MATH 301: An Introduction to Proof Through Real Analysis Spring 2017

Materials for MA 301.

INSTRUCTOR: Richard Penney

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Yuan Xiaokai

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Introduction to Proofs and Real Analysis, by Richard C. Penney

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The final covers Chapters 9, 10, and 11. Besides studying the practice exams, you should study all homework for these chapters. You should know how to prove: Proposition 1, p. 138 (The notes do not provide a proof. However there I put a proof of this at the end of the solution to Test 4 from 2007. You should use this proof.), Theorem 4, p. 139 (I made a recent correction to the proof. See the latest version of the online notes.), the fact that the set of real numbers in the interval (0,1) is not countable (See the solution to question 2 on the 2007 final.), Theorem 3, p. 180.

Practice Final from 2006 with solutions.
Test 3 from 2006 without solutions. (Only the questions that say ``Study for Test 4.'')
Test 3 from 2006 with solutions.
Test 4 from 2007 without solutions.
Test 4 from 2007 with solutions.
Test 4 from 2006 without solutions.
Test 4 from 2006 with solutions.


Solution to Homework 1
Homework Assignments