Mathematics News

Xia named University Faculty Scholar (12.05.2017)

Inaugural AWM Fellows class to include Prof. Rodrigo Bañuelos (11.10.2017)

Prof. Freydoon Shahidi's 70th birthday honored by journal (10.03.2017)

Jason Gomberg named Actuarial Science Outstanding Alumnus (09.27.2017)

2017 Outstanding Alumnus in Mathematics (09.20.2017)

11th Annual Women in Math Day, Sept. 28 (09.07.2017)

Prof. Jan S. Hesthaven to present a Distinguished Lecture Series talk (08.28.2017)

Summer 2017 PUrview (08.21.2017)

Departmental Photo Day, Aug. 22 (08.21.2017)

Prof. Cushman plays role in developing new battery (07.20.2017)

Actuarial Science major receives Bruce Helfert Memorial Award (05.02.2017)

Mathematical Statistics major named Truman Scholar (05.01.2017)

Math major receives national Goldwater Scholarship (05.01.2017)

Mathematics Award and Scholarship winners recognized (04.28.2017)

Peter Boyd named 2017 G.A. Ross awardee (04.21.2017)

Prof. Jingwei Hu receives CAREER award (04.20.2017)

2016 - 2017 Spira Awards (04.14.2017)

Prof. Feng's research featured in annual report (04.07.2017)

Mathematics Alliance receives AMS Programs that Make A Difference Award (04.05.2017)

Pi Outreach at Imagination Station (03.24.2017)

Mathematics Distinguished Alumna named (03.14.2017)

Sir John Ball to present a Distinguished Lecture Series talk (03.01.2017)

Prof. Chi Li receives 2017 Sloan Research Fellowship (02.21.2017)

Prof. Plamen Stefanov wins 2017 College of Science Research Award (01.31.2017)

Prof. Bauman elected chair of SIAM Activity Group (01.25.2017)

2016 Excellence in Teaching Awards Announced (01.12.2017)

Hidden Figures Author to Speak (01.06.2017)

Supplemental Instruction Leaders win award, honorable mention (12.16.2016)

Information sessions for international students and scholars on Nov. 8 by US immigration attorney (11.04.2016)

10th Annual Women in Math Day, Nov. 15 (11.04.2016)

Profs. Donatella Danielli and Jie Shen named AMS Fellows (11.02.2016)

Prof. Birgit Kaufmann named University Faculty Scholar (10.28.2016)

Prof. Rachael Kenney named Teaching Academy Fellow (10.25.2016)

Prof. Roger Temam to present a Distinguished Lecture Series talk (10.07.2016)

ITaP to remove overhead projectors by end of academic year. (09.28.2016)

AMS, Lathisms marks Hispanic Heritage Month with scholar profiles (09.19.2016)

Paul Schultz named Outstanding Alumnus in Actuarial Science. (09.12.2016)

Dr. Sheldon Ross named mathematics Outstanding Alumnus (09.12.2016)

Alumna chosen as Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Fellow (09.01.2016)

Notices talks Math Alliance with Prof. Goldberg (08.31.2016)

PRiME introduced undergrads to the world of mathematics research (08.09.2016)

Actuarial science program named a best value (08.03.2016)

Photo Day, Friday Aug. 26 (08.02.2016)

EDGE Program hosted at Purdue (06.02.2016)

Peter Boyd receives Bruce Helfert Memorial Award (05.17.2016)

Prof. Indrei and Prof Liu join the department (05.12.2016)

Graduating Senior talks about journey to mathematics major with Purdue Exponent (05.05.2016)

Prof. Jim Douglas (05.02.2016)

Students recognized with scholarships, awards (04.28.2016)

2016 Purdue Day of Giving (04.26.2016)

Dana Smith receives the Flora Roberts Award (04.21.2016)

Stephen Mussman, Alumnus, receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (04.19.2016)

Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Awards (04.18.2016)

Guru meets Yogi in math class (04.04.2016)

2016 Mathematics Distinguished Alumna announced (04.04.2016)

Lecture illustrates the mathematics of gravitational waves (03.21.2016)

PRiME 2016: Purdue Research in Mathematics Experience presents undergraduates with research opportunities (03.09.2016)

LON-CAPA's flexibility, affordability touted (03.04.2016)

Prof. Guang Lin receives NSF CAREER award (03.03.2016)

Lafferty receives MacLane Award (02.29.2016)

2016 College of Science Faculty and Staff Awards (02.29.2016)

2016 Baxter awardees announced (02.26.2016)

Professor Marius Dadarlat organizes a Program on Classification of Operator Algebras: Complexity, Rigidity, and Dynamics at the Mittag-Leffler Institute. (02.18.2016)

