Prof. Rachael Kenney named Teaching Academy Fellow


Prof. Rachael Kenney

Prof. Rachael Kenney, Associate Professor in the Departments of Mathematics and Curriculum and Instruction, will be inducted into Purdue's Teaching Academy on Tuesday, November 15, during the Teaching Academy Day symposium.

The Teaching Academy sponsors programs and activities fostering educational creativity, innovation, and effectiveness both inside and outside the classroom.

Fellows of Purdue's Teaching Academy are scholar-educators committed to the continual improvement of teaching and learning at Purdue.

This is the 20th Anniversary of the Teaching Academy.  Fellows include Murphy Award winners and select individuals nominated by their colleges.

Previously named fellows from the Department of Mathematics include Prof. Steven Bell and Prof. Johnny Brown.  Prof. Robert Zink is an emeritus fellow of the Teaching Academy.

Congratulations to Prof. Kenney on this honor.