Roy Araiza

Roy M. Araiza
Graduate Student
Department of Mathematics
Purdue University

I am a third year PhD. student in mathematics at Purdue University, and a math graduate representative for the 2017-2018 academic year. My work is in operator algebras and my advisor is Thomas Sinclair. Originally I am from the Silicon Valley in California and obtained my Bachelor of Arts in mathematics from San Jose State University. I am the organizer for the Junior Operator Algebras Seminar. We meet on Thursdays at 2:00pm in Beering Hall 1222. This is an informal seminar where students of the field may present and talk about their work with other students. If you have an interest in attending then please email me.

When I am not working on mathematics I enjoy playing chess and reading. In particular, my favorite topics to read about include science, history, and philosophy.
Some quotes and speeches.

Contact Information

Purdue University
Department of Mathematics

Email: raraiza [at] purdue [dot] edu

MATH 1030
150 North University Street
West Lafayette, Indiana

Research Interests

Here is a copy of my cv.

Current/Past Teaching

Spring '18: Fellowship

Fall '17: MA 26100 Multivariate Calculus: Recitation Instructor Spring '17: MA 16600 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II:Recitation Instructor

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"Intellectual passion drives out sensuality." -Leonardo da Vinci

"Aequam memento rebus in arduis sevare mentem." -Horace

"Among the great philosophers through all the ages, there is one great truth: that he who truly lives by the words of others has not the wit to know his own mind and that he who knows his own mind has not the temerity to truly live." -K. Holmmad