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Qual Stuff

On this page I have collected some (at one point, it was ALL of them) of the 544, 530, and 554 qualifiers that you can find online. I put them all into nice big .zip files for easier downloading. If you would like to know who actually wrote the quals, then I have no idea! There used to be a link here which pointed to a list of qual writers, but the maintainer of that link has since graduated! So it goes. Probably someone else knows anyhow!

The downloads above should be complete collections of the online exams as of 5/20/2011 (ie, they're outdated). Note that you can probaly find more exams in the library if you need more practice, but each of the downloads contain about 35 qualifiers.

Below I have gathered some of my solutions to a few of the qualifier problems that I thought were sort of interesting or difficult. In a few instances (namely Aug 2006, since I now know better), there are much easier solutions. I don't make any claims on the optimality of these solutions.