Dr. Philip Mummert

Assistant Head
Mathematics Department
Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana


I'm interested in discrete dynamical systems (iteration theory) of several complex variables.
Dissertation Horseshoes, solenoids, and holomorphic motions for Hénon maps
Advisors Dr. Gregery Buzzard and Dr. John Smillie
I also enjoy learning about complex analysis, real analysis, mathematical physics, discrete math, computer algorithms, and financial mathematics.


2012 Distinguished Lecture in the Taylor University School of Natural and Applied Sciences

Past undergraduate research projects

Complex and Symbolic Dynamics, with Sarah Stoops, Anna Durham, and Paije Smith, Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.
Voronoi Vertex Iteration, with Justin Southworth and Bill Solyst, Summer 2012.
Austrian Solitaire with Rachel DeMeo and Daniel Kasper, Summer 2010.
Discrete Complex Analysis with Joseph Seaborn, Summer 2009.
Evolution of finite one-dimensional Cellular Automata with Joseph Seaborn, Summer 2008.
Numerical computation of zeroes of holomorphic functions with S. Bell and A. Jenkins, Purdue REU Summer 2006.


"Differentiating Iteratively," Amer. Math. Monthly 120-6 (2013): 545. (with K. Constantine).
"The Evolution of Finite 1-Dimensional Cellular Automata updated with k-Rules," J. of Cell. Autom. 3-3 (2011): 505--515 (with J. Seaborn, A. Churchill, and M. Bardzell).
"A Complex Finite Calculus," Involve 3-3 (2010): 273--287 (with J. Seaborn).
"Holomorphic Shadowing for Hénon Maps," Nonlinearity 21 (2008): 2887--2898.
"The Solenoid and Holomorphic Motions for Hénon Maps," Indiana Univ. Math. J. 56(2007): 2739--2762.