2010-11 Mathematics Conferences


Listed below are mathematics conferences organized by our faculty and held at Purdue during 2010-11. Additional information (conference schedules, speakers, etc.) is available on the respective conference links.

Conference on Algebra and Algebraic Geometry with Applications: Celebration of the Eightieth Birthday of Professor Shreeram S. Abhyankar
July 20 - 22, 2010
David Shannon and Avinash Sathaye, co-organizers

AlGeCom Days
March 26, 2011
Uli Walther and Saugata Basu, co-organizers

2011 Midwest Numerical Analysis Days
May 7-8, 2011
Jie Shen (Chair), Peijun Li, and Jianlin Xia, co-organizers

2011 Midwest Commutative Algebra and Geometry Conference
May 22-26, 2011
Alberto Corso, Claudia Polini, Bernd Ulrich, and Yu Xie, co-organizers