Prof. Priyam Patel recognized with NSCS Inspire Integrity Award (02.10.2016)

Professor Ralph Kaufmann organizes a Program on Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics at the Max Planck Institute. (01.27.2016)

Prof. Johnny Brown Recognized with Dreamer Award (01.20.2016)

National Alliance for Doctoral Studies in the Mathematical Sciences to move to Purdue. (01.18.2016)

Middle school students participate in Math Field Day (12.06.2012)

2012-13 Excellence in Teaching Awards (11.16.2012)

Tribute to Shreeram S. Abhyankar (11.06.2012)

AMS Fellows anounced (11.01.2012)

Math alum Andris Zoltners endows professorship (10.24.2012)

2012 Ruth and Joel Spira Teaching Awards (10.18.2012)

6th Annual Celebration of Women in Mathematics (09.27.2012)

2012 Outstanding Alumni Recognition (09.26.2012)

Purdue at MathFest 2012 (08.10.2012)

Purdue Students win Poster Awards at Conference for African-American Mathematicians (07.06.2012)

Abhyankar 82nd Birthday Conference (07.03.2012)

Undergrads pursue Summer Research Projects (06.29.2012)

Purdue attends second annual Underrepresented Students in Topology and Algebra Research Symposium (USTARS) (06.27.2012)

2011-12 Math Conferences (06.27.2012)

Erika Camacho visits Purdue University via Mathematical Biosciences Institute’s Visiting Lecturer Program (06.27.2012)

ADVANCE PRiME Speaker Series: Women of Color in the Mathematical Sciences (06.26.2012)

Fifth symposium on Analysis and PDEs (05.18.2012)

Message from the Department Head (05.17.2012)

Recent retirements (05.15.2012)

Reminiscence (05.15.2012)

AWM Student Chapter (05.15.2012)

Celebration of Outstanding Students (05.15.2012)

New Faculty (05.15.2012)

Faculty Promotions (05.15.2012)

2012 Distinguished Alumni (04.19.2012)

Simons Fellowships Announced (03.20.2012)

Math is Key Public Lecture: Richard Tapia on the The Math Of Drag Racing Myths (03.20.2012)

Rachel Kenney receives College of Science teaching award (02.23.2012)

Staff Recognition (02.23.2012)

Jie Shen appointed Director of CCAM (02.17.2012)

Tong Liu awarded Sloan Fellowship (02.17.2012)

Math lecturer Tim Delworth is helping redesign teaching at Purdue (01.30.2012)

AGEP Prime: Building a Community of Scholars (01.15.2012)

2011-12 Excellence in Teaching Awards (11.18.2011)

2011 Outstanding Mathematics Alumna — Loredana Lanzani (10.04.2011)

2011 Outstanding Actuarial Science Alumna — Julie Parsons (10.04.2011)

5th Annual Celebration of Women in Mathematics (10.03.2011)

de Hoop's work featured in Science (06.02.2011)

New Faculty (05.24.2011)

Faculty Promotions (05.24.2011)

Faculty Retirements (05.24.2011)

Obituary for Justin J. Price (05.24.2011)

Obituary for Samuel Kaplan (05.24.2011)

Message from the Department Head (05.23.2011)

Staff Retirements (05.18.2011)

Staff Recognition (05.18.2011)

Undergrads Search for Solutions (05.18.2011)

Birgit Kaufmann receives Teaching for Tomorrow Award (05.13.2011)

Kenney receives Faculty Research Fellowship (05.13.2011)

Buzzard receives Purdue Excellence in Research Award (05.13.2011)

Stefanov awarded Simons Visiting Professorship (05.13.2011)

2010-11 Mathematics Conferences (05.12.2011)

Reginald McGee Powers Up His Teaching (05.11.2011)

Department Celebrates Outstanding Students (05.03.2011)

Mathematician totally engaged in exploring partial differential equations (04.28.2011)

2011 Ruth and Joel Spira Teaching Awards (04.20.2011)

2011 Distinguished Alumni (04.07.2011)

Bell receives Provost's Graduate Mentor Award (04.04.2011)

Jim Douglas, Jr. named 2011 SIAM Fellow (03.31.2011)

Xiu appointed University Faculty Scholar (03.04.2011)

Cushman receives InterPore Award (02.22.2011)

Albers awarded IAS von Neumann Fellowship (02.11.2011)

Andrew Toms awarded 2011 AMS Centennial Fellowship (02.04.2011)

Mayboroda receives NSF CAREER Award (01.13.2011)

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