MA362, Section 023: Topics in Vector Calculus
Fall 2020, Purdue University

Course Description:

It covers differentiations and integrations for functions (both scalar and vectorial values) of two or three variables. Higher dimensional versions of Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, such as the Green Theorem in dimension two and Stokes Theorem in dimension three will be discussed.


Changyou Wang
Department of Mathematics
Purdue University

Contact Information:

Office: MATH 714
Phone number: 4-2719

Lecture Times and Places:

TR 9:00 - 10:15 am, PHYS 203

Virtual Office Hours:

Wednesday 1:00--3:00 pm, or by appointment

Textbook: Jerrold E. Marsden and Anthony Tromba, Vector Calculus (6th edition)


Homeworks will be due every Thursday via online submission, starting at the second week. No late homework will be accepted (in principle), but two lowest homework scores will be dropped in the final grading.
The problem numbers will be posted on this course webpage at least one week priori to the due date.

Examinations: There will be two midterms (tentative schedules below) and one comprehensive final exams (covers all the materials).
The exact time and place will be specified at least two weeks in advance.

Midterm I : Thursday September 24 (time, tba)
Midterm II : Thursday, October 29 (time, tba)
Final Exam: TBA

Grading Policy:

Homeworks (20%)
Midterm I and II (20% for each)
Final Exam (40%)

You are expected to observe academic honesty to the highest standard.
Any form of cheating will automatically lead to an F grade, plus any other disciplinary action, deemed appropriate.

Problem Numbers of Homework Assignments and Due Dates:
(All homework problems are from the textbook, unless stated otherwise)

Homework 1 (Due Thursday, September 3) :
  • Homework 2 (Due Thursday, September 10) :
  • Homework 3 (Due Thursday, September 17) :
  • Homework 4 (Due Thursday, September 24) :
  • Homework 5 (Due Thursday, October 1) :
  • Homework 6 (Due Thursday, October 8) :
  • Homework 7 (Due Thursday, October 15) :
  • Homework 8 (Due Tuesday, October 22) :
  • Homework 9 (Due Thursday, October 29) :
  • Homework 10 (Due Thursday, November 5) :
  • Homework 11 (Due Thursday, November 12) :
  • Homework 12 (Due Thursday, November 19) :
  • Homework 13 (Due Thursday, December 2) :