February 28 - March 2, 2000
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

All lectures will be held in Kollegiesalen, KTH, Valhallavägen 79, Stockholm

Monday, February 28

09:25-09:30  Opening
09:30-10:15  David Jerison, Existence and regularity for two-phase free boundary problems
10:15-10:45  Coffee break
10:45-11:30  Donatella Danielli, Singular perturbations of a parabolic free boundary problem arising in combustion theory
11:30-13:30  Lunch
13:30-14:15  David R. Adams, Stability of the biharmonic obstacle problem with varying obstacles
14:15-14:45  Coffee break
14:45-15:30  Georg S. Weiss, The free boundary of a thermal wave in a strongly absorbing medium

Tuesday, February 29

09:30-10:15  Nicola Garofalo, Symmetry properties of entire solutions of some non-linear pde's
10:15-10:45  Coffee break
10:45-11:30  Claudia Lederman,  Uniqueness and agreement of solution in a two phase free boundary problem from combustion
11:30-13:30  Lunch
13:30-14:15  Lavi Karp, A free boundary problem and Newtonian potential
14:15-14:45  Coffee break
14:45-15:30  Peter Markowich, Singular limits of mean field equations

Wednesday, March 1

09:30-10:15  Nina Ural'tseva, How the free boundary can meet the prescribed one
10:15-10:45  Coffee break
10:45-11:30  Luis A. Caffarelli, A free boundary problem where the curvature and the flux balance
11:30-13:30  Lunch
13:30-14:15  Qing Han, Singular sets of solutions to elliptic equations
14:15-14:45  Coffee break
14:45-15:30  Ioannis Athanasopoulos, Stefan-like problems with and without curvature
            18:30  Dinner

Thursday, March 2

09:30-10:15  Sandro SalsaA class of free boundary problems with application to the theory of conductivity
10:15-10:45  Coffee break
10:45-11:30  Bernd Kawohl, Isoperimetric inequalities for plate eigenvalues
11:30-13:30  Lunch
13:30-14:15  Håkan Hedenmalm, The Hele-Shaw exponential mapping
14:15-14:45  Coffee break
14:45-15:30  Jorge Salazar, Regularity of viscosity solutions of fully nonlinear elliptic equations with free boundaries

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