning: 1 killed, 2 injured

Russian attack on Kostiantynivka market leaves 16 dead and 34 injured
Commercial facility in Kyiv Oblast ablaze due to Russian missile wreckage

Russians pound Kostiantynivka and Shakhtarske with artillery

11-year-old boy wounded in Kherson Oblast, doctors fight to save his life

Ukraine's emergency workers post photos of aftermath of Russian attack on Odesa

Two energy specialists wounded in Russian attack on Sumy Oblast
Russians hit high-rise building in Vuhledar, Donetsk Oblast, killing married couple and injuring two other people
Police officer killed and children wounded in Russian attack on Sumy Oblast

"My body covered with scars": story of man who suffered 65% of body burns due to attack on Vinnytsia
Russian forces attack Kherson, killing man
Russians attack village in Kherson Oblast – tractor crew injured

75 Ukrainian children subjected to torture by Russians

Two people have been killed in a Russian missile attack on the city of Kyiv on Wednesday morning

Russians kill 5 civilians and injure 4 more in Donetsk Oblast in past 24 hours

Russians attack Poltava Oblast, killing 2 people

Russians attack Kherson city centre, 1 killed, 1 seriously injured

Russians hit cafe in Kupiansk district killing people

Russians attack Sumy Oblast, almost 270 explosions in one day

Russians hit Dnipro with missiles: 7 injured, extensive damage reported
Russians attacking centre of Kherson, 7-year-old wounded
Russians hit supermarket in Donetsk Oblast, injure 4 women

Russians attack Odesa Oblast with Shahed drones for 3 hours, damaging grain warehouses
Russians launch airstrike on Kherson, causing fire in kindergarten

Russians attack Zaporizhzhia at night, damaging 4 multi-storey buildings
Russians launch missile attack on Kryvyi Rih, injuring man and damaging 20 houses
Russians attack Donetsk Oblast with artillery in evening, killing three

Ukraine's Security Service shows missile that targeted Chernihiv Music and Drama Theatre
New cult: Stalin will be shown not as a tyrant, but as a "defender" in new Russian textbooks
"He crawled out of burning BMP"

Attack on Chernihiv: number of casualties increases to 156
Russians bombard Kupiansk with artillery; 11 wounded
Russians strike Nikopol from heavy artillery: person injured, facilities damaged

Russians hit Chernihiv Music and Drama Theatre with missile, killing 7 civilians, including child, wounding 90
Night attack on Khmelnytskyi Oblast: number of damaged buildings rises to 400

Russians attack Kherson, civilian killed
Russians hit invincibility centre in Chasiv Yar, civilians injured
17-year-old girl injured in Russian attack on Kherson Oblast
Hell on Earth. How Russian aggression is devastating Ukrainian black soil

Russia illegally deports another 450 children from Ukrainian territories it occupies

18-year old boy killed in Russian attack in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
Russians attacked Kherson city centre and oblast, wounding five

Russian large-scale missile attack on 7 Ukrainian oblasts: 3 killed, fires, much destruction
Lviv Oblast missile strike: number of casualties rises
Explosions heard in Lviv, hits on residential buildings recorded
Russians hit industrial facility in Lutsk, 3 dead

Russia attacks Zaporizhzhia district at night, killing 2 civilians
One man killed and five people injured in Russian attacks on Kharkiv Oblast
Results of night attack on Odesa: supermarket on fire, three people injured
Russians strike Sumy Oblast 21 times, civilian infrastructure damaged

Russians strike Kherson Oblast with artillery: five adults and baby killed
Man in Kherson Oblast left with burns to 70% of his body after Russian night attack
500 children killed during Russian invasion of Ukraine
Russians bombard Nikopol district twice at night

Explosions thunder in Kryvyi Rih
Russians attack Orikhiv: Police captain killed, 12 more people injured

Russia uses Iskander missiles to attack Zaporizhzhia
8-year-old boy killed by Russian missile

Russians attack oil depot in Rivne Oblast
Two musicians killed by Russian forces during missile attack on Zaporizhzhia
Russians strike again at peaceful Zaporizhzhia: fire breaks out, 1 person killed and 16 injured

Russians shell Nikopol district 3 times: 18-year-old killed, several others injured
Russians bombard kindergarten in Kherson, injure one person
Russians strike residential area in Zaporizhzhia, two civilians killed

Russians attack Nikopol with heavy artillery and Grad MLRS
Number of wounded in Pokrovsk rises to 88, 7 killed
Russians kill 1 person and wound 13 in Kherson Oblast over the past day
Russian attack on Kharkiv Oblast: death toll rises to 3 in Kruhliakivka

Russians hit 9-storey residential building in Kherson, killing woman, injuring 12 people
Missile strike on Pokrovsk: 7 killed, about 30 injured, including rescue workers and police
Russians strike building in Kharkiv Oblast – two dead and three wounded
Russians attack Zaporizhzhia Oblast with projectiles loaded with chemical substance

Aftermath of missile attack on Khmelnytskyi Oblast: houses and bus station damaged
Kharkiv under Russian fire

Russians attack blood transfusion centre in Kharkiv Oblast, killing and wounding people
Russians hit the outskirts of Zaporizhzhia
Russians launched Kinzhal missiles at Ukraine
Russia has turned grain into a weapon

Russians attack Kherson again, hitting shopping centre and medical facility
Сrematorium in occupied Melitopol works 24/7; people complain about corpse stench

Russians shell Kherson with artillery: trolleybus hit, casualties reported
Russian forces attack firefighters extinguishing fire in Kherson, wounding 4 people

Russian forces damage marine terminal and Danube Shipping company building
Memories of doctor killed in Russian shelling of Kherson's hospital
Olenivka. The worst night of my life

Russian drone attacks student accommodation in Kharkiv destroying 2 floors
Shahed drones attack Kharkiv, wounding man
Russians bombard hospital in Kherson, killing doctor and injuring nurse

Russian forces launch S-300 missiles at Kharkiv, wounding person
Kryvyi Rih: Russian missile hit 9-storey building and educational institution, killing 4, wounding 53
Russians attack Kherson centre in morning with Grad MLRS, killing civilian, injuring four others
Russian attack on Kryvyi Rih: death toll rises to 5 civilians, 64 injured
Russian attack on Kherson: 17 people injured, including volunteers and utility workers

Russians destroy building of educational institution in Sumy, one killed, more injured
Removal of debris in Sumy complete, four floors of school ruined by missile
Russians target Kostiantynivka hromada, civilians killed and injured

Russian forces hit grain terminal in Kherson Oblast
Russians strike Zaporizhzhia, fatalities reported
Russians attack Vesele, Kherson Oblast, woman injured

Tractor drivers come across cluster munition in Mykolaiv Oblast, one of them killed
Russians strike Dnipro apartment block and Security Service building
Nine people injured in Russian attack on multi-storey building in Dnipro
Kramatorsk: Life in Ukraine's romantic capital, 25 kilometres from the front

Missile strike on Khmelnytskyi Oblast: authorities report consequences
Russian forces attack Odesa's port infrastructure, killing one person
Russian forces hit Avdiivka with rocket artillery and coke facility with missiles
Russians drop air bomb near high-rise building in Kharkiv Oblast, killing civilian

Russian Shahed hits industrial facilities in Kharkiv Oblast, fire breaks out
Russian forces attack Kherson Oblast 55 times, killing people
Russians kill 2 civilians and injure 2 more in Donetsk Oblast

Attack on Kostiantynivka with cluster munitions: Second child dies in hospital
Russians attack Kherson Oblast, kill woman and elderly man
Russian forces shell Nikopol district twice in one night, causing damage

Russia strike Kostiantynivka with cluster munitions: one child killed, civilians injured
Strike on Odesa damages 28 architectural landmarks
Russians attack Odesa Oblast at night: air defence downs 3 Shahed drones, grain terminal destroyed

Loud explosions rock Odesa, Russians attack region with various weapons
Missile attack on Odesa: one killed and many injured including four children
Chasiv Yar: Russians destroy Palace of Culture used to provide medical assistance

Russians shelled Kharkiv Oblast: civilians killed and one wounded
Russian attack on New-York in Donetsk Oblast kills at least 4 civilians

Russians hit agricultural facility in Odesa with Kalibr missiles at night, injuring 2 people

Explosions heard in Mykolaiv
Russians attack Odesa causing destruction – injured civilians reported
Civilian pulled out from under rubble in Odesa
Russian night attack with Oniks, Kalibr and Iskander missiles
Survivors of a missile attack on Lviv realise that nowhere is safe

Russians destroy 60,000 tonnes of grain in Chornomorsk port
Russians attacked two Black Sea ports at night: grain terminals damaged
Attack on Odesa Oblast: Russians hit grain terminal, fire breaks out at storage points
Occupiers hit 5-storey building in Ochakiv: one casualty
Russian Shahed drones damage infrastructure facility in Zhytomyr Oblast
Large-scale Russian attack with various missiles and kamikaze drones

Russians attack Donetsk Oblast, killing 3 people in one day
Powerful explosions heard in Odesa
18 July Russian attack: chunk of Russian missile fell on elderly man in bed

Russians shell fire station in Sumy Oblast – there were casualties, a shelter was hit
Russians attack Kharkiv again

Strikes reported in centre of Kharkiv
Russians shell Kramatorsk industrial enterprise
Minefields are biggest obstacle to Ukrainian counter-offensive

16 high-rise buildings, medical facility and educational institutions damaged in attack on Zaporizhzhia
Russia attacks Sumy Oblast with 110 explosions, damaging houses and agricultural machinery

Bodies of two more civilians shot by Russians found in Mykolaiv Oblast

Russian forces strike Kherson Oblast, killing elderly woman
Russia attacks Kyiv at night: services report debris falling in 4 districts and 4 injured

Russians attack Zaporizhzhia: 18 injured, including 6 children
Russian forces attacked Sumy Oblast 225 times today
Russians hit house in Kherson, killing civilian

Launch of Shahed drones on Kyiv Oblast: high-rise building and 12 private houses damaged
Russian occupation forces kill 3 civilians in Donetsk Oblast
Russians hit aid centre in Kherson, woman killed in Sofiivka

Russians dropped aerial bomb on Orikhiv during distribution of humanitarian aid
Rescue operations completed in Orikhiv: there are 7 dead
Russians attack Mykolaiv with rockets

Attacks on Sumy Oblast: over 50 strikes in a day
Russians shell residential area in Kherson
Majority of Russians will support Putin in elections

Russian forces attack Lyman on 8 July, leaving at least 6 people killed, 13 injured
UK intelligence describes critical situation of Russian Federation in Bakhmut

Russian missile strike on Lviv: death toll rises to 10
Russians attack Dnipropetrovsk Oblast with Shahed drones killing two people

Night attack on Lviv: Russian missile hit apartment building, killing and wounding people
Missile attack on Lviv: at least four killed and nine injured
Russians drop explosives near aid distribution point in Kherson Oblast, injuring woman

Russians strike Kherson Oblast: one person killed and five injured

Attacks on Sumy Oblast: 170 strikes, 5 killed
Russian attack Kherson in morning, killing 2 people
Russia's attack on Pervomaiske

Death toll rises after Russian drone attack in Sumy
Writer Victoria Amelina dies after sustaining injuries in Kramatorsk
Four Shahed drones strike Sumy, killing one person and wounding 16

Three children injured in Kherson Oblast in Russian attacks over past 24 hours
Russians shelled Kostiantynivka: two wounded, one of them in serious condition

Russia attacked Kherson: shell hit a house, two children injured

Russians struck school in Donetsk Oblast, killing two people and wounding six
Shortage of medicines for civilians in occupied territories worsens

Russians attack Kharkiv Oblast and Kherson
Murder of teenagers in Berdiansk: invaders do not give their relatives bodies for burial
Russians shelled Kherson during the day, 2 killed
The stories of the eight people who died as a result of the explosion at the Kakhovska HPP

Strike on Kramatorsk: 9 killed, including children, and 60 injured
14-year-old twins killed in Russian missile strike on Kramatorsk
Russians place more than 1,000 children deported from Ukraine under guardianship

Russian forces attack civilian infrastructure in Kramatorsk: 4 civilians killed and 42 injured
Explosions occur in Kremenchuk on anniversary of attack on Amstor mall
Woman killed in attack on Orikhiv, her husband hospitalised

Russian missile hits warehouse in Odesa district
Camps for Wagner PMC fighters being built in Belarus 200 km from Ukraine

Russian invaders kill two teenage Ukrainian partisans in Berdiansk
Two more bodies were found under the rubble of high-rise building in Kyiv
Explosion rocked city of Zaporizhzhia

Multi-storey building damaged in overnight attack on Kyiv, two people killed
Russians attack Nikopol district, kill civilian
Explosions in Kharkiv: Mayor reports at least 3 strikes

Russians hit utility facilities in Kherson; two workers killed
Attacks on Sumy Oblast: 155 strikes in one day

Russians attack Kharkiv Oblast and Kherson
Russians attack Pokrovsk, injuring child
Russians attack Kryvyi Rih district with missiles, damaging 10 houses
Russia tried to attack dam in Kryvyi Rih with Kindzhal missiles

Explosions heard in Khmelnytskyi Oblast
Russians bombard Kherson Oblast 72 times during the past day: 2 killed, 8 wounded

Russians attack Zaporizhzhia and its suburbs, causing destruction
Russians hit critical infrastructure facility in Lviv three times

World is not helping Ukraine to bring back children deported to Russia
Death rate among civilians increases significantly in occupied Mariupol

