MA 17300, Fall 2013

Course Description

Credit Hours: 5.00. Calculus of transcendental functions, techniques of integration, conic sections, polar coordinates, parametric equations, infinite series. Admission restricted to those who have extablished credit in Calculus I. Typically offered Fall.

Instructor Info.

Section Room Time Instructor Office
MA 17300 011 UNIV 117 12:30pm MWF McReynolds, David MATH 704
MA 17300 012 REC 114 12:30pm TR Steiner, Avram MATH 739
MA 17300 021 REC 227 9:30am MWF Danielli, Donatella MATH 620
MA 17300 022 REC 302 9:30am TR Barrios, Alexander MATH 743
MA 17300 031 UNIV 117 1:30pm MWF McReynolds, David MATH 704
MA 17300 032 UNIV 103 1:30pm TR Steiner, Avram MATH 739

Course Materials

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Important Notes

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