Alexandra Cuadra posing for a picture smiling

Office Number: MATH 643

Alexandra Cuadra
Mathematics Department
Purdue University

My name is Alexandra Cuadra, and I am a fifth year Mathematics PhD student. I am originally from Hialeah, FL which is about 30 mins outside of Miami, FL. Since many families immigrated from Cuba to Hialeah, I believe Hialeah is Cuba 2.0. Hence, I consider myself a Cuban-American.

I have always had an affinity for finding patterns and teaching other how to do the same, so my dream job is to be an educator at the college level, especially in Mathematics. That is why my background is in Mathematics and Mathematics Education from my B.S. (from FIU) to my M.S. (from EMU).

When I am not playing with numbers, I’m cuddled up with my fur-babies. If the animals do not want to spend time with me, I’ll find something to do with my hands, like playing Tetris, completing a puzzle, or any arts & crafts project that comes my way.