Department of Mathematics
Kaitlyn Hood


Jun 2021: I will be teaching MA 303 online in Summer 2021. 

May 2021: Paper published in Archives in Biochemistry and Biophysics: "Fluid flow in the sarcomere" with S. A. Malingen, E. Lauga, A. E. Hosoi, and T. L. Daniel.

Nov 2019: Paper published in Phys Rev Fluids: “Marine crustaceans with hairy appendages: Role of hydrodynamic boundary layers in sensing and feeding” with M. S. S. Jammalamadaka and A. E. Hosoi

Sep 2018: Paper accepted to Phys Rev Fluids: "Pairwise interactions in inertially-driven one-dimensional microfluidic crystals" with M. Roper.

Jun 2018: I am co-organizing a focus session Flow Past Passive Hairy Surfaces at APS DFD 2018 in Atlanta, GA. Abstract submissions due Aug 1st.