Pavel Čoupek

Contact: Department of Mathematics, Purdue University
150 N. University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907
Office: MATH 1045
E-mail: pcoupek {curly-a-here] purdue [small-round-mark-here} edu

My name is Pavel Čoupek. I am a graduate student of mathematics at Purdue University. My advisor is Tong Liu.

Before coming to Purdue, I did my Bachelor's and Master's studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague, with specialization in homological algebra.

My mathematical interests are:

Seminar on perfectoid spaces.

Seminar on infinity categories.


[3] Crystalline condition for Ainf-cohomology and ramification bounds, preprint. [arXiv]
[2] (with D. Lilienfeldt, L. Xiao, Z. Yao) Geometric quadratic Chabauty over number fields, preprint. [arXiv]
[1] (with J. Šťovíček) Cotilting sheaves on Noetherian schemes, Math. Z. 296, 275–312 (2020) [arXiv] [Journal]


Čech complexes for crystalline cohomology [pdf] This note is a long-ish proof of the (admittedly also quite long) unproved Remark 07MM of the Stacks Project, about a variant of Čech complex that computes crystalline cohomology.

An example of ln-formally étale map that is not weakly étale. [pdf] This example came about as a part of a project that I participated in during the Arizona Winter School in March 2019. The project was associated with M. Morrow's lecture series "Topological Hochschild homology in arithmetic geometry". The project assistant was B. Antieau.

\pi-typical Witt vectors. [pdf] This note is a write-up of some basic properties of the (p-typical) Witt vectors construction adjusted to a uniformizer \pi of a local number field, with tediously elementary proofs. (No originality claimed.)[to be expanded]


Fall 2021: MA 16010 class

Spring 2021: MA 16020 class

Fall 2020: MA 16020 (IMPACT)

Spring 2020: MA 262 recitation

Fall 2019: MA 262 recitation

Spring 2019: MA 261 recitation

Spring 2018: MA 166 recitation