Statement for the students with Disabilities:

Please read carefully the handout concerning students certified by ODOS as requiring academic adjustments. It can be obtained in MA242

Students who have been certified by the Office of the Dean of Students-Adaptive Programs as eligible for academic adjustments should go to MATH 242 and request an Information Sheet for this semester, that explains how to proceed this semester to get these adjustments made in Mathematics courses. (It is not the same as last semester.) THIS SHOULD BE DONE DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASSES. Only students who have been certified by the ODOS-Adaptive Programs and who have requested ODOS to send their certification letter to their instructor are eligible for academic adjustments.

Students who are currently undergoing an evaluation process to determine whether they are eligible for academic adjustments, are encouraged to find out NOW what procedures they will have to follow when they are certified, by requesting the above mentioned Information Sheet from MATH 242.

Large print copies of the Information Sheet are available from MATH 242 upon request.

If you have further questions on some individual case, please contact Terry Loro/Stephanie Foster directly or me for assistance.