MA 13900, Fall 2010

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  • Stacy Wohead
    • Math743 T/Th: 1-2
  • Lee Coduti
    • Math741 M/F: 1-2:30
  • Renee Roames
    • Math808 M/T: 2-3 and Th: 10-11

Course Description

Credit Hours: 3.00. Geometric, measurement and spatial reasoning in one, two and three dimensions as the basis for elementary school geometry. Metric and non-metric geomery, transformation geometry. (Not available for credit in the School of Science.). Typically offered Fall Spring.

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Section Room Time Instructor Office
MA 13900 001 UNIV 303 8:30am MWF Roames, Renee MATH 808
MA 13900 002 UNIV 303 9:30am MWF Roames, Renee MATH 808
MA 13900 003 UNIV 303 10:30am MWF Roames, Renee MATH 808

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