Math Help Room Information and Procedures

Students in 15300, 15800, 15910, 16010, 16020, 16100, 16200, 16500, 16600, and 26100 can get help with their coursework in the Math Help Room.

The Help Room is open on Monday through Thursday from the first week of classes until the end of Dead Week.  It is closed on Fridays.  The Help Room is also closed for Purdue University Holidays and Breaks and during Finals Week.  See the Help Room schedule for the hours

The Help Rooms are staffed primarily by teaching assistants for these courses.

Planning Your Visit

We occupy two separate rooms on the second floor of the Mathematical Sciences building. Each room supports a different set of courses.

  • MATH 205 is the Help Room for all courses with Help Room Hours (15300, 15800, 15910, 16010, 16020, 16100, 16200, 16500, 16600, and 26100 )
  • MATH 211 is the helproom for Alg/Trig and Calc I and Calc II (15300, 15400, 15800, 15910, 16010, 16020, 16100, 16200, 16500, 16600).

With this in mind, use the Math Help Room schedule to plan your visit.

Policies and Procedures

In order for the Math Help Room to better serve you effectively and efficiently, we ask that all students using it abide by the following procedures:

  • If you use your laptop in the Help Room, please use the tables set aside for that purpose by the wall. Dangling power cords are a safety hazard.
  • Turn off cell phones. Leave the room if you must use your cell phone.
  • Refrain from idle chatter. You want to make the best use of your time.
  • There is an open ITaP Computer Lab in the basement, room MATH B010.
  • If you just need a place to study and/or work on problems until you have questions, please use the Mathematics Library on the 3rd floor of the MATH building.
  • To save yourself time, if you have a specific question you need to ask your specific instructor, make an appointment to meet in his/her office or after class.
  • Please be patient. Our resources are limited. Other available resources are listed below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. David Norris.



Online Homework Systems

See your course webpage for help resources if you have issues with any of these online homework systems

Other Information

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