Russians killed police officer and his 4-year-old son on Father's Day in Sumy Oblast
Russians take almost 300 children from Berdiansk district to Russia
Man steps on Petal landmine hidden in grass in Kharkiv Oblast and has his toes torn off

Russian missile hits car in Kharkiv Oblast, killing two volunteers
Russian attacks on Kherson Oblast: 2 people killed and 25 wounded
Russians attack Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, injuring woman
Blowing up of Kakhovka HPP: new satellite images

Large-scale attack on Kherson: number of casualties rises to 23
Russian strike damages private houses in Kyiv Oblast, victims reported
Polina Raiko's house-museum in Oleshky almost completely destroyed by flood
Number of victims in Kyiv Oblast rises to 6: elderly woman injured, teenager saved himself in basement

Night attack on Kryvyi Rih: Russian missiles hit 2 businesses, wounding one man
Russia holds sham trial of 22 Azov Brigade members

Russian attack on Sumy Oblast kills 7 employees of State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine
Night attack on Odesa with Kalibr missiles: three killed, some wounded
Police show video of first minutes after missile attack in Odesa
Russia hit Kramatorsk and Kostiantynivka with missiles; there are dead and wounded
Police post shocking footage of rescue operations in Kramatorsk
Russians block evacuation from occupied parts of Kherson Oblast

Russians hit 5-storey building in Kryvyi Rih, causing casualties
Death toll in Russian missile strike on Kryvyi Rih rises to 10
Russians attack church in Kherson Oblast killing priest
Velykyi Luh and Kamianska Sich parks draining, nitrite levels in Inhulets River rise
Russians attack civilian facilities in Kharkiv with Shahed drones

Russian invaders kill 4 people in one day in Kherson and Donetsk oblasts
Russians attack Avdiivka with missiles, hitting high-rise building, 2 people injured
Russian guardsmen shot Ukrainian war prisoners for refusing to speak Russian
Russians mined Crimean Titan chemical plant in occupied Armyansk

Russians fired at a boat with people evacuating from the left bank of Kherson Oblast: killing 3 and injuring 23
Black Sea desalination begins due to explosion at Kakhovka HPP
Whole body paralysed: story of former musician seriously wounded on front line

Russians attack Odesa using Shahed drones, 3 civilians killed, more than 26 injured
Russians attack rescue workers in Kharkiv Oblast: one killed, another wounded
Russians attack Kherson, injuring volunteers

Everything you need to know about the Kakhovskaya HPP disaster
Occupiers hit hospital in Huliaipole, killing 2 people
Russia attacked Zhytomyr Oblast, causing casualties
Russians kill 3 civilians in Kherson and Donetsk oblasts within 24 hours
Russians hit Kharkiv with S-300 missiles
Young woman injured in Russian attack on Uman is in intensive care after her leg was amputated up to the hip
Occupiers admit hydroelectric power plant blown up by Russian sabotage group

It will take at least 5 years to build new hydroelectric power plant
Russians kill entire family and injure 4 children in Donetsk Oblast
Russians attack rescue workers in Kherson, injure two
28,000 fish died: photos of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast showing aftermath of Kakhovka HPP explosion
Woman killed by airstrike in Kherson Oblast, another person injured
Russia carries out missile attack on Uman, people injured

Almost 2,000 houses on Dnipro's right bank were flooded after explosion at Kakhovka HPP
Maxar posts new satellite photos of flooded Kherson Oblast
Chemicals and fish kills: Water may become unusable due to explosion on Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant
Camped out on the roof overnight: what the evacuation of Kherson looks like
Drunken Russian soldiers block all evacuation routes from Kozachi Laheri village

Russians blow up Kakhovka Hydro Power Plant
Russians damage ammonia pipeline during attack on Kharkiv Oblast
Water flows in wide stream: video from Kakhovka HPP destroyed by Russians

Invaders use Smerch multiple rocket launchers to hit Balakliia, Kharkiv Oblast: 1 killed, 9 wounded

Occupiers refuse to provide insulin to people without Russian passports in Zaporizhzhia
Russians attack Chuhuiv in Kharkiv Oblast
Explosions ring out in Kropyvnytskyi

She died with her mother near shelter in Kyiv
Attack on Dnipro's suburbs: number of people injured rises to 20, including 5 children

Russians kill 2 and wound 12 people in Donetsk Oblast in one day
Family drives over explosives: woman killed, three children injured
Russians shelled Kupiansk district: 2 dead, 3-year-old child wounded

Fatalities in Kyiv after missile attack, including child
Russia attacks Kyiv with Iskander systems, killing people aged 33, 34 and 9

Russia attacks transportation company in Donetsk Oblast, injuring a child
Russians attack Vovchansk, killing 60-year-old man

In Kyiv, fragments hit apartment building: one person died, three others injured

Russians hit Kharkiv Oblast with Iskander missile: injured people include pregnant woman and two children
Explosions heard in Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Russia attacks Kharkiv Oblast with aviation and artillery: two people killed
One person killed in large-scale Russian attack on Kyiv
Night attack: dozens of houses, educational and healthcare facilities damaged in Zhytomyr

Russians shelled Kharkiv Oblast: woman killed, man wounded
Russian attack on Dnipro: three more people still missing
Russian attacks on Sumy Oblast: nearly 60 hits over past 24 hours

Missile strike on Dnipro: 2 killed, 30 injured
Attack on Dnipro: enterprises, gas stations and households damaged, one person wounded
Russian invaders hit medical facility in Dnipro, there are casualties

Occupiers hit Kharkiv and namesake oblast

Ukrainian boxing champion Onyshchenko killed near Bakhmut
Ukrainian writer killed by Russian troops receives posthumous award
Russians launch attack on kindergarten in Sumy Oblast

Russians attacked apartment building in Avdiivka with missile: people under rubble
NYT shows aerial look at completely destroyed Bakhmut

Explosions rock Zaporizhzhia
Explosions rock the city of Dnipro
Occupiers attack Kherson Oblast, killing man

Russians shell residential building in Kherson, killing one civilian
2 civilians killed and 6 injured in Russian attacks on Donetsk Oblast

Russian forces deploy Lancet drone to attack Kharkiv and shell Kupiansk

Three civilians killed in Russian strikes on Sumy Oblast
Russians kill three and injure 16 civilians in one day
Explosions ring out in Kryvyi Rih

Missile attack on Odesa: one person killed, two wounded
Russians killed 4 civilians in Donetsk and Kherson oblasts in one day

Russians kill child in Kherson Oblast
Number of casualties in Kherson Oblast increases to 3, including 5-year-old child
Occupiers deploy personnel in kindergarten in Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Attack on Mykolaiv: woman wounded, officials show "military target" hit by Russians

Building destroyed and 4 buses burnt down – aftermath of Russia's overnight attack on Kyiv
White Angel evacuation crew gets attacked in Bakhmut

Russians attack Avdiivka, killing four civilians
Russians attack Kharkiv Oblast, killing 2 people, wounding one

Russians attack Kherson Oblast, injuring 6 people
Ternopil Oblast attacked twice overnight, cruise missiles hits reported

Occupiers hit civilian facilities in Mykolaiv: fires broke out, casualties reported
Russians hit critical infrastructure facility in Khmelnytskyi Oblast, people wounded, trains rerouted
Russian forces attack Kostiantynivka, killing 2 people and injuring 10, including children
Shelling in Kharkiv Oblast: 5 civilians injured, including teenager

Russian forces hit farm in Kharkiv Oblast, killing its worker

"Hell has come to you"
Occupiers kill 5 civilians in Donetsk, Kherson and Kharkiv oblasts in one day
Russia shelled village in Kharkiv Oblast with Tornado multiple rocket launchers
Russia shells Vovchansk, Kharkiv Oblast, search and rescue workers recover woman from under rubble

Russians destroy over 1,100 houses in Mariupol
Zaporizhzhia Oblast: Woman severely injured in Russian night attack on Mikilske
Russians shell Vovchansk: man killed, woman trapped under rubble
Police discover new burials of those killed by Russia in Donetsk Oblast

Occupiers shell Chasiv Yar, killing man
Explosions thunder in Kherson

Russian missile strike on Odesa Oblast causes fires
Russia attacked 10 Ukraine's oblasts in a day: 28 injured, 3 killed
Russian strike destroys Ukrainian Red Cross storage point with humanitarian air in Odesa Oblast

Russians take residents of Enerhodar to Berdiansk and Prymorsk
Occupiers hit Nikopol district twice at night, killing woman
Russians attack Bakhmut with incendiary and phosphorus ammunition

Death of six employees of State Emergency Service: Russians drop explosives from drone
Russian aircraft hit Sumy Oblast with guided bombs, there are casualties
Tractor driver in Kharkiv Oblast hits anti-tank mine

Teenage girl wounded by Russians on 29 April dies in Kramatorsk
Occupiers deport 50 children from Luhansk Oblast to Dagestan, Russia
Russians strike two factories in Donetsk Oblast with missiles
Russia hits evacuation convoy from Bakhmut, elderly woman killed

"Sleep tight, our blue-eyed girl": stories of six children killed by Russia in Uman
Russians are storing explosives at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant
Russia holds over 20,000 civilians hostage

Russians attack last hypermarket working in Kherson: three people killed
17 civilians killed in Russian attack on Kherson
Ukrainska Pravda identifies the overseers of abduction of Ukrainian children

Attacks on Sumy Oblast: almost 140 strikes recorded in one day
Tractor blows up in field in Kharkiv Oblast, 2 people dead

Night attack on Pavlohrad: over 100 residential buildings and 9 schools and kindergartens damaged
Russian forces hit Chernihiv Oblast, killing child
"Bring my legs back". How a 24-year-old triple amputee is learning to live a new life

Journalist Volodymyr Mukan killed at war
Russian forces deploy heavy artillery to shell Nikopol, killing 1 and injuring 2 civilians
Russian forces hit centre of Kupiansk using multiple rocket launcher
"Building's storeys folded": Russians launch airstrike on Avdiivka

Russians loot houses of local residents in Luhansk Oblast
Russians kill civilians in Kherson and Donetsk oblasts
"Mariupol is 90% destroyed"

Russian missile destroys multi-storey residential building in Uman: 7 dead, including a child
Death toll in Uman rises to 23 including 4 children
Woman and 3-year-old child killed in Russian attack on Dnipro

Russians attack Mykolaiv using missiles, fatality and casualties reported
Russians cut throats of Ukrainian prisoners after interrogations
Russians hit Mykolaiv with Kalibr cruise missiles, 23 people wounded and 1 killed
Russians kill 3 civilians in Donetsk Oblast and 2 in Zaporizhzhia Oblast in one day

Russians fire 389 projectiles on Kherson Oblast, injuring civilian
Russians launch 43 attacks on Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Marinka fronts
Not a single building that was not looted by Russians

Russians kill 2 civilians in Donetsk Oblast and 1 in Kharkiv Oblast in a day
Second body recovered from under rubble of Kupiansk museum

Occupiers hit Nikopol with artillery at night
Occupiers try to take stolen grain out of Berdiansk

Russians shell Kherson: 80-year-old man killed

Russians kill 32 fellow villagers: memories of Kamianka residents about occupation

Russians kill 3 civilians in Kherson and Donetsk oblasts in one day

Russian forces hit Chernihiv Oblast, woman killed
Russian projectile killed family in Zaporizhia Oblast

Russians strike Sumy Oblast 165 times, killing one woman and injuring two other civilians

Russians strike Novoiehorivka in Luhansk Oblast, killing three people
Russian forces attack Kherson: 1 person killed, 7 injured
Russian forces attack Nikopol and nearby locations, injuring civilian

"I shot a 5-year-old in the head": Wagner convicts confess to killing children

Search and rescue operations completed in Sloviansk: 15 killed, 24 wounded
Russian invaders take children out of Enerhodar, Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Russians killed two teenagers in Mykolaiv Oblast on Easter night
Empty streets, pools of blood and memories of a failed collaborator

Mother and daughter killed in Russian attack on Kherson
Attack on Sloviansk: death toll rises to 9, search for 4 people continues
Two more bodies retrieved from under rubble in Sloviansk

Russians drop bombs on ambulance: 8 people injured – Kherson Oblast
Russians attack Kharkiv Oblast: 4 wounded, volunteer in critical condition

Russian soldiers hit Sumy Oblast using mortars, artillery and grenade launchers

Head cut off with a knife: Russian soldiers brutally murder Ukrainian prisoner of war

Russians attack 5 locations in Sumy Oblast
Ukrainian cyclist Kostiantyn Deneka killed near Bakhmut

Paul Massaro: If that's Russophobia, fine. But I want to advocate realism toward Russia
Russian forces drop bombs on Kherson Oblast
Russians attack Sumy Oblast with mortars and grenade launchers

Russian night attack on Zaporizhzhia: two reported killed
Tractor hits an anti-tank mine in Kyiv Oblast

Attacks on Sumy Oblast: 125 strikes per day reported
Russians drop aerial bombs on Zaporizhzhia Oblast, injuring two people

Russians drop bombs on ambulance: 8 people injured – Kherson Oblast
Russians strike Kherson Oblast with artillery: 2 children and woman hospitalised

"Fortress Bakhmut": Ukrainian border guards post video of close combat and their breaking out of encirclement
Russia hit residential building in centre of Orikhiv and attacked Huliaipole with missiles

Russians attack Donetsk Oblast, killing 6 and wounding 7 civilians
Russians pound Sumy Oblast using mortars and grenade launchers

Russian Su-35 fighter jets drop bombs on Chernihiv Oblast
Air Defence destroy 14 Shahed UAVs in south of Ukraine

