Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
Purdue University Spring 2005

Monday, March 21, 2005

Midterm Exam

Exam statistics
Max=86, Min=38, Median=69.5, Average=68.25, Stdev=15.16
Exam problems and solutions [PDF]
(Updated 1:00pm on 03/21/05; the previous PDF file was damaged)

Scheduled at 7:00-8:15pm on Thursday, March 10 in BRNG B268.
It will be an open book, open notes (hooray!) 75 min exam. The exam will cover the material from lectures and homework in the period 1/10/05 - 2/28/05 (see Course Log on this page).
Practice problems [PDF] (Updated 6:20pm on 3/02/05)