Birgit Kaufmann
Department of Mathematics and Physics
Purdue University

         Birgit Kaufmann
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Math Phys Seminar

 Adress:  Birgit Kaufmann
             Department of Mathematics      
             Purdue University
             150 N. University Street
             West Lafayette, IN 47907-2067

  Office:   MATH-748
  Phone:  (765) 494-3173
  Fax:      (765) 494-0548

  Email:    ebkaufma at

  I am organizing the Mathematical Physics seminar.


      Research Area: Mathematical Physics
  • Non-equilibrium systems
  • Quantum wire networks from triply-periodic minimal surfaces
  • Finite-size scaling in atomic models

         Research supported by                                                                  NSF logo

  • NSF CAREER grant "Physical properties of new materials via mathematics -- methods and applications" PHY-1255409                                     
  • NSF grant "Boundary Effects in Critical Phenomena" PHY-0969689       
  • Simons Fellowship  

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  Teaching Prizes

    May  11  Teaching for Tomorrow Award, Office of the Provost, Purdue
   April  11   Ruth and Joel Spira Teaching Award, Purdue Department of Math

  Past Teaching

    Math 16100   IMPACT
    Math 26600 - Ordinary Differential Equations

    Math 51100 - Linear Algebra with Applications

    Math 52700 - Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists I
    Math 52800 - Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists II

    Phys 29000 - Mathematical Methods for Physicists

    Phys 30700 - Mathematical Methods Of Physics II

Phys 41100 - Physical Mechanics II (Honors)