Russians attack 4 locations in Sumy Oblast on 2 April
Russia establishes centres for "de-Ukrainisation" in Russian-occupied parts of Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Occupiers create fake courts to deport Ukrainians to remote regions of Russia
Russian forces shell Kostiantynivka, killing 6 and injuring 11

Occupiers shell Kherson, killing one person, four injured in oblast

Russians shell Avdiivka: baby among the dead
Three power engineers blown up by mine in Kherson Oblast, 2 of them killed

No houses left standing in Avdiivka
Russians attack 4 locations in Sumy Oblast

Ukraine's Ministry for Reintegration announces number of children deported to Russia
Russians launch airstrike on Avdiivka, destroying kindergarten and damaging house

Russians attacked Kherson hospital at night, causing much destruction
Russian drone hits private business in Dnipro
Russian night attack: administrative building destroyed in Kyiv

Russians attack Sloviansk: one person killed and 25 injured, rubble clearing continue

Russian Occupiers torture Ukrainians who refuse Russian passports in Kherson Oblast
Russians attack Kupiansk on Sunday

Russian forces shell humanitarian assistance point in Kherson, injuring civilians
Russians fire more than 300 shells in Kherson Oblast in one day

Russians hit invincibility centre in Kostiantynivka with missile, killing five people
Russians attack Kherson again: man dies being wounded in floodplains
Defending the city of eternal fire through the eyes of the infantry
Five Russian drones strike Kryvyi Rih

Russian attack on Rzhyshchiv: Death toll rises to 9
Wagnerites deport residents from Bakhmut suburbs to Russia
Russians attack Beryslav in Kherson Oblast, hit house, museum and local newspaper office

Russians hit two apartment blocks in Zaporizhzhia with missiles
Night attack of "Shahed" on Kyiv Oblast: school dormitories in Rzhyshchiv damaged, four dead
Russian forces target 7 areas in Sumy Oblast

Consequences of missile attack on Odesa

"Toughest thing is sorting soldiers": How medics evacuate injured from Bakhmut

Russians strike building in Zaporizhzhia Oblast: casualties reported
Bakhmut defender being treated in Ivano-Frankivsk

Voices from a torture chamber in Kherson
Russians shell city of Kostiantynivka, six people injured
Russians shell Kramatorsk with cluster munitions: casualties reported
Russians attack Zaporizhzhia causing destruction

Russians carry out four airstrikes on Avdiivka
Russians equip torture room in occupied Enerhodar – General Staff
Russian forces rig household objects with explosives as they retreat

Russians "officially" admit they completely destroyed city of Popasna
Russia is again exporting grain stolen from Ukraine through port in Berdiansk

Russians attack Marhanets, leaving 2 women dead
Russian forces attack Kurakhove, damaging 8 apartment buildings
Explosion ring out in Kharkiv, boarding house damaged

Attacks on Kherson Oblast: occupiers launch over 400 shells in a day, killing one person
Russian forces attack centre of Kramatorsk in morning, killing one person
What is happening at the Zaporizhzhia NPP in occupied Enerhodar
How Russia's FSB is fighting against Ukraine

Russians hit Mykolaiv Oblast: 2 killed, 3 injured, including a child

Decades and billions of dollars. When will Ukrainian fields and cities be cleared of mines?

Russian forces hit Kherson, killing 3 people
Russians attack vital infrastructure in Zaporizhzhia

Satellite shows large-scale destruction of Bakhmut
Body of 63-year-old tortured man found in Kherson Oblast
Donbas terrorists jail human rights activist Butkevych for 13 years
International Fencing Federation allows Russians and Belarusians to compete

Explosions in Kyiv, casualties reported
Five people killed in Lviv Oblast in Russian night attack
Russian large-scale attack 9 on March: Ukraine's defence forces report strikes in 4 areas
5 missiles hit critical infrastructure facility in Zaporizhzhia Oblast

"She was a warrior of light." Stories of Ukrainian women killed at war

Dmytro "Da Vinci" Kotsiubailo, Hero of Ukraine, dies in battle for Bakhmut
"Glory to Ukraine!": Brothers-in-arms reveal name of killed soldier

Ukraine's Security Service to investigate shooting of Ukrainian soldier
"People were lying on the road, slowly dying"
The story of a woman who miraculously survived the Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia

Russian invaders rejoice at "apocalypse" in fully destroyed Marinka
"Angel of the troops": 29-year-old paramedic killed near Bakhmut during evacuation of wounded
Russian shell hits civilian car in Kharkiv Oblast, killing married couple

Russians fire more than 100 shells on two areas in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
Russians use new 1.5 ton gliding bombs against Ukraine

Russia planned torture centres in occupied Ukrainian territories
Occupiers kill tractor driver in village of Tomaryne in Kherson Oblast

Russian missile strike on apartment block in Zaporizhzhia: 2 people killed, 11 rescued
Rescuers and Oblast Head report 2 deaths in Zaporizhzhia
Four people die in mine-related car explosion in Kharkiv Oblast
Bodies of three Borodianka residents killed by Russians were exhumed

Children forced to write letters to Russian invaders in occupied Tokmak
Over 100 strikes in Sumy Oblast, Russians drop fragmentation grenade on house
One-year-old child sustains shrapnel wounds in Chornobaivka after Russian attack
Russians attack civil and critical infrastructure of Poltava Oblast

Russians attack emergency workers in Sviatohirsk: 1 killed, 4 injured
Russian forces hit 6 areas in Sumy Oblast with 86 shells and mortar bombs
Russian invaders shell Kupiansk: Man killed in recreation park
Four civilians killed by Russian shellings in Kherson Oblast

Night attack on Zaporizhzhia: two strikes reported
Russia Offered to Help Iran's Missile Program in Exchange for Military Aid — CIA Director

"We heard an air-raid siren, planes and bangs...the war has indeed started"
Russians kill five civilians in Donetsk and Kherson oblasts
Shelling of Sumy Oblast: a health centre, a shop and homes were damaged

Russians build torture chamber in occupied Vasylivka
"Reeducation camps" and age change: human rights activist recounts how Russians abduct children
Two people dead in Kherson Oblast: hit a mine while cultivating field

Russian strike damages Kherson pipeline, leaving 40,000 people without heat

Russians deliver missile strike in Kharkiv Oblast: people trapped under rubble
Russians cause almost US$51 billion in environmental damage to Ukraine
Russia's war has set Ukraine back 15 years in overcoming poverty

Explosions rock Dnipro and Sumy
Missile strikes in Kharkiv
Ukrainian children spent over 900 hours in shelters last year
Targeting houses with artillery: Russians kill two elderly people in Kherson Oblast

Attack on Kherson
Russians confiscate Ukrainian passports from citizens in temporarily occupied territories
Soldier who defended Mariupol recounts battles in city centre

Russians shell Antonivka in Kherson Oblast again, killing hospital employee and his wife
Russians attack industrial area of Kramatrosk with two missiles

Sumy Oblast: more than 75 strikes in one day
Russians shell Nikopol at night, damaging residential houses and business premises

"Two explosions" in Khmelnytskyi
Rockets hit military facility and near bus stop in Khmelnytskyi

Russians strike Kharkiv with S-300 missiles

Explosions ring out in Poltava Oblast
Critical infrastructure facility hit in Lviv Oblast
Russia launches 36 cruise missiles at night

Russia hits Pokrovsk with missiles, number of injured grows to 12
Death toll rises to 3 in Pokrovsk, Donetsk Oblast
Camps for “ideological reeducation” of Ukrainian children created in Russia and Crimea

Sumy oblast attacks – about 100 strikes in 24 hours
Nearly all electrical substations destroyed in Lviv Oblast and city
New York Times shares video of missile attack on volunteers in Bakhmut

Russians attack Kherson hromada, woman killed in Inhulets

Russian forces hit three areas in Sumy Oblast
Russian forces hit centre of Kherson, hitting building of Kherson Oblast State Administration
Russian occupiers demolish and turn houses in Mariupol into concrete chips

Russians strikes Kharkiv after launching attacks
Shahed drones hit three energy facilities in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Explosions rock Kharkiv and Khmelnytskyi
Russians attack Kharkiv Oblast this morning: 7 people injured

"People live their lives not comprehending what happiness it is to hug children."
Three people killed in Russian attacks in Kherson Oblast in one day

Russian troops attack Sumy Oblast: 125 stikes recorded, woman killed
Russians hit Kharkiv's Central Park
Russians strike energy facility in Nova Kakhovka, apartment building in Druzhkivka
Russia shells residential areas of Kherson Oblast on Tuesday morning: 2 wounded, kindergarten damaged

Russian forces attack Kharkiv, hitting the city centre
Medical centre catches fire following Russian attack in Kharkiv Oblast

Russian forces shell civilian car, killing 8-year-old child, in Kherson Oblast
Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church used to be Soviet spy in Switzerland
Russians seize and burn Ukrainian books

Russian forces attack Kharkiv, striking the city centre
Russian morning attack on Kharkiv causes serious damage to one of universities
Russians attack Kherson in the morning, lyceum building on fire

"Finally, we can speak Ukrainian": Ukraine brings back 16 more children deported to Russia and Crimea

Missile attack on Kramatorsk: 4 civilians killed
Sumy Oblast under attack: 120 strikes over past 24 hours
Russian invaders deported 50 high school students from Lysychansk to Russian Federation

Missile attack on Kramatorsk: 2 killed, 8 hospitalised
Russian runaway officer reveals how Ukrainians are tortured in captivity
Russia launches missiles on centre of Kramatorsk again

Russian missile destroys apartment block in Kramatorsk, several dead and injured
Russians attack Chernihiv Oblast, hitting cellar, killing four people

Shot, dismembered and set on fire: Russian who killed civilian is identified
Russians attack Sumy Oblast with mortars and artillery, dropping VOG grenades

Russian missile hits residential building in Kharkiv killing a woman
Russians attack Vovchansk, civilian killed

Kherson under massive shelling, many people killed and injured
Russian forces hit Kherson utility company, destroying equipment

Russian forces carry out new strike on apartment block in Chasiv Yar
Russians attack Kostiantynivka, killing 3 and wounding 14 civilians

Those who save us from darkness. Stories of power engineers killed by Russian aggression
Russians attack Chasiv Yar, killing two people
Russians prepare Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant for export of electricity to Russia
Ukrainians can only get out of occupied territories through grey areas
Russians attack Dnipropetrovsk Oblast with MLRS

Russia launches over 30 missiles on Ukraine, explosions ring out in Kyiv city and Vinnytsia Oblast
Russian drones and missiles kill 11 Ukrainians on 26 January
Sumy Oblast under attack: Russians fire on border area 60 times

Russians attack Sumy region: almost 200 strikes
Russia attacks Zaporizhzhia, killing woman and destroying private house
Russians attack Ukraine again, aerial targets are already being shot down

Russians hit residential area of Chasiv Yar, killing 1 person and injuring 2 others
Two British volunteers believed missing killed in Donbas
Russia causes damage to Ukrainian infrastructure worth of US$138 billion

Attack on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast damages industrial facility
Russians attack Dnipropetrovsk Oblast with Grad and Uragan MLRS at night
Russians attack residential buildings and railroad in Sumy Oblast

Russians attack Kharkiv Oblast: one person killed, one injured
Russians launch missile attack on critical infrastructure facility in Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Two men injured by landmine in Kharkiv Oblast

"Their whole lives were ahead of them… or should have been": the children killed by the Russian missile that hit a Dnipro apartment block

Russians attack Kramatorsk in morning: rocket falls near kindergarten, killing civilian
"Our kids draw torn-up Russian flags": a chronicle of besieged Mariupol

Russians target civilian infrastructure in Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Attack on Dnipro: 12 bodies and body fragments not identified, 17 people considered missing

More than 200 apartments destroyed as result of strike on Dnipro
Death toll rises to 45 after Russian missile attack on Dnipro, search and rescue works lasted for 69 hours
Story of deportation of teenager who managed to return to Ukraine

She lived with her husband and one-year-old son: the woman who spent 20 hours under rubble in Dnipro
Attack on Dnipro: death toll rises to 40 people
Russia attacks Kherson: hit children's hospital and high-rise building, one person killed
From the defence of Rubizhne to the hell near Bakhmut

Three days of mourning announced in Dnipro city
Death toll rises to 29 after attack on Dnipro
Russians damaged school and kindergarten in Sumy Oblast

Russian occupation forces attack city of Zaporizhzhia
Russian missiles attack Kharkiv, hitting civilian facilities
Most of Kharkiv's districts without power, metro temporarily out of service
Russians hit critical infrastructure facilities in Lviv and Kharkiv oblasts

Russians attack Sumy Oblast 21 times in past 24 hours
Starvation, unsanitary conditions and psychological pressure: border guard talking about Russian captivity

"Violence Is Part of Russian Mindset, Not Many Understand That"
Russians attack Zaporizhzhia at night, hitting infrastructure facilities
Russians demolish historic Clock House in occupied Mariupol
Bakhmut, the eyes of the wounded, and the victorious

Satellite images of Soledar and Bakhmut appear online
Russians strike perinatal centre in Kherson
Situation in Soledar in Donetsk Oblast critical, buildings change hands daily
Rockets of Russian Smerch MLRS cause "fireworks" in Kharkiv

Fierce battles for city of Soledar underway
Soledar shelled 86 times in 24 hours by Russian artillery
Russian army attack Kherson again, wounding a civilian
Special Operations Forces shows footage of daring operation near Bakhmut

Russian forces hit market in Shevchenkove in Kharkiv Oblast, 2 people killed and children among injured
Russians hit Kherson: one person killed, one injured
Car and passengers hit as Russia strikes Kramatorsk with rockets
Russia hits residential area of Kherson: one person dead
Bakhmut in flames. How people survive in the heat of the battle for the city

