Incoming Freshman in Mathematics Mentoring Program:

We are going to be running a mentoring program for incoming freshmen in math! This is a great opportunity to provide support in the transition to college and help make Purdue a welcoming place. This program will include maintaining a supportive relationship with your mentee throughout the school year. If you're interested in being a mentor, please fill out this form. If you're interested in being a mentee, please fill out this form.

Our mentoring project aims to welcome incoming first students into the Department of Mathematics. Our overarching goal is to better communicate with the new students by introducing them to relevant clubs/organizations, initiating an open and inclusive virtual platform for discussions, and bridging connections between upper and lower classmen as well as grad students. We will facilitate the communications as liaisons to ensure new students can find their place within the department while pursuing their degree at Purdue through:

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to email our outreach officer at

Regularly Scheduled Meetings (Fall 2023):

We haven't yet decided on meeting times for this semester. Last semeseter we met every Thursday, and we had additional events on most Tuesdays (which you can see in the events tab). Join our Discord to receive updates. Our Discord is the best place to get information about the club. You can join by clicking here.

We aren't being hyperbolic, everyone is integral to our club!

You can also visit our Instagram page.

Buying T-shirts:

Talk to any of our officers to buy a shirt. You can do this on the discord or by coming to a meeting. Prices are $20 for a black shirt or $23 for a yellow shirt, and you get a $5 discount if you're a dues-paying member.

black shirt yellow shirt