Home Page of MA30300-244 and MA30300-388, Spring 2021

Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations for Engineering & Sciences

Instructor: Jie Shen

MA30300-244: TTh 9:00-10:15, SC 239

MA30300-388: TTh 12:00p-1:15p, SC 239

Office: MATH 450
Online Office Hours: Tu 10:30-11:45; F 9:45-11:00
(zoom ID: 2128080179, password: 6666) or by appointment 
Phone: 4-1923
Message: 4-1901
E-mail: shen7@purdue.edu

Textbook, homeworks, quizzes and exams:

Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, Pearson, 5th Edition, by Edwards, Penney and Calvis.

Chapters to be covered: 5, 6, 7, 9 and Section 10.1

Online Homework: The primary way to submit homework will be through Pearson MyLab Math. Online homework is normally due next Monday at 11:59pm.

MyLab Math Student Guide

Hand-graded Homework: There will also be hand-graded homework submitted on paper. Hand-graded homework is normally due every two weeks and should be submitted electronically via gradescope.

There are two evening exams on March 2 and April 7, and a final exam.

The evening exams include partial credit problems and multiple choice problems.  Calculators, books and notes (unless specified otherwise) are not allowed during the  inclass exams.

Grading Policy:

100 points for the online homework, 50 points for hand-graded Homework.

150 points for each mid-term exam.

150 points for the final exam.

Students who get at least
97% of the total points are guaranteed an A+
93% of the total points are guarantees an A,
90% of the total points are guarantees an A-,
87% of the total points are guarantees a B+,
83% of the total points are guarantees a B,
80% of the total points are guarantees a B-,
77% of the total points are guarantees a C+,
73% of the total points are guarantees a C,
70% of the total points are guarantees a C-,
67% of the total points are guarantees a D+,
63% of the total points are guarantees a D,
60% of the total points are guarantees a D-.
For each of these grades, it is possible that at the end
of the semester a somewhat lower percentage will be enough to get that grade.

Course Schedule:

Week	    Sections	    Hand-graded HWs      Due date for hand-graded HWs

1.19-1.22	5.1, 5.2	    #26 in 5.2

1.25-1.29	5.5, 5.3	    #27 in 5.5           Feb 1

2.1-2.5  	6.1, 6.2	    #34 in 6.2

2.8-2.12	6.3, 6.4            #1 in 6.4            Feb 15

2.15-2.19        7.1, 7.2           #10, 14 in 7.2

2.22-2.26        7.3 and Review     #37 in 7.3           Mar 1

3.1-3.5 	Exam 1 (upto 7.2), 7.4     #27 in 7.4

3.8-3.12	7.5, 7.6	    #34 in 7.5

3.15.-3.19	9.1

3.22-3.26        9.2, 9.3            #17 in 9.2          Mar 29

3.29-4.2         9.3, 9.4            #2 in 9.3

4.5-4.9         Review and Exam 2 (up to 9.3)

4.12-4.16	9.5                 #15, 17 in 9.5      Apr 19

4.19-4.23       9.6, 9.7            #4 in 9.7

4.26-4.30      10.1 and Review      #10 in 10.1         Apr 30

Course Policy:

Late homeworks will not be accepted. The two lowest online homework scores and one lowest hand-graded homework score will be dropped.

Class attendance is required.

Make-up for exams will only be granted to students who have convincing excuses and have informed the instructor in advance.

Academic integrity is expected for all students at all times in this course.
You are free (even encouraged) to work with other students to solve the homework problems.
However, you are required to complete online homework yourself and write up solutions
for hand-graded homework using your own words and explanations. Of course, you are required
to do your own work on each exam (although you can prepare with others).

Purdue University strives to make learning experiences accessible to all
participants. If you anticipate or experience physical or academic barriers
based on disability, you are encouraged to contact the Disability Resource
Center at: drc@purdue.edu or by phone: 765-494-1247.

In this mathematics course accommodations are managed between the
instructor, the student and DRC Testing Center.

If you have been certified by the Disability Resource Center (DRC) as
eligible for accommodations, you should contact your instructor to discuss
your accommodations as soon as possible. Here are instructions for sending
your Course Accessibility Letter to your instructor:

More resources are available at the department course page.