Workshop on Fast Direct Solvers, Purdue CCAM, 2016

Department of Mathematics, Purdue University, Nov 12-13, 2016



There is no registration fee. However, please register so that we can plan the space, refreshments, etc. To register, please email Jianlin Xia (). Please mention "Workshop on Fast Direct Solvers" in the email title.




(With links to speaker abstracts) 

  • Alex Alekseenko, California State University Northridge

  • Erik Boman, Sandia National Labs

  • Phil Bording, Alabama A&M University & IBM Research

  • Yue Cao, Illinois Institute of Technology

  • Chao Chen, Stanford University

  • Eric Darve, Stanford University

  • Tim Davis, Texas A&M University

  • Clark Dohrmann, Sandia National Labs

  • Bjorn Engquist, University of Texas at Austin

  • Mathieu Faverge, LaBRI, INRIA Bordeaux-SO

  • Efstratios Gallopoulos, University of Patras

  • Renaissa Ghosh, Purdue University

  • Adrianna Gillman, Rice University

  • Jingwei Hu, Purdue University

  • Dan Jiao, Purdue University

  • Vassilis Kalantzis, University of Minnesota

  • Sabre Kais, Purdue University

  • David Keyes, KAUST

  • Katie Kitamura, Purdue University

  • Evgenia-Maria Kontopoulou, Purdue University

  • Guang Lin, Purdue University

  • Xiao Liu, Rice University

  • Bradley Lucier, Purdue University

  • Miaomiao Ma, Purdue University

  • Gunnar Martinsson, University of Colorado at Boulder

  • Huda Nassar, Purdue University

  • Bryan Quaife, Florida State University

  • Victor Pan, Lehman College CUNY

  • GrĂ©goire Pichon, LaBRI, INRIA Bordeaux-SO

  • Alex Pothen, Purdue University

  • Checed A. Rodgers, Purdue University

  • Yousef Saad, University of Minnesota

  • Ahmed Sameh, Purdue University

  • Jie Shen, Purdue University

  • Abdallah Shuaibi, Harry S Truman College

  • Robert Skeel, Purdue University

  • Sergey Solovyev, Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics SB RAS

  • Daria Sushnikova, Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Alex Townsend, Cornell University

  • George Turkiyyah, KAUST

  • James Vogel, Purdue University

  • Yingwei Wang, Purdue University

  • Heather Wilber, Cornell University

  • Yuanzhe Xi, University of Minnesota

  • Jianlin Xia, Purdue University

  • Zixing Xin, Purdue University

  • Xin Ye, Purdue University

  • Yu-Hong Yeung, Purdue University

  • Liang Zhao, Lehman College CUNY

  • Meng Zhao, Illinois Institute of Technology

(The list may be incomplete.)