Time and Place: TTh 01:30-02:45pm UNIV 119

Instructor: Arshak Petrosyan

Office Hours: TTh 11:00-12:00noon, or by appointment, in MATH 610


[GT] Gilbarg, Trudinger, Elliptic partial differential equations of second order, 2nd edition, Springer-Verlag, Berlin

[CC] Caffarelli, Cabre, Fully Nonlinear Elliptic Equations, AMS

[L] Lieberman, Second Order Parabolic Differential Equations, World Scientific

Description: Continuation of MA64200. Topics to be covered are Lp theory for solutions of elliptic equations, including Moser’s estimates, Aleksandrov maximum principle, and the Calderon-Zygmund theory. Introduction to evolution problems for parabolic and hyperbolic equations, including Galerkin approximation and semigroup methods. Applications to nonlinear problems.