MA 30400, Fall 2015

Course Description

Credit Hours: 3.00. This is a differential equations course designed to follow MA 265-266. Same description as MA 303 except that material on the qualitative behavior of solutions to nonlinear systems is substituted for material on Laplace transforms and numerical methods. Not open to students with credit in MA 303. Typically offered Summer Fall Spring.

Instructor Info.

Section Room Time Instructor Office
MA 30400 082 UNIV 119 12:30pm MWF Cai, Yongyong MATH 439
MA 30400 083 MSEE B010 2:30pm MWF Stefanov, Plamen MATH 736
MA 30400 084 UNIV 119 1:30pm MWF Cai, Yongyong MATH 439

Course Materials

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Important Notes

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