Conference on Fast Direct Solvers

Department of Mathematics, Purdue University, September 26-27, 2020

Purdue CCAM (Center for Computational & Applied Mathematics) is hosting the 2020 Conference on Fast Direct Solvers (supported by CCAM and NSF) on September 26-27, 2020. The location is:

TBA, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907

Organizers: Jie Shen, Jianlin Xia


Invited Speakers


Contributed Speakers

 (Incomplete list. With links to abstracts)

Contributed talks are welcome. To give a contributed talk, please include your talk information in your registration.


Travel Support

The conference is supported by CCAM and NSF.

A limited amount of travel support will be available to early-career participants and students. Please check the registration page.


Conference Themes

  • Structured matrices and structured direct solvers
  • Sparsity and data sparsity
  • Randomized numerical linear algebra
  • High performance direct solvers and matrix factorizations
  • Structured preconditioning and FMM solvers
  • Fast PDE and IE solvers
  • Applications to data science and other fields
  • Other relevant subjects

For any questions, please email Jianlin Xia (). Please mention "Conference on Fast Direct Solvers" in the email title.