MA 510. Vector Calculus, Spring 2023

Lecture time: TTh 10:30-11:45 AM UNIV 117

Instructor: Professor Di Qi
OFFICE: Math 644
OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday and Thursday 1:00-2:00 PM

Grader: Shixin Zheng
Zheng's OFFICE: MATH 1033

TEXTBOOK: Vector Calculus (5th or 6th Edition), by Jerrold E. Marsden and Anthony Tromba, Freeman & Company.

Grading policies

There will be handwritten homework given every week. The homework should be submitted to Gradescope. Normally, homework will be due every Wednesday at 11:59pm. Late homework will not be accepted.

There will be two in-class midterm exams and one final exam. (No notes, books, or calculators will be allowed during exams.) Each midterm exam will be worth 20 points, the homework grade will be scaled to 20 points, and the final will be worth 40 points, making a total of 100 points for the whole course.

  • In-Class Midterm I: February 9.
  • In-Class Midterm II: March 23.
  • Final Exam Week: May 1-6.