The Pedersen Files

This web site is devoted to the files of Niels Perersen, who died on November 24, 1996. It will eventually contain both his computer programs and the data describing his examples. The programs are written in the language Reduce. We hope to eventually translate them into Maple. As this is done, we will put the Maple versions up as well. The Reduce homepage contains information on ordering Reduce as well as an online manual.

The files are downloadable as tar files. Please let us know if other formats would be desirable. We have also included a ``README'' file in each tar file which contains some, hopefully, useful information. The program files also contain comments, both from Pedersen and us. Generally, we indicate our comments with `##' and Niels' with `#'.

Richard Penney

Pedersen's Data Files

The data files data.tar

These files are input data for the programs. They contain the structure constants for almost 200 Lie algebras. The ``READ ME" file contains more specific information on the notation and data structure.

The Program Pgrpni

program group nilpotent - ideal type pgrpni.tar

This program computes various objects connected with nilpotent Lie groups:

Consult the ``README" file for more details.