Russian forces hit Kramatorsk overnight using missiles, 8 multi-storey residential buildings damaged
Russians use prohibited incendiary ammunition to attack Kherson city
Russian power engineers help Russian troops to attack Ukrainian energy system
Russians tried to use children for military purposes through mobile game
Women taken out of maternity hospital in Antratsyt to accommodate Russian troops

Russians shelled Bakhmut during the "Christmas truce": 2 dead and 13 wounded
Map of mined territories created in Ukraine
Russians take 300 children from Donbas to Moscow: allegedly because of "serious injuries"
Kharkiv Oblast under Russian attack, one person killed
Russian forces attack outskirts of Zaporizhzhia

Maxar shows bombed-out Bakhmut on satellite images
Russians attack Kramatorsk, hit apartment building
Moscow-linked Church declares that Kyiv monastery churches belong to it until end of war and threatens criminal liability

Bakhmut destroyed by more than 60%
Russian forces hit centre of Kherson; man dies on spot
Occupiers attack Kherson Oblast with artillery, MLRS, tanks: 3 wounded

Russian troops attack Nikopol, damaging gas pipeline, power line and houses
Night attack on Zaporizhzhia, infrastructure facility and 8 houses damaged, 2 injured
Two civilian women killed in Russian attack on Bakhmut

Strangled, beaten and tasered: Russian torture chamber discovered in Mykolaiv Oblast
Russian forces hit residential area in Kurakhove, Donetsk Oblast, killing 1 person
French journalists come under missile attack during live broadcast from Kramatorsk
Russians hit Kherson Oblast 79 times, killing 2 people
Stories of three Ukrainian warriors who died before they were 21

Missile attack on Kyiv on 31 December: one injured person died in intensive care unit
39-40 attack drones and Kh-59 missile shot down over Ukraine overnight
Air defence shoots down 20 air targets over Kyiv
Explosions in Dnipro, air defence operating in Poltava Oblast

13-year-old boy from Kherson Oblast came under Russian shelling twice on New Year's Eve
Russians shell Kherson on New Year's Eve, killing man
Air defence shoots down 32 air targets over Kyiv
Russians launch 110 strikes on Sumy Oblast

Missile attack: one person killed in Kyiv, 22 injured, buildings damaged
Russia fires over 20 missiles at Ukraine, air defence destroys 12

Occupier flaunts how Russians destroyed entire Ukrainian village in new intercept
Invaders hit Semenivka city in Chernihiv Oblast, one person was killed

Russians strike Kharkiv again: casualties reported
Russian missile attack on Kyiv Oblast: 21 houses, hospital and cars damaged
Air defence systems shoot down 4 out of 6 missiles in Lviv Oblast, electricity substation hit
Series of explosions in Kharkiv
Two series of explosions heard in Kyiv, air defence operating, debris falling in city, casualties reported

Russia attacks infrastructure target in Kharkiv
Occupiers force children in Luhansk Oblast to obtain Russian citizenship

Russian invaders fire at maternity ward of hospital in Kherson
Family of eight shot dead in occupied Makiivka, the youngest was 1 year old
Russian forces shower Nikopol district using Grads overnight, damaging gas pipelines and power grid

Russia attack 12 settlements in Kharkiv Oblast in past 24 hours
Russians strike Kharkiv Oblast
Russians want to open propaganda training centre in occupied Berdiansk

Russians kill 16 civilians in Kherson Oblast in one day
Russians shell Nikopol using heavy artillery at night

Russian forces hit centre of Kherson, killing 8 and wounding dozens of people
Power plant stops output due to shelling and inflicted damage
Russians attack Sumy Oblast border 45 times

Russians fire at DTEK station: there is dead and injured, electricity production is stopped
Russia demolishes Mariupol Drama Theatre, which it bombed in March

Russians attack Kherson city and oblast 60 times, killing 1 person
Russians attack Sumy Oblast delivering 20 multiple-launch rocket system strikes

Russians attack city of Kurakhove, Donetsk Oblast with artillery, person wounded
Russian invaders kidnap patients of mental health facilities in Kherson Oblast and take them to Crimea
The worst situation with electricity in Kyiv, 60% of transformers do not work

Russian forces attack Nikopol district again, damaging houses, gas pipelines and power lines
Invaders hit critical infrastructure facilities in Kherson, killing 2 people

Russian drones damage infrastructure facilities in Kyiv Oblast, causing casualties
Russians attack Dnipropetrovsk Oblast with drones, MLRS and artillery, causing much damage
Russians attack Kherson Oblast Military Administration building again

Miner, his wife and their 6-week-old baby killed in Russian missile strike in Kryvyi Rih
Russians hit Nikopol with heavy artillery, one person injured
Russian invaders kill 3 and wound 6 more residents of Kherson Oblast during day

Explosions ring out in Odesa
Russians target humanitarian aid headquarters in outskirts of Kherson: one person died and more are injured

Death toll in Kryvyi Rih rises to 3 and number of people injured to 13
Kharkiv completely without electricity because of Russian attacks
Explosions rock three districts in Kyiv
Russians abduct about 40 children from Luhansk Oblast to Russia

Sumy Oblast attacked 17 times on 14 December
Russia attacks infrastructure facilities of Kharkiv
Russian troops hit Kupiansk front in Kharkiv Oblast, injuring woman
Invaders attack Kherson Oblast 86 times in one day, 3 people killed, including child

Twenty percent of Ukraine’s population leave country because of war
8-year-old boy dies in Kherson: resuscitation was unsuccessful
Russian attack Kherson Oblast Military Administration building
Ukraine’s Security Service reports back on its searches of Moscow-linked churches

Woman dies in Russian attack on Kherson

Russian forces hit Kherson using MLRS and artillery, one person killed, several wounded
Invaders hit centre of Hirnyk village in Donetsk Oblast: 2 dead, 10 wounded
Intimidation of Ukrainian diplomats: embassy in Greece receives bloody packages

All thermal and hydroelectric power plants are damaged after eight waves of missile attacks
Russian invaders destroy power engineers’ company vehicles in Kherson

Stories of women who survived World War II but not the War with Russia
Russians hit maternity ward in Kherson
Ukraine’s Security Service finds wads of banknotes and Russian military rations at Moscow-linked Ukrainian churches in Kharkiv Oblast
Drone attack: significant destruction of energy facilities in Odesa Oblast, thousands of consumers left without electricity

Russians hit hospital in Kherson this morning
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: Russian forces deploy Grad MLRS and heavy artillery to attack three hromadas
Suspicious thugs, weapons and propaganda found at Moscow-linked Orthodox Church premises

Occupiers kill nine civilians in Donetsk Oblast in one day
Stolen icons, Russian passports, flag of "Novorossiya" - found in shrines of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate

Russians take children from occupied Luhansk Oblast to Chechnya for "re-education"
Russians shell Pechenihy in Kharkiv Oblast with S-300
Sumy Oblast: Russians fire 226 munitions on areas near border
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: occupiers attack with Uragan self-propelled MLRS and Shahed drones
Russians shell residential buildings in Kherson Oblast: two people dead

Ukraine's Embassy in Spain Receives Bloody Package
Explosions ring out in Zaporizhzhia
Russians shell Kharkiv Oblast: pensioner killed

About 3 million Ukrainians deported to Russia since February
Russians attack Kupiansk hromada in Kharkiv Oblast, causing destruction
Missiles hit Zaporizhzhia Oblast: houses destroyed and people killed
Russians strike Kryvyi Rih overnight, casualties reported

Russian forces hit settlement of Kupiansk-Vuzlovyi, Kharkiv Oblast: transport infrastructure damaged
Russian troops hit Kherson pre-trial detention centre, staff wounded

House in Poland where refugees from Ukraine lived burned to the ground

Bloody packages with animals' eyes inside: new acts of intimidation of Ukrainian diplomatic missions
Russians attack Zaporizhzhia, an infrastructure facility is in flames
Russians fire rocket at apartment building in Kharkiv Oblast, injuring one woman
More than 170 explosions rang out on northern border of Ukraine over 24 hours
Russians shell Nikopol throughout the night using heavy artillery

Russians launch 180 projectiles on Sumy Oblast on 1 December
Russian forces use Grad MLRS and heavy artillery to attack hromadas in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
Russian media publish diary of engineer from Russian Federation who worked in Mariupol

6 million households are without electricity
Russians damage gas distribution point near Zaporizhzhia
Teachers-collaborators lecture to children fighting off the cold about the "symbols of Russian Federation" in Mariupol
Explosion at Ukrainian embassy in Spain being investigated as terrorist attack
Invaders fire 110 shells and mines at Sumy Oblast impacting four hromadas

Occupiers attack residential area in Lyman with MLRS, killing and injuring people
Russians launch missile attack on Sloviansk

During occupation of Kharkiv Oblast, Russians murdered Volodymyr Vakulenko, a children’s author
Mothers and wives of conscripts from Russian Far East to be sent to east of Ukraine
Emergency power outages all over Ukraine

Russian invaders shelled Kherson Oblast 54 times: one person killed, a child wounded
Explosions ring out in Zaporizhzhia

Dnipro under Russian fire
Russian attack on Dnipro: number of injured increases to 13

"Darkness has no chance" - video
Energy system shortfall is still at 30% and repair work continues 24/7

Missile attack on city of Vyshhorod kills 5 people, Ukrainian authorities share photos of aftermath
No power in 70% of Kyiv, water supply partially resumed
Russians looted Nova Kakhovka's Historical Museum and took everything away to Crimea

Russians launch rockets at maternity ward in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, killing new-born
Russia launches 70 missiles on Ukraine on 23 November, Ukraine’s air defence shots down 51
4 people killed by Russian missile attacks in Vyshhorod district of Kyiv Oblast
One person dead and dozens injured in missile attack on Kyiv Oblast
Russian forces attack Kupiansk, killing 2 civilians
Occupiers set up torture chamber in Kherson office centre

Kherson Oblast: Russian occupiers turn recreation centre into torture chamber
Russian invaders hit aid distribution point in Orikhiv, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, one social worker killed

"There was looting, and a mother and daughter were raped": Russian soldier confirms crimes in Kyiv Oblast
Batons and an incandescent lamp: new Russian torture chambers found in Kherson
Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant: Nuclear watchdog detects explosions near reactors
Attack on Kharkiv Oblast: woman’s body recovered from under rubble, people injured

More than a dozen blasts occur near ZNPP, facilities damaged
Depression on the rise in Russia - because of mobilisation rather than war

Russian forces attack aid distribution point in Kherson Oblast, injuring 5 civilians
120 high-rise buildings left without heating as a result of missile attack on Zaporizhzhia

Even teens were held in torture chambers in Kherson Oblast
Seven people shot and their house blown up

Cruelty of tortures in Kherson Oblast shocks ombudsman: people electrocuted
Attack on Zaporizhzhia Oblast: four people killed in Vilniansk
Russian missiles strike 2 infrastructure facilities in Dnipro, casualties reported
Strike on Kharkiv's infrastructure: number of wounded increases

Invaders shell Kupiansk during exhumation: a woman's head was torn off
Poland confirms missile is Russian, Russian ambassador summoned

Russian occupiers have deported 11,000 children to Russia
Russia attacks critical infrastructure in Kharkiv; power cuts in part of Lviv
Russian missiles hit Kyiv and 11 Ukrainian oblasts, striking energy facilities
Russian massive attack: air defence shoots down over 70 missiles, but 15 energy infrastructure facilities were hits

Russian forces use MLRS and heavy artillery to attack Dnipropetrovsk Oblast overnight
About 150 people die in occupied Mariupol every week
Russians drop explosives and launch 8 missiles on Sumy Oblast

Even bodies mined: State Emergency Service asks civilians not to return to liberated territories without permit
Russian occupation forces’ torture chambers found in Kherson Oblast
Russians attack Kharkiv

Lost an arm, lost 30 kg: story of border guard from Azovstal released from captivity
Russians steal 15,000 paintings from Kherson Oblast
Ukrainian military warns about retreating Russians leaving "many traps" behind in Kherson Oblast

Video of Mykolaiv apartment block hit by Russian missile
Bodies of civilians killed by occupiers found in liberated Kherson Oblast

Russian forces carry out new attack on Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Russia places mines everywhere with the intention of making Kherson a "city of death"
Destroyed houses and school: Russian forces raze small village in Kherson Oblast to ground

Russians pound Nikopol with Uragan MLRS
Russia attacks logistics business in Dnipro, causing large fire and injuring civilians
Set of pots and spinning rods: investigators find out what occupiers were stealing in Bucha
Russian kamikaze drones destroy courier depot in Dnipro, most of the parcels burned

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: Russian forces attack 2 targets using Grad MLRS
Russians taking out loot in trucks across Kakhovka HPP dam
Folder with secret documents found in Izium, with plan of how to Russify Kharkiv Oblast

Destroyed dams, hundreds of kilometres of burnt forest
Russian occupiers create unlivable conditions for residents of Kherson Oblast to force them to flee

Russians attack Zaporizhzhia, hitting residential complex and causing fires
Russians take children from Kherson Oblast boarding school to psychiatric hospital in Crimea
Occupiers brainwash Ukrainian children in Melitopol

Russian Shahed-136 drones strike Vinnytsia Oblast overnight
Mine clearance of entire Luhansk Oblast will take at least 10 years

Sumy Oblast: Russians fire 157 shells and bombs targeting border hromadas
My 6-year-old girl’s hair turned grey. The story of a family from Mariupol
Oblast Military Administration: Up to 10 tonnes of fuel in the water in Kherson Oblast after Russia’s attacks

