Current and Former Students:

PhD Students:

Fang Wan (Asymptotic Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Traveling Wave Solutions for Crystal Growth with Corner Regularization, 2010)
Chaoqun Huang (Singular Perturbation and Bifurcation in Inhomogeneous Media, 2012)
Thitarie Rungratgasame (Analysis of Crystalline Surface Diffusion Using Sub-Differential Method, 2012)
Liang Cheng (Long Time Behavior of Diffusion in Periodic Tilted Potentials, 2014)
Drew Swartz (Analysis of Models for Curvature Driven Motion of Interfaces, 2015)
Yuqing Li (Toward an Understanding of Residual Networks Using Neural Tangent Hierachy, 2021)
Hanan Gadi (co-advised with Monica Torres) (Long Time Behavior of Surface Diffusion of Anisotropic Surface Energy, 2023)
Gavin Glenn (Asymptotic Analysis of Models for Geometric Motions, 2024)
Can Cui
John Haug

Undergraduate Students (Research Experience for Undergraduates):

Sarah Grove (Car Parking Problem, Summer 2002)
Kun-Chieh Wang (Random Walks in Random Media, Summer 2008)