Recent Ph.D. Dissertations

Year Ph.D Student Advisor Thesis Title
2016 Sung Won Ahn Peterson Oscillation of Quenched Slowdown Asymptotic of RWRE in Z
2016 Thomas Backing D. Danielli Regularity of Solutions and the Free Boundary for a class of Bernoulli-type Parabolic Free Boundary Problems with Variable Coefficients
2016 Binghe Chen F. Viens Least-squares finite element method for singularly perturbed problems and the Oseen problem
2016 Yi Chen Dong/Xiu Local Polynomial Chaos Expansion Method for High Dimensional Stochastic Differential Equations
2016 Prabuddhi De Silva A. Toms Rank constrained homotopies of matrices and the Blackadar-Handelman conjectures on $C^*$-algebras.
2016 Kyle Kloster Xia/Gleich(CS) Graph diffusions and matrix functions: fast algorithms and localization results
2016 Alan Legg S. Bell Applications of the Bergman Projection to Quadrature Domains and the Khavinson-Shapiro Conjecture
2016 Jason Lucas Kaufmann Connecting Models of Configuration Spaces: From Double Loops to Strings
2016 Brittney Miller C. Cowen Kernels of Adjoints of Composition Operators on Hilbert Spaces of Analytic Functions
2016 Lidia Mrad D. Phillips Dynamic Analysis of Chevron Structures in Liquid Crystal Cells.
2016 Vivek Mukundan Ulrich Rees Algebras and Iterated Jacobian Duals
2016 Michael Perlmutter Banuelos Martingales, Singular Integrals, and Fourier Multipliers
2016 Kevin Rotz Danielli/Garofalo Monotonicity formulas for diffusion operators on manifolds and Carnot groups, heat kernel asymptotics and Wiener's criterion on Heisenberg-type groups
2016 Andrew Schneider M. Dadarlat Finite-Dimensional Approximations and Deformations of Group C*-Algebras
2016 Arnold Yim U. Walther Homological Properties of Determinantal Arrangements
2016 Xin Zhang Viens Extreme-strike and small-time asymptotics for Gaussian stochastic volatility model
2016 Yiqiang Zheng Feng Mathematical models of Ebola virus disease and vaccine preventable diseases
2015 Luis Acuna Valverde R. Banuelos Heat Kernels, Schrodinger Operators and Small Time Asymptotics
2015 Christina Alvey Feng Investigating Synergy: Mathematical Models for the Coupled Dynamics of HIV and HSV-2 and Other Endemic Diseases
2015 Jacob Boswell B. Ulrich Prime Saturations and Rees Algebras of Almost Linearly Presented Ideals
2015 Jonathan Chavez-Casillas Figueroa-Lopez Stochastic Modeling of Limit Order Books: Convergence of the Price Process, Simulation and Applications
2015 Hee Jun Choi J. Shen On several efficient algorithms for some partial differential equations'
2015 Britain Cox Shahidi/Yu Supercuspidal Representations arising from stable vectors
2015 Nancy Hernandez Ceron Feng Discrete epidemic models with arbitrarily distributed disease stages
2015 Taylor Hines A. Toms The radius of comparison and mean typological dimension.
2015 Andrew Homan Stefanov Applications of Microlocal Analysis to Some Hyperbolic Inverse Problems
2015 Bumsik Kim Baudoin Functional inequalities, and the curvature dimension inequality on totally geodesic foliations
2015 Jieun Kim M. Boutin Mathematical approaches to food nutrient content estimation with a focus on phenylalanine
2015 Byeongho Lee R. Kaufmann $G$-Frobenius Manifolds
2015 Yankeng Luo Viens/Figuero-Lopez Small-time expansions for local jump-diffusion models
2015 Reginald McGee G. Buzzard Modeling, analysis, and control of Syk-mediated signaling events for B cells and associated cellular response for B cells