Russian invaders fired on Kharkiv: 3 strikes reported in Kyivskyi district
Shelling leaves Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant completely without power
Russian attack on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: petrol station burns down, industrial plant and infrastructure facilities damaged
Raped pregnant woman: police expose two more invaders who tortured people in Kyiv Oblast
Russians take all ambulances, buses and fire engines from Kherson

Occupiers robbed the Havdzynskyi picture gallery in Nova Kakhovka
Occupiers build unknown construction near spent nuclear fuel storage facility at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant
Timothy Snyder becomes UNITED24 ambassador, raising funds for "Shahed Hunter"

Power supply is restricted in seven oblasts of Ukraine
Head of Kyiv Oblast says power outages might last weeks

Russian forces fire 40 Grad rockets on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, killing a woman
Russia hits Kharkiv’s critical infrastructure, leading to power outages and water supply disruptions
Russia attacks Kyiv’s critical infrastructure, several missiles shot down

Sumy Oblast: Russians drop explosives and fire from self-propelled artillery unit
Judge dies in mine explosion in liberated village of Kharkiv Oblast
Russia blocks 218 vessels with Ukrainian grain

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: Russian forces attack Nikopol

Belarus handed more than 65,000 tonnes of ammunition over to Russia in 7 months
Russians deploy Grad MLRSs and heavy artillery to shell Nikopol district overnight

Burial site with 17 bodies found in Kharkiv region
Russia attacks energy facilities in Kyiv Oblast with drones, which leads to tighter restrictions in Ukraine’s centre
Russia threatens to shoot down Western commercial satellites used to help Ukraine
Fire reported after Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia

About 1000 bodies of the dead were exhumed in liberated territories
Sumy Oblast: Russians fire 106 projectiles at border hromadas
Occupiers hold procession to "drive out demons" from Azovstal in Mariupol

Ukrainian Red Cross demands strict measures against Russian Red Cross for fundraising for Russia’s mobilised
National Guardsmen reveal what Bilohorivka, Luhansk Oblast, looks like after being destroyed by Russians
Petrol station in Dnipro catches fire after being hit by fragments of Russian missile, killing civilians
Not Only Putin Behind Genocide. Entire Russia Should Be also Tried for Utmost Crime

You can "walk" through the museum of Maria Primachenko, which was burned down by the occupiers
RT sacks propagandist TV host for suggesting Ukrainian children should be drowned in river

Russia Intends to Commit Genocide in Ukraine, Six Ways to Prove It. Lecture by Timothy Snyder
Iranian instructors in Belarus help launch drones at Ukraine
Occupiers attack Mykolaiv with S-300 missiles, five-storey building hit
Russians shell Sumy Oblast a dozen times: a woman injured, a forest caught fire and a school was destroyed

Energy facility practically destroyed and 12 buildings damaged in Lutsk
Khmelnytskyi has no power and may also have water cut off
Explosions heard in many oblasts of Ukraine, air defence deployed in Kyiv Oblast

Russia conducts several strikes on Kharkiv, with reports of casualties and damage
Russians attack Zaporizhzhia with rockets

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: Russian forces hit energy facility
Russians mine dam of Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant
Satellite photos show occupiers gathering forces on border of Belarus and Ukraine

Anti-aircraft defence activated in Kyiv Oblast, rockets strike Vinnytsia Oblast, explosions rock Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast
Explosion from Shahed kamikaze drone in Chernihiv, 2 Russian missiles shot down over Kipti, Chernihiv Oblast

Russia destroys warehouses with humanitarian aid during morning attack on Kharkiv
Russia hits Ukraine’s energy infrastructure again
Russians hit residential building in Mykolaiv; one person killed

Death toll after morning attacks on Kyiv rises to four, including pregnant woman
4 strikes in Kyiv this morning, residential building hit
Russia hits pharmaceutical warehouse in Mykolaiv, using drone
Russian Federation attacks energy infrastructure in 3 oblasts, hundreds of settlements cut off from power grid

Russians destroy two schools in one hour in Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Occupiers are taking property of banks and "state institutions" out of Kherson

Renowned conductor Yurii Kerpatenko killed by Russians
Russian "military uniform" for children found in liberated Kherson Oblast
Two more bodies of tortured men found in Kharkiv region
Five Shahed-136 kamikaze drones hit Dnipropetrovsk Oblast at night

Russian missiles strike Zaporizhzhia
Russian troops attack Kharkiv with rockets
Attack on high-rise building in Mykolaiv: death toll increased

Boy who is taken from under rubble of building in Mykolaiv dies in hospital
Occupiers torture pensioner to death in Chaplynka and steal boots in Kherson

At least 7 killed this morning in Russian shelling of Avdiivka
Officers discover 25 convoy shooting victims in Kharkiv Oblast; female victim seemingly crawled 200m before death
6-year-old girl loses both legs in Russian shelling of Nikopol

Horrific findings: 78 bodies, including a baby, exhumed in liberated Sviatohirsk and Lyman
Russia blew up about a third of Ukraine's energy infrastructure in two days
Russians attack Ladyzhyn Thermal Power Plant with kamikaze drones
Russian forces attack 3 districts in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast overnight

Russia has launched 83 rockets so far this morning, 45 have been shot down
5 dead and more than 50 injured in Kyiv
4 people killed in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine's air defence systems shoot down 4 missiles
Russians attack Zaporizhzhia again, rocket strikes apartment block

Zaporizhzhia attack: Russians launch 12 missiles, rescuers searching for people trapped under rubble
Russian strike on Zaporizhzhia: 13 people killed and 89 injured, including children

Kharkiv: Russians fire rockets on city centre, causing a fire in hospital
Liberation of Kharkiv Oblast: bodies of 4 tortured people discovered in Kupiansk-Vuzlovyi

Mass grave found in liberated Lyman
Occupiers hit Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: one person killed, one injured
Rocket attack on Zaporizhzhia on 6 October: death toll rises to 11, 15 people still missing

Russia strikes high-rise buildings in Zaporizhzhia with rockets, people trapped under rubble
Russians strike Kharkiv, causing fire

Mass graves of civilians found in liberated Lyman
Russians attack Bila Tserkva with kamikaze drones
Bodies of civilians found killed in liberated Sviatohirsk

Russian forces attack Kharkiv, killing a woman
Railway transport facility in Kharkiv hit at night
Russian torture chamber discovered in district police department in Kharkiv Oblast

Russians launch missile attack on hospital in Kharkiv Oblast: doctor dies
Another torture chamber set up by Russians discovered in Kharkiv Oblast
Russian missiles strike Dnipro district

Five bodies of those trying to evacuate found in Kharkiv Oblast
Ambulance drives upon landmine in Kharkiv Oblast: driver dead, paramedic injured
Communication company car drives over landmine, driver killed
Strike on bus stop in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: an injured woman dies in hospital

Civilian car convoy attacked in Kharkiv Oblast: 24 dead, including a pregnant woman and 13 children
Russia launches Iskander ballistic missiles on Odesa Oblast
Russians use Grad MLRS to fire rockets on Sumy Oblast

Russian missiles strike outskirts of Zaporizhzhia, hitting humanitarian convoy: dozens killed and wounded
Russian strikes on Dnipro: 1 civilian killed, several injured, around 50 buses on fire
New explosions in Mykolaiv: Russian forces target residential building, people trapped under rubble

Russian missiles hit residential neighbourhoods in Dnipro, killing and injuring civilians
Attack on Dnipro: rescue workers find body fragments of another child
Russia uses cluster munitions in attack on Kryvyi Rih district: 13 civilians injured

He survived a coma and 8 operations: the story of an 11-year-old boy from Kharkiv who came under cluster fire
Civilian cars in Hostomel have been shot at for six hours
Russia hits city centre in Zaporizhzhia Oblast with rockets
Russians pound Nikopol with Grad MLRS and heavy artillery at night

Russia launches missiles on Zaporizhzhia, hitting infrastructure
Russian forces hit city of Ochakiv and use MLRS to fire rockets on central Mykolaiv

Attack on Pervomaiskyi: 7 people killed
Russians rain fire on Nikopol district all night long
Attack on Mykolaiv Oblast: occupiers hit city’s industrial zone and village of Khrystoforivka
Odesa Oblast: Russian drones strike military target, ammunition detonates

Patriarch Kirill says dying in war against Ukraine "cleanses away all sins"
Sumy Oblast attacks: 5 mortar bombs, 11 rockets and projectiles
Russian forces strike residential buildings in Mykolaiv

Russian forces target residential building in Zaporizhzhia, killing 1 and injuring 7
Russians massively hand out mobilisation notices to Crimean Tatars who have to flee from Crimea

In Izium 447 bodies exhumed, many women and children
A piece of metal was pulled out of his arm with rusty pliers
Two floors of residential house collapsed due to shelling in Toretsk, 19 people were rescued

Eight people blown up by landmines in Kharkiv Oblast in one day
Russian strike on Zaporizhzhia: Hotel hit, 1 civilian killed

338 bodies exhumed in Izium
Russian forces shell Kupiansk: 5 civilians injured
Rocket attacks on Kharkiv: emergency workers rescue 10 persons trapped, one injured

The occupiers in Balakliia set up a prison, where they tortured people
Soloist of the National Opera Oleksandr Shapoval killed in battle with occupiers
Kharkiv Oblast: Russian forces attack Lozova, Kharkiv spared but loses power

Most of the bodies exhumed in Izium were civilian
Russian forces attack Kryvyi Rih area with Smerch MLRS
Invaders hit South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant
Kharkiv Oblast: 2 people injured due to Russian attacks, 6 more blow themselves up on landmines

Russians attack mental hospital during patients' evacuation, 4 medics killed
Occupiers report new attack on POW camp in Olenivka, Ukrainian prisoner of war dies
Russian missile hits downtown Kramatorsk
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: Russians launch 30 shells at Nikopol, there are casualties

Family grave with body of five-year-old found in Izium: what is known about them so far
59 bodies exhumed in Izium, most showing signs of violent death
Russian invaders shell Sloviansk Thermal Power Plant, fire breaks out
Occupiers hit Kharkiv with two rockets

99% bodies exhumed in Izium have "signs of violent death"
Russian forces strike two Kharkiv neighbourhoods
Another missile strike on Kryvyi Rih

A mass grave with 440 bodies found in Izium
Russian occupiers’ torture chambers discovered in recently liberated Kharkiv Oblast
Russians hit Zaporizhzhia

Person’s death from torture at police station confirmed in liberated Balakliia
Russian forces extensively shell Mykolaiv overnight

The occupiers in Balakliia set up a prison, where they tortured people
Up to 200 Russian war crimes documented on liberated territories of Ukraine each day
Soloist of the National Opera Oleksandr Shapoval killed in battle with occupiers in Donetsk Oblast

Russians are attacking Kharkiv: water and electricity supply down, underground halted, casualties reported
One of Russia’s most massive bombardments of energy infrastructure

Russians launch 12 missiles on eastern Ukraine
Russian army launches missile on Dnipro city, fires on Nikopol using Grad MLRS, injuring people
Russians shell Sumy Oblast with mortars and self-propelled artillery

Kharkiv Oblast: Bodies of men killed during occupation exhumed in liberated village
Russian shell Kharkiv district, killing woman

Two districts in Kharkiv attacked overnight

Occupiers use MLRS to fire on Kharkiv, 2 people killed
Two people killed in Bakhmut and Toretsk after Russian attacks
Russian forces fire rockets on Kharkiv, woman killed in Kharkiv Oblast

Russian missile strike on Kharkiv: industrial facility on fire
Part of apartment building and school destroyed in Russian attack on Sloviansk

Russian forces deploy military equipment in kindergartens and churches
Russian forces hit Nikopol using Grad MLRS, injuring civilians and damaging 20 apartment buildings
Shelling of residential building in Kharkiv: three entrances destroyed, people pulled out from under the rubble

They were executed and burned: remains of two more residents tortured by the Russians found in Bucha
Russia launches attacks on Kharkiv region in afternoon: two people killed
Russian forces shell Nikopol using tubed artillery

Russian forces hit Kyivskyi neighbourhood in Kharkiv
Russian forces use MLRS to fire rockets from Zaporizhzhia NPP
Russians shelled two districts of Kharkiv; several wounded
Russian forces fire over 60 bombs and shells on Sumy Oblast using mortars and self-propelled artillery systems

ZNPP is again on the backup power line, one power unit is operating
Russian rocket hits area near school in Kharkiv

Russians destroy Lokomotyv sports complex in Kharkiv with S-300 missiles
One day in Sumy Oblast: Russians fire over a hundred rounds of ammunition
Russian forces attack Nikopol district using Grad MLRS

How many schools are damaged by occupiers: data of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence
Putin persuades school students that Ukraine never existed and that the Russian army in Ukraine is protecting Russia
"They tied his hands, put a cover over his head and executed him": another person tortured by Russians is found
Russia launches Onyx missiles on Odesa from Crimea

Russian forces hit residential building in Kharkiv, injuring civilians
Russians hits Kharkiv with 3 missiles, the fourth explodes in Russia

Russians shell Kharkiv with artillery; there are fatalities
Russians attack Kharkiv again, fire breaks out in apartment block

Head of Oblast Military Administration publishes consequences of attack on downtown Kharkiv
Schoolchildren of Mariupol to have lesson where they will be "taught how to love Russia"
Mariupol: Russian occupiers "restore" drama theatre to cover up murder of 600 civilians

