Conferences and Seminars Organized:

Stochastic Differential Equations: Analysis & Modelling (June, 2023, Crete, Greece)
(with D. Antonopoulou, G. Karali)

Panel Discussion: Careers, from Academics to Industries (April, 2023)
(with Mimi Boutin)

Industrial Mathematics and Statistics Seminar (Spring 2021 - Spring 2022)
(With Raghu Pasupathy, Mark Ward)

Recent Developments of Variational Methods in Deterministic and Stochastic Systems,
Special Session in AMS Spring Central Section Meeting, Purdue University, Mar. 2022 (Virtual)
(with Yuan Gao, Tao Luo)

Mathematics, Data Science, and Industry (Dec 2018)
(with Drew Swartz)

Midwest PDE Seminar, Purdue, (Oct. 2018)
(with Patricia Bauman, Donatella Danielli, Arshak Petrosyan, Dan Phillips, Changyou Wang)

Symposium on Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, Third--Sixth (May 2007, 2009, 2012, 2015)
(with Donatella Danielli, Nicola Garofalo and Arshak Petrosyan)

72nd Midwest PDE Seminar, Purdue, (Nov 2013)
(with Patricia Bauman, Min Chen, Donatella Danielli, Nicola Garofalo, Arshak Petrosyan, Dan Phillips, Monica Torres)

Multiscale Analysis and Modeling of Dislocation Motions,
(Minisymposium for the Sixth SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Materials Science, May 2010)
(with Yang Xiang)

Analysis of Front Propagation and Its Applications,
(Minisymposium for the Second SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations, Jul. 2006)
(with Arshak Petrosyan, Monica Torres)

Modeling and Analysis of Grain Boundary Motions in Polycrystalline Materials,
(Minisymposium for the Fourth SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Materials Science, May 2004)
(with Alex King)

Student Tea Time Seminar on Applied Analysis (Fall 2004, 2006)
(with Arshak Petrosyan)