2015 Jonathan Montano B. Ulrich Generalized multiplicities and depth of blowup algebras
2015 Jacob Noparstak R. Kaufmann On Flows in Teichmüller and Moduli Spaces of Surfaces
2015 Anthony Rizzie Basu Refined Estimates on the Betti Numbers of Semi-Algebraic Sets
2015 Erin Rizzie C. Cowen Adjoints of Composition Operators with a Broader Class of Symbols
2015 Gabriel Sosa Caviglia On Monomial Orders, Koszul Algebras and Toric Rings
2015 Nicholas Stull A. Sa Barreto Unique Continuation From Infinity for Perturbations of the Complex Hyperbolic Space
2015 Drew Swartz A. Yip Analysis of Models for Curvature Driven Motion of Interfaces.
2015 Yu Tsumura R. Kaufmann A 2-categorical extension of the Reshetikhin-Turaev theory
2015 Xu Wang S. Dong Incompressible Multiphase Flows: Issues and Algorithms
2015 Yiran Wang A. Sa Barreto The resolvent of the Laplacian on non-trapping asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds
2015 James Weigandt E. Goins Ranks of Elliptic Curves and Selmer Groups
2015 Peter Weigel Lempert/Albers Orderability and rigidity in contact geometry
2015 Wei Zhang Toms Toms-Winter Conjecture and tracial state space with non-compact extreme boundary
2015 Yongheng Zhang R. Kaufmann Permutohedra, Configuration Spaces and Spineless Cacti
2014 Agnid Banerjee D. Danielli Normalized p-laplacian evolution, boundary behavior of non-negative solutions of fully nonlinear parabolic equations, gradient bounds for $p$-harmonic systems with vanishing neumann( dirichlet) data in a convex domain.
2014 Shuhao Cao Cai The a posteriori error estimation in finite element method for the H(curl) problems
2014 Xiaoxiao Chen Dong/Xiu Epistemic Uncertainty Quantification in Scientific Models
2014 Liang Cheng A. Yip The asymptotic behavior of diffusion and gradient flow in tilted periodic potentials
2014 Tamas Darvas L. Lempert Geometry in the Space of Kahler Potentials
2014 Vu Dinh Buzzard Probabilistic Uncertainty Quantification and Experiment Design for Nonlinear Models: Applications in Systems Biology
2014 Urs Fuchs Bell/Albers Pseudoholomorphic curves in symplectic and contact geometry and their application in dynamics
2014 Jeff Gaither Ward/Bell Variance of the Internal Profile in Suffix Trees
2014 Jishnu Jaganathan F. Viens Non-Gaussian stochastic models: iterated fractional Brownian motion and directed polymers
2014 Vitezslav Kala F. Shahidi Density of self-dual automorphic representations of $GL_n(A_Q)$.
2014 Youngsu Kim B. Ulrich Quasi-Gorensteinnes of Extended Rees Algebras
2014 Lina Ma J. Shen Efficient Spectral Methods for Partial Differential Equations in Spherical Domain
2014 Carlos Montalto P. Stefanov Stability Analysis of Three Inverse Problems
2014 Kevin Mugo E. Goins Mod 4 Galois Representations and Elliptic Curves
2014 Lichen Ni Dong C¹-continuous Spectral Elements
2014 Guanying Peng P. Bauman Analysis of Superconductivity Models in Magnetic Fields
2014 Xin Qi Dong/Xiu Uncertainty Quantification in Scientific models
2014 Koushik Ramachandran Eremenko Asymptotic behavior of positive harmonic functions in certain unbounded domains
2014 Mariana Smit Vega Garcia Petrosyan/Garofalo Optimal regularity in the lower dimensional obstacle problem with variable coefficients
2014 Dat Tran L. Lempert Direct Images as Hilbert Fields and their Curvatures
2014 Katia Vogt Giesse Feng Structured deterministic models applied to malaria and other endemic diseases
2014 Jing Wang F. Baudoin Sub-Riemannian heat kernels on model spaces and curvature-dimension inequalities on contact manifolds
2014 Yuanzhe Xi Xia Structured matrix computations via randomization, their analysis, and applications.
2014 Xuejing Zhang Baudoin Some aspects of stochastic differential equation driven by fractional Brownian motion.