"Baptism of Kyivan Rus took place in Chersonesus": Russian occupation authorities prepare a pseudo-historical guide for 1 September
Night strike in Zaporizhzhia: 9 high-rise buildings and 40 private houses damaged
Russians attacks Dnipropetrovsk Oblast overnight, causing much destruction
Russian forces shell Orikhiv, Zaporizhzhia Oblast for 14 hours: 2 children suffer contusions

Strike on Chaplyne: AP journalist reports no military among fatalities
Russian forces kill woman and her 2 children in Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Russian rockets hit central Kharkiv
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: Russians attack community with X-22 missiles

Russians fire over 100 different types of projectiles on Sumy region
Russians prepare 10 chemical laboratories to avoid consequences of possible accident at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant
At Russian "summer camp" near Mariupol, children are trained to shoot and hate Ukraine

St. Petersburg authorities promise to install illuminated monument to Nevsky in Mariupol
Kyiv Oblast struck twice overnight
Russian forces use banned munitions to fire on Kryvyi Rih

Russians hit two districts in Kharkiv
Dnipro district hit twice overnight with X-22 missiles
Russians hit Myrhorod infrastructure
Russia hits infrastructure facilities in Zaporizhzhia

Russia announces the "adoption" of thousands of children deported from Mariupol
Kharkiv under attack again
Russia uses artillery and MLRS to attack Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, killing a woman
Kharkiv Day begins with Russian attacks and fire at a factory

24 hours in Sumy region: Russians fire using mortars and tubed artillery
Putin-controlled "volunteers" send Mariupol residents to "filtration" camps
Russian occupiers prepare minors for war and kidnap children to blackmail relatives

Russian missiles strike Kharkiv, injuring 1 civilian
Occupiers decide to take away enterprises from Ukrainian owners in Kherson region
Russians hit Odesa Oblast with five missiles
Blasts rock Mykolaiv

Russian attack on Voznesensk: Number of casualties rises to 12
Fighting underway near 4 towns and villages on administrative border between Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts
Big explosions in Mykolaiv

Occupiers plan Nuremberg Trials-style show trial over "Nazism"
Morning in Kharkiv: 5 Russian missiles strike local university and houses, killing 1 woman
Blasts rock Mykolaiv as two Russian S-300 missiles strike local university

Morning attack on Kharkiv: Death toll rises to three
Missile attack on Kharkiv: number of victims increases

Russians attack Kharkiv: residential building on fire, 7 killed
Sumy Oblast: Nearly 130 Russians strikes, no casualties
X-22 missiles strike Odesa Oblast: number of casualties increases
Mykolaiv shelling: two rockets hit university

Russian forces attack 5 Kharkiv neighbourhoods
Another body found in Kyiv region: whole family shot by Russians
Invaders attack Nikopol and Orikhiv, killing one woman and injuring many others

Russian forces strike towns and villages in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
Occupiers attack Kharkiv, hit an apartment building and a public transport stop
Russian forces use MLRS to attack Nikopol
Kharkiv under artillery fire

Russian forces attack Dnipropetrovsk Oblast overnight
Lost arm and barely survived in Bucha: 9-year-old Sasha from Hostomel is waiting for prosthetics in the USA

200 strikes from Russians in one day in Sumy Oblast
Russian equipment makes strikes on Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant seem as though coming from Nikopol

Attacks on Sumy region: Russian troops destroy wheat field and damage residential buildings
Uneasy night in Kherson Oblast: explosions and arrestss
Russian forces attack two Dnipropetrovsk Oblast districts, injuring civilians
Russians hit Zaporizhzhia with five missiles: one woman killed and two injured

Sumy Oblast: 200 Russian bombs and projectiles fired on region in one day
Russian forces strike Kharkiv 4 times
Russia fires 120 rockets on Nikopol district using Grad MLRS, killing 3

Russian attack on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: death toll rises to 13
Russians fire on Staryi Saltiv, killing two people
Fighting continues following Russian offensive on the Donetsk

Russian forces strike Kharkiv, damaging power pole and tram rails
Russians could have used "Shmiel" flamethrowers in Olenivka

Russians threaten to blow up mined Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant
Russia continues to terrorise Ukrainian border area with shelling: six hromadas affected
The Russian army fired advanced Kinzhal missiles at Vinnytsia region on 7 August

Russian troops fire rockets at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, sensors damaged
Rubizhne: Russian occupiers bury bodies of over 50 Ukrainians killed in April
Russians hit military facilities with rockets in Vinnytsia oblast

Occupiers hit Mykolaiv region, killing one woman and injuring others
Aftermath of attacks in Donetsk region: apartment blocks and houses damaged, seven people rescued from rubble
Russian forces shell Dnipropetrovsk Oblast with Grad MLRS at night
Russia attacks Kharkiv, explosions rock the city

Russian missiles strike near Zaporizhzhia, damaging industrial equipment
Death rate increases in Mariupol, every fourth person dies in hospitals
New Russian attack on Mykolaiv: 1 civilian killed, 22 injured, including a teenager

Bodies still lying in the streets of Mariupol, dragged by dogs
Russians fire 60 rockets on Nikopol using Grad MLRS: dozens of houses and equipment damaged
Occupiers forcibly conscript men from occupied cities, even miners are taken away

Olenivka killing: the building was mined so that fire would spread quickly
Eight cruise missiles fired at Ukraine in just one day cost Russia almost US$100 million

Why is the transfer of Ukrainian children to Russia a genocide?
New explosions rock Mykolaiv

Russian forces shell Kharkiv bus stop, one person died
Russian forces shell civilian bus in Kherson Oblast, killing 2
Russian missile hits hospital in Mykolaiv
Woman loses family in "Easter" shelling: 10 doctors in Lviv have been rescuing woman with massive injuries
24 hours in Sumy region: almost 90 strikes, wheat field burned

Satellite images have emerged from the site of the killing of prisoners in Olenivka
Hero of Ukraine and businessman Vadaturskyi dies during Russian shelling
Catastrophic situation in hundreds of villages in Kherson Oblast, some completely destroyed
Russia fire 80 shells on Sumy Oblast

Russians shell Mykolaiv with Tornado-S MRL at night: 1 killed, others injured
Ukrainian Foreign Ministry on Russian Embassy’s tweet about “Azov militants”: Russian diplomats are complicit in war crimes

Castration and mass murder of "Azovs". Why is Russia proud of its war crimes?
Russians struck Olenivka to cover up the torture and execution of prisoners
Explosion in the Olenivka penal colony planned and executed by the Russian Federation
Military officer Hlib Babich killed

Rocket shelling of Kropyvnytskyi: 5 dead and many injured
Russians hit a 5-storey apartment block in Toretsk killing 2 people
Sumy region: 14 strikes in two communities

Russia launches S-300 missiles on Kharkiv: civilian casualties
Invaders strike hotel in Bakhmut, leaving dead and injured

She covered her son with her own body: a woman with a missile fragment in her spine has been saved in Lviv
Occupiers in Mariupol are distributing "drinking" water contaminated with faecal bacteria
Rocket attack on Odesa and Mykolaiv Oblasts: targeting port infrastructure

Occupiers' truck runs over passenger vehicle, three killed
Russians shell village in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast twice in one evening
Media report 20 explosions in Kharkiv
Russians fire MLRS on Nikopol district

In Munich, vandals ransack Bandera's grave
Powerful explosions in Mykolaiv

Explosions in Odesa, fire in the ports
Russia uses Grad MLRS to fire on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
Russian Kalibr missiles strike airfield in Kirovohrad Oblast: casualties and fatalities

3 bodies recovered from under rubble in Kramatorsk
5,100 children have been deported from Ukraine to the Russian Federation: less than 50 have been returned

Russians are attacking Kharkiv: there are fatalities and casualties
Russian tank fires on Ukrainian combine harvesters in field in Dnipropetrovsk region
Russians missile strike on Mykolaiv: warehouse with tons of products burned down

Russia occupiers strike Kharkiv: 3 dead
Sumy Oblast: Almost 80 "incoming" strikes in different settlements
Russian army attack Nikopol again: 30 shells, 2 dead, 9 injured

Doctor’s death brings Vinnytsia death toll to 25
There are casualties after Russian attack on central Kramatorsk
The occupiers launched an attack on Sloviansk: there are casualties and people buried by rubble

6 people killed by the Russian shelling of Toretsk city
Occupiers steal 20 grain elevators in Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Russians use MLRS to fire 60 rockets on Nikopol
Sumy Oblast: Russia fires over 150 bombs and shells, injuring civilians

Russian forces burn down several dozen hectares of crops in Kryvyi Rih district
10 powerful explosions heard in Mykolaivs

Russian armed forces hit Chuhuiv: there are fatalities
Russian forces hit Odesa – a large-scale fire in a warehouse extinguished after almost 6 hours
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: Russian MLRS attack residential neighbourhoods in Nikopol

Three children have been killed by rockets in Vinnytsia, four more were injured
Attack on Dnipro: 3 people killed, 15 injured
Sumy Oblast: Russia attacks 8 hromadas
At least 10 explosions heard in Mykolaiv

Strike on Vinnytsia: Russians hit offices, 25 cars burn out, 20 dead
Shelling of Vinnytsia: 21 people died, about 50 are seriously wounded

Russians strike Sumy region nearly 60 times over past 24 hours
Explosions in Zaporizhzhia: missiles hit business premises, there are victims
The occupiers have deported 2 million Ukrainians
Russian missiles destroy 600 hectares of grain in one day in the Zaporizhzhia region

Mykolaiv rocket attack: 12 civilian casualties
Chasiv Yar: death toll rises to 35

Russian missile hits six-storey apartment building in Kharkiv
Russian forces hit Kharkiv again with multiple-launch rocket systems – 3 killed, 28 injured
"Everything is burning": the National Guardsmen show what the battles for Sievierodonetsk were like

Over 30 people might be trapped under Donetsk Oblast apartment building destroyed by Russia
Russians hit Kharkiv with missiles and conduct combat reconnaissance near Dolyna
Occupiers destroy monument to Vasyl Slipak for the second time

Russians shelled Kharkiv: 3 people hospitalised, including a child
Another 3 people killed and 23 injured by Russians in Donetsk region
Woman killed in Kryvyi Rih as Russian forces shell residential areas with Grad multiple rocket launchers

Kharkiv shelling: 3 dead, 5 more injured
Invaders’ Grad rocket launchers hit field of cows – border guards
Shelling of Donetsk region: 6 dead and 21 injured in 24 hours

Area of ​​mass graves near Mariupol doubles
Civilians dead and injured as Russians hit Kharkiv again
Invaders hit centre of Kramatorsk. There are victims

Russians take medicine and equipment from hospitals in the occupied territories
Russians try to beat out lies about Azov fighters Redis and Kalyna
Mass media reports explosion near railway station in Kherson

Occupiers launch massive attack on Sloviansk
Khmelnytskyi region under missile attack: Russians target water tower
Russian missiles strike Mykolaiv

Mariupol residents die due to lack of medicine, athlete's legs amputated
Russians fire missiles at Sumy region, injuring six people

Sumy Oblast: Russia shells mental health centre, injuring patients
The occupiers tortured the diver of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant to death
The Russian army hit Kramatorsk with Smerch MLRS
Russian looted goods depot burns down in Mariupol

More than 10,000 Mariupol residents are being held in prisons in the temporarily occupied region of Donetsk
Russia fires over 270 explosive shells, rockets, and ammunitions on Sumy Oblast
Russians strike Kharkiv region with missiles

Missile strike on apartment building and recreation centres in Odesa Oblast: death toll rises to 18
Russians constantly shell 45% of Donetsk region controlled by Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: Russia hits a grain depot, destroying 40 tonnes of grain
The occupiers say they took the first shipload of stolen grain from Berdyansk
Russians attack Lysychansk: police station and oil refinery destroyed

Zelenskyy shares video of Russian missile strike on shopping centre in Kremenchuk
Mykolaiv: Russia hits apartment building, killing civilians
Sumy region: Two people killed in Russian shelling

Kremenchuk shopping centre attack: death toll rises to 18
Russians attack Dnipro with missiles
8 Russian missiles strike Mykolaiv, hitting stadium and military base
Russians strike Ochakiv, causing fatalities and casualties

Russians fire missiles on crowded area in Kremenchuk, killing civilians
Russians attack Kharkiv, killing at least four people and injuring 19
Russian missiles strike Odesa Oblast, injuring 6 civilians, including a child
Russian artillery relentlessly fires on Lysychansk, Russia attempts to blockade the city

Mariupol: Occupiers burn all books from the library of the Church of Petro Mohyla, including some unique ones
Missile strike on Kyiv causes fatality
Russians shell the Dnipropetrovsk region with Grad MLRS – two casualties
Russia fires over 150 mines and shells on Sumy Oblast, killing and wounding civilians
Mykolayiv and Kherson regions: Russians kidnap relatives of the Ukrainian military

Russians launch 30 missiles at military units and facilities in Zhytomyr Oblast
Russia launches 6 missiles on Lviv Oblast
Russians strike the Rivne Oblast: 3 dead, 4 injured

Russians strike Zaporizhzhia Oblast with MLRS
In Kharkiv, Russians destroyed the sports complex of an educational institution

Shelling of the Skadovsk seaport: a civilian killed
Heavy-duty Russian bomb is removed from the roof of a nine-story building in Kharkiv
Explosions are heard in Mykolaiv

Corpses are left in shops and dumps; local population is at risk to die from infections
Abduction of people by the occupiers in Enerhodar has reached the scale of a catastrophe
Occupiers hit a beach in Donetsk region with cluster shells: one person killed, 11 wounded

