Professor Marius Dadarlat organizes a Program on Classification of Operator Algebras: Complexity, Rigidity, and Dynamics at the Mittag-Leffler Institute.


Professor Marius Dadarlat is one of the main organizers of a semester long program entitled "Classification of Operator algebras: complexity, rigidity, and dynamics" at the Mittag-Leffler Institute in Stockholm.

The research program will concentrate on rigidity and classification in C*-algebras and its interfaces with other operator algebras, dynamics, discrete structures, and descriptive set theory. The objective is to further the understanding of these topics through not only the participation of C*-algebra specialists, but also specialists in the specified related areas.

The main themes for the program will be:

    Classification and dynamical systems.
    Classification and discrete structures.
    Classification and set theory.

The Mittag-Leffler Institute is run by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on behalf of research societies representing all the Scandinavian countries.  For more information about the Classification of Operator algebras: complexity, rigidity, and dynamics program see their webpage.