General Information

Finding an Internship
This comes out of the ACM and is slanted toward computer science. However, much of the advice is quite general.

  • Career Planning Center for Beginning Scientists and Engineers.
    Sponsored by the Sloan Foundation. This is useful both for finding an internship as well as a permanent job.

  • Rising Star Internships
    Students seeking internships can post brief resumes. There are also postings from companies seeking interns.


  • Carl Cowen runs a an undergraduate research program: REU in Linear Algebra

  • Purdue's MARC-AIM program provides opportunities for students who are members of minority groups to do research in mathematics or any other field at Purdue.

  • Purdue's Cooperative Education Program is an excellent opportunity gain work experience. Coops also pay well!

    The NSF REU List

    A number of universities around the nation have Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU's) sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

    Student reviews of some of these programs are avaiable from the Harvard University Math Club .

    The Siam Internship List

    The Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) keeps a list of internships and summer programs. This source also has some details on some of the REU's listed above.

    The National Security Agency

    The National Security Agency has internships, summer programs, and coops. Note in particular, the Director's Summer Program.

    Other Sources

    Richard Penney