Pilot from "Wagner" tells Ukrainian Security Service how he dropped bombs and how much Russia pays for it
Blasts heard in Mykolaiv

Russian forces fire on Kharkiv and its oblast, injuring three children
Invaders destroyed a vocational college near Kharkiv with two missiles
Missile strikes reported in Odesa

Mykolaiv hit by 5 Russian Calibre missiles
Fuel container explodes but oil depot fire extinguished in the Dnipropetrovsk region, 1 fatality
Patriarch Kirill says occupiers in Ukraine "defend Russia on the battlefield"

Critical water shortage in Mariupol forces people to collect water from puddles
6 Russian rockets hit Kremenchuk Oil Refinery, two more hit thermal power plant
Up to 270,000 sq km of land in Ukraine will need to be demined: it will take years
Russia deploys a mystery decoy munition on Kharkiv

Two dozen filtration camps and prisons operating in occupied territories
Western media learns what hell Ukrainians are going through during “filtration” by the occupiers
Russian missile hits Mykolaiv: 2 killed and 20 injured

Russian forces destroy freight car with humanitarian aid for Mariupol
Lysychansk attack: the number of fatalities rises to 4

Aksonov admits Russians are selling stolen grain in Sevastopol
Russian forces open fire on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast with MLRS, killing 4

Russians shelled Kharkiv Oblast, starting 6 fires and wounding 2 children
"Denazification" of libraries: Russians export books from Mariupol
Explosions in Lviv and Ternopil regions: the number of victims increased to six

Russian forces attack Zelenodolsk with MLRS, killing one and wounding several others
Russian occupiers steel wagons loaded with iron ore from plant in Zaporizhzhia
Russia launches three missile attacks on Chernihiv Region

Authorities post video showing aftermath of Saturday's attack on Chortkiv
Russian forces bomb children’s camp in Kharkiv Oblast

The occupiers are preparing a "human shield" of Mariupol residents
Explosions shake Ternopil Oblast during air raid

50 to 100 bodies under rubble of each residential building destroyed in Mariupol
Russian propagandists post a video of the occupiers stealing grain from Ukraine
Russians destroy almost 40 residential buildings in Luhansk Oblast in one day
Russians exploit greater artillery range to shell Mykolaiv

2,449 defenders left Azovstal, all are in the temporarily occupied region of Donetsk

Russians kill 5 residents of Kharkiv Oblast, wound 12 more and hit a supermarket
Mayor of Melitopol confirms reports of Russians stealing grain by train
Russian invaders have abducted 11 employees of Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in a week

Occupiers are holding 600 people in torture chambers in the Kherson region: torture and inhumane conditions
Russians fired on a kindergarten in Stepnohirsk
Russians use Uragan MLRS to fire on Kryvyi Rih district
Russia continues to storm Sievierodonetsk

Situation in Mariupol critical due to mass graves and lack of drinking water
Russian occupiers given permission to fire on civilians at checkpoints in Kherson Oblast
Russia attacks Sumy Oblast over 40 times in an evening on 6 June

Ukrainian Railways showed a Russian-bombed plant in Kyiv
Russia attacks Luhansk Oblast from helicopters, planes, ballistic missile systems, and artillery
Industrial facilities damaged in Kramatorsk air strike

Strike on the Sviatohirsk Lavra
Second ship under Russian flag arrives in Mariupol to steal metal
Third Russian air strike on the Sumy region: the aircraft fired 6 missiles
Invaders fire 6 missiles at Sumy region from Russian territory

Journalists showed what is happening in Sievierodonetsk and how the "Foreign Legion" is fighting
Zelenskyy shows how regular Ukrainians have defended Ukraine over the 100 days of war
Head of Oblast Military Administration outlines destruction wreaked by Russians in region on Luhansk Oblast
In Mariupol, Russians execute and torture officials who refused to cooperate

6 multi-storey buildings, 12 houses: aftermath of single day’s shelling revealed in Mykolaiv region
About 40 cluster elements of MLRS projectile found in Dnipropetrovsk region

Russian troops mount offensive on Lyman, consolidate hold of Sievierodonetsk
Sumy region: occupiers drop improvised explosive devices on Krasnopil from drones

Russians fired on Sloviansk from Iskanders
Kharkiv: four people found dead in the rubble of a house shelled in February
Kharkiv region: Zolochiv is shelled for over 10 hours; one woman has been killed and another injured

There may be more people killed by the Russians in Mariupol: 21,000 bodies have already been buried
The Russians shelled an evacuation car, killed a French journalist
The occupiers are looking for a way to sell the half a million tonnes of grain they’ve stolen
Luhansk Military Administration: Russian troops advance in Sievierodonetsk, fighting continues
A child died and two other children were injured in the shelling of Myroliubivka in the Kherson region

Looting in Mariupol: for the second day occupiers load Ukrainian metal onto a Russian ship
Significant damage, no victims: State Emergency Service gives details of missile strike on Kryvyi Rih
Body of a man killed by Russian soldiers found in Kyiv Oblast

Russia attacks Sumy Oblast with missiles, mortars, and artillery
Nine cultural heritage sites in Ukraine have been completely destroyed by the occupiers

Russians attempt to break through in Luhansk region: 5 killed, extensive damage
Occupiers are taking sunflower seeds out of the Kharkiv region and issuing their own ‘documents’
Russians fired on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: search for survivors under rubble ongoing

"I f**cking fire on everyone, I don’t give a sh*t about civilians": Russian soldier confesses to murders of Ukrainians
Russian forces shelled Kharkiv: 9 killed, 19 wounded
Advisor to Mariupol Mayor: Russia extends school year until end of summer to “de-Ukrainianise” Ukrainian children
Ruined schools, pressure on teachers and ban on Ukrainian: ombudsman reported educational genocide
3 civilians killed in Russian shelling of Lysychansk and Sievierodonetsk

Food blackmail: The Kremlin wants to exchange the grain export corridor for lifting sanctions
Russian air strikes target Kramatorsk residential neighbourhoods
Russians launch three missile strikes on Kryvyi Rih: manufacturing plant damaged

NYT Board Fails to Understand the Russian War Against Ukraine. Here is Why

Kharkiv: rescuers have pulled 150 bodies from under rubble at 98 sites
In Kharkiv, up to 500 houses cannot be rebuilt

“Bucha massacre”: Police exhume bodies of two more killed by Russian occupiers
Russians fired cluster shells and missiles from helicopters at amalgamated territorial community in the Kharkiv region

SSU eхpertise confirms: Kramatorsk railway station was shelled from Point U by occupiers
Russians fire with "Grads" for more than an hour on Sumy region
The Russians destroyed another holy place in the Donetsk region

Another Mariupol: Haidai posts photo of Rubizhne, which has been destroyed by the Russians
Kharkiv region: Russians bomb a cultural centre in Lozova: 7 wounded, including a child

Luhansk region: houses are being shelled in Sievierodonetsk, 12 killed, more than 40 wounded
Russians shell Sievierodonetsk: four people killed

"They are trying to move along at night. We are murdering them": Russians confess to killing civilians
Russians fire at a school using banned ammunition and it burns down

“All they did was cut off his ear. They could’ve quartered him with an armoured vehicle”
WHO fears that cholera may spread in Mariupol
Russians fire at evacuation bus with Grad multiple rocket launchers in Luhansk Oblast
Russians launched a missile strike on Chernihiv Oblast, there are many dead and wounded

Another mass grave found in centre of Mariupol
Missile strike in Odesa region: the number of victims has increased
Russian naval mines wash up on Odesa shore

9 casualties in Russian shelling of Sievierodonetsk hospital
Evacuation car with children inside fired on by Russian troops
Russian missiles hit a military facility in Lviv Region at night

Luhansk region: Russians destroy 50 houses a day
Russians continue to storm Azovstal steelworks, defenders hold back Russians

In Kharkiv Region, Russians shot civilians from a tank
Russians strike Kharkiv suburbs – humanitarian centre hit
“I can rip the head off, just f**ck it”: occupying soldiers’ atrocities frighten even their wives
Occupier confesses to the murder of a prisoner of war: “He wanted to go to the toilet. We shot him in the back.”

Mass graves around Mariupol continue to increase
Chernihiv region: Russians hit schools in Novhorod-Siverskyi, causing casualties
Russians strike Zelenodolsk community using Uragan MLRSs, causing fatalityes
State Emergency Service: mine clearance in Ukraine may take up to 10 years

Azov Regiment releases photos of wounded soldiers in the dungeons of Azovstal

Azovstal strikes leave people injured, but defenders have lost contact with hospital
44 bodies found under rubble of apartment building destroyed by occupiers in Izium
Shelling in Odesa: casualties reported

Azov Regiment: Decomposing bodies poison everything, many soldiers killed every day
Dnipropetrovsk Region: Russian troops shell Zelenodolsk municipal territorial community again
Russian military breaking into garages and seizing cars in Melitopol

Bilohorivka: Airstrike on school may have killed 60 people
Luhansk Region: Russians open fire on Shipilovo in the middle of the night, 11 people under the rubble
Dnipropetrovsk region: 12-year-old boy picked up ammunition and died from the resulting explosion

Not enough room in morgue: how bodies from Bucha are identified and collected
Another journalist who joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been killed
Explosions are reported in Odesa, there is smoke over the city
Kharkiv Military Administration shares images of destroyed Skovoroda museum

Russians fire on an evacuation vehicle near Azovstal, one dead
Zaporizhzhia Military Administration: Russian troops prepare to seize people’s land
Russians destroy farms in Kharkiv region, no sowing there now

Russians have removed a third of grain reserves from the occupied territories - almost half a million tonnes
Russia fires over 20 missiles at Ukraine overnight, most from the Caspian Sea
Russians fired 6 missiles at Lviv region, 2 of which had been shot down by Ukrainian Air Defence

Sievierodonetsk withstands eight artillery attacks by Russians in 24 hours

Russians have destroyed a famous high school in the Luhansk region which survived two world wars
Mariupol: occupiers bringing "humanitarian" aid, then taking out corpses in same trucks
Russian troops shell apartment buildings in Zaporizhzhia Region, killing 2

Russia strikes Kharkiv with artillery and multiple rocket launchers
70% destroyed, Russian troops storm Orikhove
Russians strike warehouses in Dnepropetrovsk region with missiles

Burials of tortured people found in Kyiv Region
Russian troops storm Rubizhne and Popasna, shell volunteers’ car and police bus
Russians fire on Donetsk Region from various weapons, killing 4, including child
Russia hit "Odessa" airport from occupied Crimea: fortunately, no casualties

Kharkiv region: Russians killed 5 and injured 11 civilians over the past 24 hours
Operating room is wrecked, at least 1 fighter has been killed: “Azovstal” does not see how to help the injured from now on
Russian troops shell Dnipropetrovsk Region on the morning of 29 April
Russian invaders shelled Kharkiv with Grad and Smerch multiple rocket launchers
14-year-old Ukrainian weightlifting champion in Mariupol killed by “Russian World”

Russian occupiers conducted 50 air strikes on Mariupol during the night, dropped phosphorous bombs - Azov
Looting officially: Russia intends to steal grain and other products from occupied Ukraine
Azov Regiment: Russian troops bomb field hospital on Azovstal plant; there are casualties
Zelenskyy: On Thursday night Russia launched five missiles at Kyiv

Russia has already fired over 1,300 missiles at Ukraine
Dnipropetrovsk Region: Russian troops shell Zelenodolsk, 1 civilian wounded
Russians use phosphorus munitions on Avdiivka

Zaporizhzhia Military Administration: Russia carried out missile strike on Zaporizhzhia

Explosions in Vinnytsia Oblast, fires in Lviv Oblast
Kharkiv Military Administration: concentration camp created on site of Kharkiv plant that was moved to Russia
Russians hit power plant and refinery in Kremenchuk at Easter
Russia fired on 5 railway stations in central and western Ukraine

Russian shelling in Luhansk region kills 8
Donetsk Military Administration: Russian troops killed 2 children in Donetsk Region on Easter morning
Russian missiles hit Dnipropetrovsk region, killing one
Kherson Region: Russians attached Ukrainian flags to tanks and fired at occupied villages

Mariupol children are being taken to Vladivostok
Odesa shelling: 5 killed, including an infant
The Russian army attacking the whole front line in the Donetsk region, "Bucha executioners" operate below Izyum

Sloviansk shelled with cluster bombs
“Nuclear terrorism": Russian cruise missile spotted in the sky above nuclear power plant

Satellite image shows 300 metre long mass grave with Mariupol citizens in Manhush
Two mass graves with bodies of civilians found in Borodianka
Russian occupiers seize agricultural enterprises and threaten agricultural workers in the Kherson region
Russian forces destroy all food warehouses in Sievierodonetsk

Ukraine’s Representative to UN: 500,000 Ukrainians deported to Russia and banned from leaving

“Azovstal” plant destroyed almost completely - “Azov” Regiment
The Russians shelled Kharkiv: 3 dead, 16 wounded
Dnipropetrovsk region: the occupiers fired again on Kryvyi Rih from grad multiple rocket launchers

Putin decorates Russian brigade involved in atrocities in Bucha
205 children have died in Russia’s war against Ukraine
Russian troops carry out 5 missile strikes on Lviv

"A woman is lying, twitching. There is a hole in her head": Security Service of Ukraine has published new evidence of atrocities of Russia
Ukrainian schoolchildren and teachers deported to Russia by Russian troops forced to adopt Russian curriculum
3 people were killed and 31 injured, including 4 children in the shelling of Kharkiv

Remains of chemical weapons left by the Russians have been found in the Sumy region
Russian troops shell oil refinery in Luhansk region

