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Summer 2018

Subject Title Instructor Aftermath
MA598 Advanced Numerical Methods For Fluid Problem Jie Shen Projects
Summer School Representations of High Dimensional Data MSRI Projects

Spring 2018

Subject Title Instructor Aftermath
MA532 Elements Of Stochastic Processes Jonathon R. Peterson Review
MA615 Numerical Methods For Partial Differential Equations I Zhiqiang Cai Projects
MA598 Introduction Spectral Methods Jie Shen Projects

Fall 2017

Subject Title Instructor Aftermath
CS515 Numerical Linear Algebra David F. Gleich Projects
MA642 Methods Of Linear And Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations I Donatella Danielli-Garofalo Review
MA553 Introduction To Abstract Algebra Jaroslaw Wlodarczyk Review

Spring 2017

Subject Title Instructor Aftermath
MA530 Functions Of A Complex Variable I Steven R. Bell Review
MA544 Real Analysis And Measure Theory Chung Pang Mok Review
MA692 Spectral Element Method Steven Dong Projects

Fall 2016

Subject Title Instructor Aftermath
MA514 Numerical Analysis Steven Dong Projects
MA523 Introduction To Partial Differential Equations Arshak Petrosyan Review
MA554 Linear Algebra William J. Heinzer Review