Purdue at MathFest 2012


Purdue undergrads Han Liu, Benny Martinez, Steve Mussmann, and Lirong Yuan attended MathFest 2012, the annual summer meeting of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), held on August 2-4, 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin. The four students had just completed eight weeks of summer research in the Purdue Mathematics Department.

Prof. Edray Goins drove the students to Madison, where some 1,500 mathematicians converged to hear talks on a variety of topics given by faculty and students. They attended three talks: "Mathematical Untuition: just how far astray can your mathematical common sense mislead you?", "The Chemistry of Primes," and "Zombies, Ecology, and Epidemiology...Oh My!" The meeting featured a screening of the movie Flatland2: Sphereland, a sequel to the computer animated movie Flatland. The Purdue participants also attended the Pi Mu Epsilon Student Banquet and Awards Ceremony. (The Purdue Mathematics Society, for which Mussmann and Yuan are officers, functions as the Indiana Alpha chapter of the national mathematics honor society.)

More information about the conference can be found in a featured article at Huffington Post.