Russian occupiers in Mariupol exhume civilian bodies and don’t allow residents to bury their dead
“I will chop off your fingers and hands” the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has released evidence of torture of Ukrainian prisoners of war
Russian troops shell Kharkiv residential neighbourhoods: 8 killed, 42 wounded
Aggressors’ villainy: Kyiv region residents are injured by trip wires in residential buildings and mines on the roads

Andriy Melnyk: I'm not Only the Ambassador of Ukraine, I'm an Arms Dealer

Russians turn Mariupol into a ghetto for Ukrainians just like Nazis
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: There is a danger that Russians will adopt Ukrainian children
It’s official: the Russian cruiser Moskva has sunk
Russians have stolen radioactive items from Chernobyl, which police seized from stalkers

13 Russian mobile crematoriums in Mariupol burn bodies of Ukrainians - intelligence
Kyiv region: Borodianka being cleared of mines, 8 apartment buildings to be dismantled
Russian troops shell another train station: 17 routes affected
Kharkiv region: 7 people die from Russian shelling, two-year-old child dies in hospital
Russian Crimes in Ukraine Have Escalated to Genocide. Proving This Can Change the World

The Mayor of Mariupol: More than 10,000 civilians have been killed
Zelenskyy: A Russian soldier from Pskov raped an infant in Ukraine
Chemical weapons dropped on “Azovstal”, “Azov” Regiment fighters injured
3 women and 2 children found in car shelled by Russian soldiers near Makariv
Russians shell Luhansk region overnight, leaving dead and wounded, houses destroyed
"Take everything, but take care not to be photographed": State Security Service intercepts “instructions” from Russian citizen to his son-looter

Why the gap between Ukraine and Russia

Kharkiv: Time bombs found in courtyards
Another train station in eastern Ukraine shelled last night

Kyiv region: police confirm deaths of 1,222 people killed by the occupying forces
Kharkiv region: Russian troops killed 10 civilians, including one child, on 10 April
Ministry of Internal Affairs: Russian troops rig washing machines with explosives
Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administration: New strikes on Dnipro, airport destroyed

State Emergency Service of Ukraine: The mutilated bodies of dead found in the church where the Russian headquarters was located

The battle of two ideologies

Bucha: murder, rape and torture of women and children. Russian Federation atrocities documented by investigators
132 civilians shot dead by Russian troops found in Makariv, Kyiv region
Chernihiv: About 700 people were killed during the blockade of the city by Russian troops
Russians hit train station in Kramatorsk with Iskander ballistic missiles: dozens dead, more then hunred injured
Vilkul on Russian atrocities: 16-year-old and 78-year-old raped, boat full of people shot at and sunkd

Almost all civilians in Bucha were killed by bullets, not by artillery
The city of Irpin: Russian occupiers drove tanks over bodies, we collected corpses with shovels
Monastyrskyi: Borodianka is one of the most devastated towns in Kyiv region
Avakov: 11 corpses found in Hostomel garage, Russian snipers used them for “training”
There is not a single hospital left intact in the Luhansk region

Kyiv Region: The Ministry of Defense showed the destroyed Borodianka from a drone
Russian missile strike destroys Dnipropetrovsk plant

Rape and torture: Ukraine’s Human Rights Commissioner on Russian crimes in Kharkiv regions

340 bodies found in Bucha so far, search continues

"Want a new Srebrenica? Satisfied with Bucha's horror?": Ermak's adviser harshly addressed European leaders

Photojournalist Maks Levin found dead
Russian missiles attack Poltava and Kremenchuk
Dnipro: Massive missile attack by Russians

Military psychologist Pokalchuk: Putinism is worse than Hitlerism. Putin has made an indulgence of conscience for the entire population

Russians launch missile strike in the Odesa region, leaving casualties
Strike on Mykolaiv Regional State Administration: death toll rises to 28
Kharkiv region shelled 170 times by Russian Grad multiple rocket launchers over the past 24 hours
Russian troops attack 2 volunteer convoys near Chernihiv

Russian shell destroys gas pipeline in Kharkiv, repairs not yet possible
Russians shell Donetsk region with phosphorus shells, leaving casualties
Kharkiv region: in the city of Derhachi, Russian occupiers fired at the City Council - there are dead and wounded
Sumy Region: Invaders mined a cemetery in Trostyanets

Donetsk Military Administration: Russian troops used phosphorous ammunition in Maryinka
“The dead were crushed by tanks”: up to 300 civilians killed in Irpin – Mayor of Irpin
Invaders deliberately bomb Red Cross building in Mariupol - Azov
Kharkiv region shelled 180 times by Russian Grad multiple rocket launchers
Russians are blocking almost a hundred ships carrying food supplies in the Black Sea

Russians Don’t Deserve Your Pity

Zelenskyy: Some mayors abducted by occupiers found dead
Kharkiv region has come under shelling more than 200 times in the past 24 hour, some prohibited weapons used
Russians are transporting missiles for the ‘Iskanders’ to Belarus
The missile targeting Volyn was launched from Belarus

Rivne Administration: Oil depot in Dubno razed to the ground after missile strike
Occupying forces take children without their parents from Mariupol to Donetsk
Mayor of Mariupol: Russian troops have forcibly deported between 20,000 and 30,000 civilians
Sumy region: a hospital is mine-studded in liberated Trostianets

Kyiv Military Administration: Russian troops entered Slavutych, kidnapped the Mayor, and fired on a demonstration
Luhansk Military Administration: Russian troops target food storage facilities in Sievierodonetsk
Sumy region: aggressors have bombed Okhtyrka again

Mariupol city council reports 300 deaths at the Drama Theatre
Russian occupiers attacked Kharkiv medical centre with "Grad" multiple rocket launchers, while it distributed humanitarian aid - 4 people killed
Russians fire missiles at a military unit on the outskirts of the Dnipro

Mariupol residents being seized and deported to Russia en masse, says City Council
Russians shell the centre of Kharkiv from the Black Sea
Russia says it won't stop in Ukraine. The war has a broader goal
Rocket and phosphorus bombardment in Luhansk region: four dead

24 bodies already found under the rubble of the Kharkiv Regional Administration as clearing continues
Russian shell strikes apartment building in Rubizhne, killing 2 children
The aggressors do not allow for the burial of the deceased in Sumy region
The aggressors killed three civilians, including a child, in one day in Donetsk region
Kharkiv Military Administration: City endured 32 shellings last night

Stop talking to Russians. An open letter to the Ukrainian creative community and beyond

Russians killed a man near Kyiv and repeatedly raped his wife
Vereshchuk: Russians captured evacuation column near Mariupol
The occupiers killed people standing in line at the Sievierodonetsk city store
Russian tank shot at car with children inside in Kharkiv region: 3 people killed

Zelenskyy: Russia uses prohibited weapons every day
Mariupol: Russian shell evacuation buses with children, wounding several people
Kharkiv: Russians killed former concentration camp prisoner
Russian rockets hit military base in Rivne region

Chernihiv - Artillery shell hits van delivering water to citizens, kills two
In Kyiv, a shell flew into the yard of a high-rise building: 5 casualties currently reported
Russian tank shelled a care home in Kreminna, killing 56
Occupiers throw grenade at Trostyanets civilians, leaving 2 dead
Shelling of Kharkiv: Occupiers killed several adults and child at night

Mariupol residents fleeing the city to the suburbs are dying of starvation
Russian occupiers forcibly deporting Mariupol civilians to Russia
Head of Sumy Regional State Administration: Russians kidnap and torture people assisted by locals
Russians shelled the hospital in Trostyanets

Russian troops shell rescue workers in Zaporizhzhia region: 1 dead, 5 wounded
Russian occupiers kidnap and torture Nova Kakhovka City Council secretary
Lviv shelled from Black Sea, 2 out of 8 missiles shot down
Media: most Russians support war against Ukraine and want Putin to continue ruling

Biggest market in Eastern Europe catches on fire after Kharkiv shelling, rescuer died
Russian troops shelled shelter for women and children in Luhansk region
Russian Forces use cluster munition during bombardment of Kharkiv, killing 6
In Merefa near Kharkiv 21 people killed as result of Russian shelling
Russia's tactics: Kettling of civilians and precision strikes on civilian shelters

Museums, palaces and churches: The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy has published the list of sites ruined by Russian armed forces
Russian airstrike hits pool facility in Mariupol - children and pregnant women under the rubble
Russians drop heavy bomb on Mariupol Drama Theater, where hundreds seek shelter
Russian troops have fired on a column of refugees heading from Mariupol: there are dead and wounded

16-year-old boy died during Russian shelling of Chuhuyiv
Russian troops have attacked Dnipro airport - widespread destruction
600 houses completely destroyed in Kharkiv
Rivne TV tower attack: death toll rises to 19
An adviser to the Mariupol Mayor informed that 20,000 civilians have died in the city

Russian troops shoot Ukrainian scientist in Vorzel
A missile was shot down in Kyiv, wreckage destroyed a residential building, one person died
The aggressors have been pummeling residential areas and hospitals of the Kharkiv region all night long; there are victims
Artillery shell hits 9-storey apartment building in Kyiv, two dead
Pregnant woman who was injured during the bombing of a maternity hospital died in Mariupol

In Kharkiv, Russian heavy artillery is shelling residential areas
Disabled volunteer shot in Luhansk region
Occupiers have killed a journalist for The New York Times in Irpin
35 dead in the Yavoriv peacekeeping and security centre attack
Police: Russian troops use prohibited phosphorus ammunition to shell Popasna

Food warehouse in the Kyiv region struck by Russian missile
Belarus appoints Russian commanders to force participate in a war
Security Service of Ukraine: In Kharkiv, occupiers were told to shoot civilians
A Russian tank crushed a car with a child in the Zaporizhzhia region
The aggressor shelled the oncology hospital in Mykolaiv

Putin has started repressions against FSB leaders for Russia’s failure in Ukraine – journalists
Captured Russian pilot: I knew these were people’s houses but I still dropped bombs
Venislavskyi: Kadyrovites stationed near Kyiv are preventing Russian troops from retreating
Russian airstrike damages a nuclear research facility in Kharkiv

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine: In the last 24 hours, the enemy shelled residential buildings, killing dozens, including children
Russians loot, rape and kill: State Emergency Service of Ukraine names Bucha district the most difficult area
Sumy airstrikes: 22 killed, another child retrieved from rubble dead

Two volunteers shot and killed by Russian soldiers in Kharkiv Ecopark
Russian troops shoot at teachers in Mykolayiv region: 3 women dead, 2 wounded
Russian troops destroy Izyum central hospital
Zelenskyy on Russian atrocities: “Hear me, world! In 2022, a child has died of dehydration!”

Fuel depots on fire in Zhytomyr and Chernyakhiv after Russian airstrikes
Russian troops hit Makariv bread factory, killing 13
Russian officers throw away their papers and try to escape through Chernihiv region
Russian tank attacks Ukrainian Post mail delivery truck, kills two postal workers
New shelling in Kharkiv causes much destruction and 21 fires. At least 8 people dead

Russian troops launch missile attack near Vinnytsia
Russians disrupt evacuation from Mariupol with shelling
38 Ukrainian children killed by Russian troops in Ukraine in 10 days
Volodymyr Zelenskyy: the bombing of civilians was planned
Russia shells Bucha, no mercy for children
Russia orders its military to be buried in mass graves to cover up losses in Ukraine

Russian forces shell evacuation corridor from Mariupol. Ceasefire negotiations continue
Russian bombers repeatedly targeting Khrakiv’s civilian infrastructure
Volnovakha evacuation disrupted. Ukraine demands that Russia sticks to agreements
Russians hold Сhernobyl power plant staff hostage for tenth day
Ukraine as the World’s Testing Ground of Humanness
How Russia is threatening the world with a nuclear catastrophe

Russian troops bomb the largest nuclear power plant in Europe
Russian missile kills at least 22 in Chernihiv
Estonian freighter shelled by the Russian army has sunk near Odesa
Russian planes strike two schools and private houses in Chernihiv: 9 dead
Russian troops bomb Izyum in Kharkiv Region, missiles launched every 90 minutes
Kharkiv Region: Russian shelling kills 34, with 285 wounded

Pencils, a measuring compass, books – what Russian soldiers bring into combat
Russia’s secret documents: war in Ukraine was to last 15 days
2000 Ukrainian civilians killed since the beginning of full-scale war
Russian cruise missile hits Kharkiv City Council
Fire from enemy shelling: 10 rescue workers killed on duty
Russian missiles strike Ukraine’s National Police and Security Service buildings in Kharkiv

Enemy shelling Kharkiv
On Monday, invaders launched 16 rockets at Kharkiv
Five residential neighbourhoods bombarded in Kyiv
Enemy fires at car of rescuers en route to a fire emergency
Russian aggressors hit Freedom Square, central Kharkiv, regional administration

Invaders continue shelling residential areas of Kharkiv
Kharkiv shelled by Russia: 9 killed, 37 wounded
Occupiers fired on Kharkiv from Grad multiple rocket launchers
The enemy is shelling Chernihiv

Russian missile hits an apartment building in Kyiv
Shots fired in the centre of Kyiv. A column of Russian troops destroyed near Beresteiska

Russian troops shot a journalist in Kherson and striked an apartment building in Kharkiv
In Kharkiv region, the Russian invaders are using internationally-banned butterfly mines
“Grad” shelling in Chernihiv, Ukrainian Armed Forces destroy occupiers’ column

Enemy occupies Chernobyl NPP
Eighteen Russian Il-78 on the way to Kyiv - Bellingcat
The first losses from Russia's attack on Ukraine: dead, wounded, plane destroyed