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<H2>Ping Huang (wife)</H2>

<DL><IMG SRC = Ping has a Ph.D. in Management Science, a M.S. in Computer Science and a M.A. in Mathematics. She also has a background in art and music.

As in the tradition of Chinese scholar, I composed a classical poem of four characters in the style of Han Dynasty for her as a wedding present. The ink painting of Chinese orchid is hers.


The English translation of the above poem is as follows:

The happiness In Finding Each Other

translated by T.T.Moh and Daniel Hsieh*

I was born in a great country, a land of history and culture.

Mt. Chiu-hua towered and River Shin-an flowed on.

The horizon was dark in every direction, winds and rains raged.

Stones shook, jades crushed as the people fled.

I went eastward across the Taiwan Strait where I was nurtured and raised

Under the green school trees we sang the songs.

From a thousand miles away I gazed at my homeland.

Over the four seas I traveled; in the West I discussed the Classics.

You were born by the Pearl River, a goddess reincarnated.

A hundred immortals flew down to play their melodies.

Leaving the Castle of Goat you moved to the City on the River Hu,

Your shadow rested in orchid gardens and your reflection was mirrored on lotus pools.

From your lyre came the songs of Phoenix and from your brush the perfume of ink.

Your dance was like the `Rainbow Dress'; your essays lovely as rosy clouds.

A unique beauty, to whom could you confide your thoughts?

Over distant oceans you travels, you wept thinking of your loved ones at home.

We traveled ten thousand miles to meet, dreams of separation were difficult to manage.

With lively glance, we wandered the realm of literature.

In my light chariot, we viewed the giant waves.

Dove down to the Palace of the Neptune; soared over the Grant Canyon.

There was the vastness of Lake Tahoe; the immensity of Yellowstone.

Through the heavens we rode the wind, then drifted lazily along a great river.

Amidst the mountains and rivers and the chill of our swords we talked and laughed.

I held your hands and looked into you, from your beautiful eyes there came a fragrance.

What night is this night that we share the candle's glow?

Our fine guests arrive with the tinkling and shining of their jade.

We present fine wine and toast to the longevity of our venerable mother.

Relatives and friends reunite, chatting freely and happily.

A pair of Mandarin ducks soar upward, their shadows doubled on the waves.

In the morning swimming over clear waters, nesting at night in a secluded grove of bamboo.

Accompanied by the stone of three reincarnations, they will neither separate nor forget.

Twining their necks and taking wing, they will soar over rivers and stars.

  • Prof Daniel Hsieh is an expert of translating classic Chinese literature.

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